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A sizzling novel about an ambitious and high-powered executive who reconnects with her first love: the boy who broke her heart.

Life is a mixed bag for Piper Calloway.

On the one hand, she’s a twenty-nine-year-old VP at her dad’s multibillion-dollar real estate development firm, and living the high single life with her two best friends in a swanky downtown penthouse. On the other hand, she’s considered a pair of sexy legs in a male-dominated world and constantly has to prove her worth. Plus, she’s stuck seeing her narcissistic ex-fiancé—a fellow VP—on the other side of her glass office wall every day.

Things get exponentially more complicated for Piper when she runs into Kyle Miller—the handsome new security guard at Calloway Group Industries, and coincidentally the first love of her life.

The guy she hasn’t seen or heard from since they were summer camp counsellors together. The guy from the wrong side of the tracks. The guy who apparently doesn’t even remember her name.

Piper may be a high-powered businesswoman now, but she soon realizes that her schoolgirl crush is not only alive but stronger than ever, and crippling her concentration. What’s more, despite Kyle’s distant attitude, she’s convinced their reunion isn’t at all coincidental, and that his feelings for her still run deep. And she’s determined to make him admit to them, no matter the consequences.


K.A. Tucker

Expected Release Date: 6 August 2019

K.A. Tucker’s endless imagination and ability to deliver vibrant, unconventional love stories that resonate deeply with her readers shine once again in this gripping tale of second chances and rediscovered love. Both a nostalgic summer camp romance that captures the sweet intensity of first love, as well as a hopeful story of new beginnings, it explores the very real complexities of whether a romance between two people from opposite worlds can ultimately survive in the real world. This is the kind of story that hits you right in the feels and stays with you long after it ends, and I have an awesome sneak peek for you.

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Gus juts his chin somewhere behind me.

I whip my head around so fast, a painful snap explodes in my neck. But I barely notice the burn of heat that follows, focused on the two uniformed men strolling side-by-side toward us. Ivan on the left.

And Kyle Stewart.

I inhale sharply.

It is my Kyle.

My stomach clenches as I watch him approach, much like it did that first time so many years ago. He’s changed so much, and yet there’s no mistaking him. He still moves with that casual, unbothered swagger. The punkish two-inch Fauxhawk has been replaced by a more mature and stylish cut, though his thick mane of chestnut-brown hair still has volume on top. He’s grown taller, surpassing me by a few inches, even in my heels.

It’s his body that has changed the most, filled out by weight and muscle in the best possible ways, his shoulders broad and strong but not bulky, his arms corded with muscle but not in an overdone way. His jaw is now hard and chiseled. His lip ring is gone, but the tattoo on his arm has grown, the ink sprawling over his forearm.

Those beautiful golden irises with rings of green, they haven’t changed a bit. And they’re locked on me.

“Oh my God! Kyle!” I burst out in a near-squeal, shocking both myself and Ivan, by the wide-eyed look he gives me. I clear my throat and add with a touch more dignity, “Long time, no see.”

“Hey.” Kyle’s chest lifts with a deep breath as he watches me evenly. He doesn’t make a move forward. Is it just surprise to see me here that holds him back?

“Seems like you already have a friend in the building,” Gus calls out.

“Looks like it . . .” A slight frown pulls his brows together. “Sarah, right?”

“What? Oh, right. Funny.” I laugh, waiting for his face to crack with a smile.

The moment drags on.

“Uh . . . Piper,” I stammer, my excitement deflating instantly. “From Camp Wawa?” You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t look that different. And there’s no way I meant that little to him that he’s forgotten about me.

Is there?

I pause, waiting for a hint of recognition. “You know . . . turtles?” Really, Piper? Of all the things you could use to try and jog his memory . . . I peer into those eyes of his again, in search of the youthful, curious spark I remember. And realize that it’s missing.

So is the friendliness.

“Right. So . . . you work here?” he finally asks, calm and collected. Sounding every bit the stranger to me.

“Yeah. This is my company. I mean my dad’s company, but I’ll be taking over one day.” I jab a thumb toward the “Calloway Group” emblem on the wall. God, did that sound obnoxious?

Kyle’s gaze drifts to the sign. “That’s why that name seemed familiar,” he murmurs more to himself.

Oh my God. Kyle truly has forgotten me.

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