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I’m not a good man.
I’m the darkness, the danger, the enforcer behind the empire.
No one sees me unless I want them to.

Then one day, she found me, showing me a life beyond the shadows of the streets. Until one wrong turn and our fairytale shattered, leaving me back in darkness. In a place I can only reach her by destroying her world.

So, I wait.

But waiting isn’t something she is willing to do. She’s forging a new life without me, in the path of our enemies.

Now the monster in me is forced out of the shadows, ready to fight for what belongs to me.

She will learn that protecting her is my mission and a life without me isn’t an option.


Sienna Snow

Expected Release Date: 19 August 2021

Book Series: 

An all-new dark standalone romance is out this week from author Sienna Snow, a story about redemption and coming back together, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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My role in this whole thing was to live my life, and when the time came, he would appear as my partner, and we’d start dating.

He made it sound so simple. Nothing was ever that simple.

“Your options are halibut or chicken,” Kir continued, bringing me back to his question.

“I’ll go with halibut.”

I took the last step and stopped as Kir came into sight. Holy fuck.

Kir leaned over a cookbook. Shirtless. Every inch of his honed, sculpted upper body was that of a warrior. My fingers itched to trace those tattoos. Hell, I wanted to explore all of him.

God, those incredible muscled abs that led down into the V that ended at the drawstring of his lounge pants.

When my perusal went back to Kir’s face, his gaze was molten lava.

We stared at each other. There was no denying the pull. All I wanted was to touch him. To kiss those lips, to taste them, to lose myself in them.

Why hadn’t he kissed me?

In the past, we’d spent so much time just exploring with our mouths. And damn, did Kir have an incredible one.

I wanted to reach out and run my fingers across his plump lower lip.

Get it together, Jayna.

I wasn’t supposed to let my hormones rule me and let this attraction toward him drag me back in.

“Stop looking at me like that. Remember, you wanted me to get to know the Jayna of today. I’m supposed to impress you with my dating skills.”

I said nothing, just continued to stare at him. My mind and my body were at war, and it was better to remain silent.

“I mean it. What happened this morning barely scratched the surface of my desires, and you aren’t ready for what I want to do.”

I licked my lips as my breaths grew shallow, and before I thought better of it, I asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to fuck every part of you.” He shifted around the counter, coming closer. “Your mouth, your cunt, your ass.”

Everything inside me clenched at the visions of doing all those things with him—the unrestrained rawness of it.

When it came to my body, I’d never denied him anything. He knew me inside and out, my needs, my desires. He never let me hide anything. My craving for him was visceral, almost uncontrollable. Always had been and probably would never change.

“That requires my permission.”

“The way your body is reacting to me, I have no doubt you’d give it.”

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