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Olivia Bridge has always been a good girl—good grades, good friends, and a good job that her wealthy parents handed her. Desperate to carve out a life that is truly hers, Liv walks away from it all and takes on the challenge of helping her brothers open a chain of fitness centers in New York City. Just as she’s beginning to find her footing in a new place, she’s caught between two men who couldn’t be more determined to turn all her goodness inside out.

Will Donovan has the capital to make the Bridge brothers’ entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Taking their uptight sister to bed seems a reasonable perk for the risk. Liv is the smartest, sexiest prude Will’s ever met, and he can’t wait to break her down.

Life is too short for Ian Savo to play by anyone’s rules. Sharing women with his best friend isn’t anything new, so when Will introduces him to Liv, he can’t wait to get a taste. But falling for the same girl, or falling at all, was never in the plans…


Meredith Wild

Book Series: 

A sinfully delicious new book in Meredith Wild’s Bridge series is releasing on 22 Nov 2016—a sexy taboo fantasy of one woman sharing two men—and I have a never-seen-before excerpt for you! The Bridge series follows Cameron, Darren, and Olivia Bridge, three siblings living in New York City. Desperate to break away from the crushing expectations of their wealthy and privileged and equally broken family, they carve out a new path together. But can they find real love along the way? Each book follows a different sibling’s journey and can be read as a standalone.

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The maître d’ led me to a private table for two in the back of Artu, the upscale restaurant I’d chosen for our dinner tonight. Olivia leaned back in her chair, staring at the brightly lit screen of her phone. Her legs were crossed at the knee under a black-and-white lace pencil skirt that hugged her hips and thighs. Her simple black top was tasteful and revealing at once. I guessed that every piece of her outfit tonight had been carefully chosen to appear professional, except those five-inch black heels that I wanted on either side of my ears.

As I approached, her smile was tight and her shoulders stiffened. “You came. And to think you were worried about me standing you up.”

She was upset. I held my tongue a moment because that little temper of hers was proving to be a weakness for me. I couldn’t wait to fuck the haughty right out of her. Blood flowed south when I thought about the lovely line of her body bending for me, arching under a screaming orgasm as I pounded my way toward my own.

I sat down across from her and exhaled air meant for words I couldn’t say just yet. She wasn’t a bimbo at a bar. She was highly educated, armed with high standards and a sharp tongue. I had to deal with those circumstances delicately to get what I wanted, not to mention mitigate any potential fallout with her brothers after she heard my proposition.

“I had to take an important call.” I draped my napkin over my lap. “Have you been here before?”

“A couple times,” she said flatly. She did her best to ignore me by studying the menu.

After a moment, the waiter came and took our orders. When he disappeared, the silence between us felt electric with possibilities. I raked her in, making up for the lost time.

“You look lovely, Olivia.”

She tucked a sleek strand of dark-brown hair behind her ear. She was fidgety, avoiding my eyes, silently telling me that she wasn’t immune to my blatant appraisal of her. “So you wanted to discuss the plans?”

“I’d like to get to know you first,” I murmured.

She took a deep breath and folded her hands together in front of her. “You know my brothers well enough. Why are you suddenly so interested in me?”

“When I see something I want, I don’t waste time going after it. I’m a little impulsive that way.”

“And what exactly do you want from me?”

I exhaled softly. I wanted so many things…so many delicious and depraved things. I leaned forward and took her hand gently, bringing it across the table toward me. Her lips parted and her chest moved under a shaky breath. Soft olive skin slid like silk under my touch. Circling her wrist, I let the cool metal of her bracelet rest in my palm. A small charm hung from it. A crown with diamonds decorating the tips.

“This is pretty.”

“It was from my parents. A graduation gift.”

My wheels began turning. I already knew so much about Olivia, the game almost wasn’t fair. Still, I couldn’t help myself.



I lifted my eyebrows in surprise. “Top tier, all girls. Interesting. Must be where you got that sharp tongue.”

She laughed and pulled her hand back. “Four years without a bunch of elite chauvinists marching all over my words were refreshing, for sure.”

“Women’s studies?”

“Studio art. How about you? Oh, let me guess…” She pursed her lips like she was calculating. “Brown.” Her eyes lit up as she said it.

I was silent, momentarily unwilling to admit she was right and in disbelief that she seemed to be enjoying a game I had invented a long time ago for my own smug entertainment.

“Why Brown?”

“Ivy league, because your family could obviously afford it. But trendy and progressive, because you don’t really fit the mold.”

“Is that so?”

“I don’t know a lot of guys with your resources who are getting dirty on construction sites.”

I laughed out loud. “Ah, right. Good thing Tom introduced us properly. No way I was getting a date with you until you could establish my tax bracket.”

She rolled her eyes, and I couldn’t hide the grin splitting my face. Getting under a girl’s skin shouldn’t be this much fun.

“I’d guess what your father does, but I obviously already know.”

“Same,” she said with a tight smile.

Her quick reply knocked the wind out of me a little. My first instinct was always to defend my father to outsiders, but what he’d done was reprehensible. Didn’t change the fact that we were flesh and blood, though.

“There it is. I was waiting for that.”

A flash of remorse flickered in her cool blue eyes, like she wanted to apologize but had too much pride. I didn’t need her apologies or her sympathy.

Under normal circumstances, I might be concerned about our family’s connection. Our fathers had both spent time on Wall Street and no doubt shared several business connections. But I cared less about her parents learning of the proposition I was about to make than how my father’s stained reputation could become an impediment to getting her under me.

