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He saved my heart.
She owns my soul.

The first time I saw her, I had a feeling about her.
It was the hypnotizing indigo eyes.
Her smile.

I find myself drawn to her music.
I can’t stop thinking about her voice.
I’m captivated by her beauty.
I don’t understand the bond between us.

Also, I belong to someone else.

He put me together when I was broken.
He loved me when I couldn’t stand on my own two feet.
We fought for our freedom.
But still, I feel incomplete.

Piper Decker might own a piece of me.
But Derek Hastings claimed me when I was broken.

Can I belong to two people?
Can we coexist as one and find our forever?

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: When Forever Finds Us

Claudia Burgoa

Expected Release Date: 24 April 2023

The highly anticipated conclusion to Claudia Burgoa’s emotional new polyamorous duet is out this week, and I have a little, spoiler-free sneak peek for you . . . because there’s no way I’m giving away the plot twist!

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“I may not be Archer, but that woman owns my soul. You know that, right?” The anxiety in my voice is hard to control, but I don’t want to hide from him, so I continue. “But you… you saved me in all ways possible. You’re the person who’s been there for me since the beginning. And I love you. I can’t choose between the two of you.”

I slump my shoulders, feeling a weight settle into me. “I can’t choose,” I repeat hopelessly. “And where am I supposed to go from here?”

Derek softly lays his hand on my shoulder and looks into my eyes. “I love you and Piper, each in a different way, but both the same. I’m giving her the space she needs, but it’s not over between her and me either.”

“You want us to—” I stop when I see a box on top of the bed. It looks familiar, and I snort.

“What is it?” he asks, creases of worry painted on his forehead.

“That’s the box where I put all the stuff I don’t need when I’m about to go on a mission,” I say.

“What does that mean?”

I shrug. “Not sure why, but every time I’m about to go on a mission, I set aside my feelings. My therapist calls it dissociation. I always think about a box that looks exactly like this one and set everything I don’t need in there.” I snort. “The problem is that I never get anything out. Well, only a few things.”

When I open the box, there are a lot of envelopes that are numbered and USB drives. There’re journals too. I sit on the king-size bed, emptying the box. Derek joins me, and we begin to sort everything by numbers and sizes.

We find a computer in the home office, and I hack into it so we can look at what’s on the USB drives.

When I read the first letter of Archer saying goodbye, my jaw drops. Why would he do it and most importantly, why didn’t she give me this treasure before. This is our history.

This is the beginning of us, not the end of me.

I glance at Derek and almost smile wondering how we can find forever—for the three of us. It’s possible, I know it. We just need to figure it out based on Archer’s past.

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