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I’ve slapped my cuffs on Luna Lancaster too many times to count and not a single one was for fun.

As the sheriff of Starlight Cove, I shouldn’t crave her, but I do. She’s chaos, mayhem, and sunshine wrapped up in too-tight yoga pants. The lawbreaker might have the town enamored with her free spirit, but she’s a thorn in my side, even if she is the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.

I want her out of my town and out of my head.

Trouble is, she’s made it perfectly clear she’s not going anywhere. And her spree of minor infractions—who runs a yoga class without a license?—is hitting dangerously close to home. Her latest protest has her chained to a tree on the boundary of my family’s resort. The last thing we need is bad press ruining the short tourism season when the resort is already one bad month away from bankruptcy.

I’ll do whatever it takes to save Starlight Cove. Even if that means handcuffing Luna to my bed.


Brighton Walsh

Expected Release Date: 14 June 2022

Book Series: 

Brighton Walsh kicks off a brand new series this week, and I have a VERY steamy little sneak peek for you from the first book in the series, featuring a grumpy, gruff sheriff and the pain in his ass free spirit who drops into Starlight Cove like a tornado.

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“How many days have you been around me with your pussy bare, lawbreaker?”

She panted, tipping her head to the side and giving me more access as I scraped my teeth down the long column of her neck. “I plead the Fifth.”

“All the time?” I asked, shoving the cardigan from her body before sliding my hands under her shirt and removing it from her as well. I groaned when I found her bare beneath it—seemed she didn’t just hate panties, but all undergarments—and my mouth watered at the sight of her perfect tits. “Or just specifically when you knew it might piss me off?”

“Believe it or not, Sheriff, not everything is about you,” she said with an awful lot of haughtiness for someone who was sitting on my counter, panting, each breath bringing her bare tits closer to my mouth. “I never intended for you to find out my dirty little secret.”

“I’m gonna be finding out a lot more of them before the night is through.” With that, I lowered my head and engulfed one of her tight peaks in my mouth, sucking deep until she moaned and bowed toward me.

“Fuck,” she whispered, threading her fingers through my hair and working hard to direct me where she wanted me.

Just for that, I bit down on a nipple, hard enough to pull a startled gasp from her lips. “Not yet.”

A low whine emanated from her throat, but she took what I gave her as I divided my attention between her breasts, sucking and licking until her nipples were hard and tight, her tits mottled pink from my beard.

I trailed kisses down her body, sucking on the underside of her breast, licking a circle around her belly button, nipping her hip. When I dropped to my knees in front of her, she slipped her fingers into my hair and tugged me closer, her head tipping back on a sigh. “God, yes…”

But that wasn’t the game we were playing. Luna was all impulses and whims, but not tonight. I was going to show her how good it could be with a bit of discipline.

I slipped my hand beneath her skirt, sliding it up the inside of her thigh until I reached her center and brushed a featherlight touch over her slit. Never quite giving her what she needed, making her desperate for more. As soon as she arched her hips up, seeking more friction, I landed my fingers on her pussy with a sharp smack.

She gasped, her head jerking to stare down at me, eyes wide. “What the hell?”

Tugging her until her ass was perched at the very edge of the counter, I said, “Stop trying to control this. Your job is to sit there and look pretty while I fuck you with my tongue.”

Something sparked deep in her eyes at my words. “You gonna get to that anytime soon? Because I’d really like to have a ride on your cock before you remember sex is messy and you don’t do messes, so let’s get on with it.”

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