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Mia Saunders needs money. A lot of money. She has one year to pay off the loan shark who has threatened her father’s life and is coming after his unpaid gambling debts. One million dollars to be exact.

Her mission is simple―serve as a high-priced escort for her aunt’s Los Angeles-based company and pay monthly against the debt. Spend a month with a rich man whom she doesn’t have to sleep with if she doesn’t want to? Easy money.

Unlucky in love with a spirit that never gives up, this curvy motorcycle-riding vixen plans to get in, make her money, and get out. Part of that goal is keeping her heart locked up tight and her eye on the prize.

At least that’s the way it’s supposed to go…

EXCERPT: Calendar Girl

Audrey Carlan


Book Series: 

Audrey Carlan’s steamy 12-book Calendar Girl series centres on Mia Saunders, a young woman who starts working as a high-priced escort in order to come up with a million dollars to pay off her father’s gambling debt. And she has one year to do it. Each book is set in a different month and a different city, with a different “client.” And today, I have a little taste for you.

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Slowly, I tugged my helmet off, flung my neck back allowing my hair to whip and tumble out, free from the tight confines. I sucked in a deep breath as the man I’d been waiting for stopped at the top of the steps and stared. His stare was…intense, lustful. Fat drops of water from his hair dripped onto his broad shoulders and down over a chest that could have been chiseled by the gods.

He eyed me from my boots, up my legs, and to my chest before finally meeting my gaze. “How pleasantly unexpected,” he grinned.

“Yeah, unexpected.” I licked suddenly dry lips and bit down. He moved gracefully as he walked over to the grey 4 x 4 Jeep Wrangler. It wasn’t an expensive car though it looked to be in good enough condition. It didn’t have a top, which, I imagined, was why the owner could toss a giant surfboard in the back without any trouble. Were those things light? I didn’t think so, but he made it look like it weighed nothing. The muscles in his arms tensed and tugged as he positioned the board just so, sending a flurry of excitement tingling along my pores.

“You’re Mia?” he asked as I dismounted the bike and strode over, making sure to give an extra sway to my hips as I did. His eyes seemed to twinkle in appreciation as he caressed my form with his gaze.

“That’s me. You Weston Charles Channing, the Third?” I held up three fingers and cocked a hand to one hip.

He chuckled and leaned against the side of his Jeep giving me an even better view of his bare chest. Damn, he was beautiful. His green eyes were dark when they met mine. “Third,” he mimicked my gesture. “My friends call me Wes,” he said causally.

“Am I your friend?” I said coyly.

“One can only hope, Ms. Mia.” He winked then turned and rustled around in the back of his Jeep. He pulled out a white t-shirt and quickly pulled it over his head covering that beautiful body. I almost thanked him for the distraction. Immediately dumb Barbie left the building and intelligent Mia made her appearance once more. “You ready to go?”

“Your dollar, you say where and when.”

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Thank you so much for this amazing chance! ! I’d love Mia in paperbacks! Love from Greece Natasha and Audrey! This is such a generous and beautiful giveaway!☆♡☆

I have been wanting to read this series ever since I first caught a glimpse of it in January. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! Good Luck to all!!

Wow, what an awesome giveaway!!! I’ve been wanting to read this series for a while now but never got to start. How cool would it be to read signed copies? ;)

Audrey Carla I would be so honored to receive these signed books. I love watching game you live onFB. I love the way you write and how your mind ticks. I only read 1 of the calendar girls. And have wanted to read more. But I’m stuck due to recent knee surgery. THANK you for the chance. CRissie

Book 1 was absolutely amazing..ready for the rest! Love me some Wes!! This is an amazing giveaway to do..Thank You!❤❤???

That was an excellent exempt. Thanks for posting it.
What a wonderful giveaway. Thank you for the oportunity, Audrey and Natasha!

Aaahhhh… I sooo…would love to read this book and series. The blurb and excerpt sounds promising and exciting! Thank you so much for thethe chance…

This series sounds like really good books. Gonna have to check them out. Enjoyed reading your post and loved the excerpt too. Thank you for having this giveaway and giving us the chance at winning such awesome prizes!

I’ve read most of the books in this series. Would love to see them on my shelf. Thanks for the chance❤️

I haven’t read this series, but I did recently read Resisting Roots and really enjoyed it. I need to start this series soon. ❤️

Wow this is a awesome GIVEAWAY. I would love love love to read this series and add it to my small sad book shelf. Lol thanks for the chance!

I so fell in love with this series, to be honest, the best books I have ever read. Would love these signed additions :-) thanks for the chance

I would love this! Audrey is one of my fave Indy authors. I read this when it first began releasing, but I’ve read everything else she’s written as well. You’ll not find a sweeter, kinder, down to earth woman than Audrey. She loves her readers, she IS still an avid reader, and she supports her own. I’m so proud to be one of her readers. She’s the kind of author, I aspire to be one day. ☺️❤️?

Thank you for this wonderful chance that you’re giving everyone. I could only thank you for it and hope that I could be the one to win. Thanks again xx

Awesome giveaway!! I’ve always wanted to read this series and the excerpt makes me think I need to get busy. Thanks for the chance!

Ghost is such an amazing series! This is what made me fall in love with Audrey Carlan! Thank you for the amazing chance to win this awesome giveaway!

This series sounds amazing!! I wish my library carried this series.. The giveaway is an awesome idea thank you so much for doing it!!!! :) hint hint to my husband I would love to get this series!

I am so in love with the “Calander Girl” have read it 4 times….waiting for a follow- up to continue such a great story. Oh what a beautiful talent you have. Would give anything to have signed copies from you. All of your Books (story lines) put you in the story as you read. Thank you so much.

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