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Courage means rising up to defend your beliefs…
or daring to question them.

Erin McIntyre was captivating, but forbidden
His professional subordinate
The embodiment of unearned privilege
The daughter of his sworn enemy

Isaac Maat was impossible to read
Smart, ambitious, and emotionally detached
Hotter than anyone’s boss should ever be
And definitely hiding something…

He told himself that getting to know her would help him take down her father.
She told herself that getting under his skin would distract her wrecked heart from its misery.

Neither predicted their private war would lead to an intimate battle in which the victor would be the first one to SURRENDER.


Tammara Webber

Book Series: 

A brand new Contours of the Heart standalone novel is coming on 19 December 2017—a story of forbidden love—and I am so honoured to be able to share with you a little sneak peek.

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He watched me for a moment. “Don’t think I didn’t notice that expert deflection. Well done, Ms. McIntyre.”

His perception unnerved me. I couldn’t hide behind my habitual barricades and fortifications. I didn’t like it. My lips twisted and I groaned and rolled my eyes up to stare at the ceiling. “It’s kind of how I deal.”

“Or how you don’t deal. Diversion and artificial cheerfulness.”

My lips parted and my eyes burned, and damn him if I didn’t try to smile. “Well done, Mr. Maat. That was a direct hit.”

“Masking your pain is why it’s coming out in your sleep. You’re professionally trained. You must know it.”

“I tried, Isaac. It didn’t work, okay? It didn’t work because I did something I can’t take back. Maybe you don’t know what that kind of guilt feels like.” I struggled to sit up again, hurt and furious and wanting nothing more than to disappear, but he was sitting on the blanket and I was under it. I got no farther than propped on my elbows.

He stilled me with one hand under my jaw. “Try again.” His words were soft. His touch was cool on my heated skin.

My breath issued in shallow pants. I stared into his eyes, watched as his gaze moved to my mouth. Desire flared hot in my belly, a longing beyond anything I’d ever felt, and when he lifted his eyes back to mine, I knew he could see it. I leaned my face into his palm, desperate to stoke the banked passion buried just beneath the surface of his heart before he extinguished it.

“Don’t step to me, Erin McIntyre.” His fingers betrayed him, stroking lightly behind my ear before his mind was aware that the actions of his body contradicted his words.

“I’m already here,” I said, a whispered surrender and a plea. He was near enough that I could taste his breath. Inches separated his mouth from mine, but I was trapped beneath the blanket and could get no nearer. Despite his words, he would be the one to close the space between us—or not.

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Contours of the Heart - Recommended Reading Order

(this is a standalone spin-off novel)

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