I sipped my wine and watched her do the same, enjoying the way her full lips met the delicate rim of the glass. Then her tongue swiping over her lips.

“You’re single,” I said. She’d fucking better be.

“At the moment.”

“That’s good news for me, but why?”

She lifted an eyebrow.

“Beautiful, the best education money can buy, wealthy family. You should be married off by now. Or am I missing something?”

She looked thoughtfully at her wineglass, twirling it by the base. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I only moved to the city a year ago, and I’m still getting settled. Getting ‘married off’ isn’t exactly a priority for me. Right now, the only thing I care about is helping Cameron and Darren get through this expansion. I’ve devoted myself to the project, and now you’re messing it up.”

I drummed my fingers on the tablecloth. “Is this about the wall?”

“This is about the wall and every other adjustment you plan to make that compromises our vision.”

“What if I said you could have creative control on the renovation from here forward?”

She blinked. “I thought you were on a budget.”

I shrugged and pursed my lips. “Convince me not to be.”

She swallowed, a new light in her eyes. “Well, there are certain aesthetics that will set us apart from everyone else—”

“Convince me tonight. At my place.”

She shook her head slightly. “What are you saying?”

“I think you know exactly what I’m saying. I’d like to get to know you better. Quite a bit better, in fact.”

She stared silently, her soft lips parted. “You obviously don’t know anything about me if you expect me to sleep with you after a little dinner and wine.”

“I may know you better than you know yourself.”

She let out a short laugh. “I highly doubt it.”

I riled at the challenge, and after her little comment about my dad, I felt compelled to set her straight.

“You reek of privilege, Olivia. You pretend to be independent, but you still use your parents’ credit cards. Nothing drives you more than social expectation and a looming fear of failure. You’re naturally stunning, but that look of effortless beauty probably costs your parents a fortune. You’re high maintenance. From your designer hair cut down to your manicured little toes. I’d be willing to bet you hit the spa once a month to wax your pretty little cunt too, not because you’re getting laid but because being unkempt goes against your debutante religion.”

“Fuck you,” she snapped.

The murmur of conversation around us died down for a moment, but I didn’t bother checking to see which of our table neighbors we were offending. Instead, I exhaled a frustrated groan because I’d hit a nerve. And because now I couldn’t think about anything except her smooth pussy in my mouth.

“I’d love to, princess. When’s the last time someone took you to bed and fucked you properly?”

I half expected her to storm out on me. I’d offended her in multiple ways, and we hadn’t even hit the main course. But the determination in her eyes told another story. That spark of fire spoke of a willingness to hold her ground, or more, to fight back and win.

Her cheeks were pink, and her hand trembled when she went for her wineglass again. If not for her age, I’d’ve wondered if she was a virgin. Either way, I guessed she was way overdue in the intimacy department.

She swallowed and set her glass down hard. “You’re a pig.”

I smiled. On to the next round.

“I do enjoy the filthy arts. I think you might, too. What do you say, Olivia? We can enjoy a little rendezvous here and there, and in return, I’ll let you spend my cash like Monopoly money on the renovation. Keep your brothers happy. Keep me happy. And then I’ll keep you happy.”

She lifted her chin. “You can’t buy me.”

“I’m well aware of that. But this isn’t about the money. It’s about you getting what you want. And me getting what I want.”

She crossed her arms tightly but didn’t say anything more. Poor little rich girl betraying her sensibilities. If the attraction was real, she could seduce herself with the prospect, her sensibilities be damned.

I leaned in and gazed intently at her. “Let me be clear, Olivia. I’m not a guy you date, and I’m nowhere near husband material. I’m the one you mess around with until the right guy comes along—one your parents will approve of. But I’m rich and well connected enough for you to be seen with, and you’ll find out soon that when it comes to delivering orgasms, I’m rather dedicated to my craft. Once you say yes to me, you’ll be too busy coming to worry about your pride.”

Her cheeks flushed a deeper pink, setting off the dazzling blue of her eyes. “You’re cocky, too. You forgot that.”

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I’ve heard great things about Meredith’s books! I need to crawl out from under the rock I’ve been living under and get to reading!

Thanks for the post, this sounds so intriguing and Olivia sounds like a heroine I would love! I have not read this series yet, thanks for the chance to win! =D

Sounds like a great book ☺️ Awesome giveaway ? Meredith Wild is a great storyteller ? Love her books ☺️ Thank you for the chance ?

I have loved all the books I have read by meredith wild and would love to win this book and if it was to e signed that would be amazing.
Thanks for the chance

Never had the chance to read this author. Winning this giveaway would definitely be a great way to correct that!

Meredith Wild grabbed my attention with the Hacker Series. The Bridge Series is just as hot. She is an AWESOME author!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a signed copy which would be a treasured prize!

GAAAAAAHHHH!! I NEED TO READ MOAR!!!! I LOVE THIS EXCERPT!!! Thanks for sharing it! And for the awesome giveaway too!!! :D <3

I like this quote – “I think you know exactly what I’m saying. I’d like to get to know you better. Quite a bit better, in fact.” Thanks for the chance.

The excerpt sounds amazing? also the cover is beautiful?
Definitely a must read.?

Absolutely love reading Meredith Wild’s books. Getting ready to reread the first to books in The Bridge Series again before the release of Ove the Edge. Absolutely cannot wait for November 22nd.

Thank you for the chance! Did you know that Meredith Wild lived in my state (New Hampshire) before moving to Florida?

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