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Every summer, superstar surgeon Whitney Aldritch crashes weddings with her best friend. The first one was an accident though after a decade of dropping in uninvited, they’re masters of their craft. They keep the rules simple and they never go to bed alone.

Then there’s Henry Hazlette, best man and the best one-night stand of Whit’s summer. She never imagined she’d see him again but now he’s one of her new surgical residents—and completely off-limits.

Whitney has staked her reputation on leading the hospital’s new ethics initiative. While Henry is under her supervision, they have to keep it professional. But it doesn’t help that she can’t turn around without running face-first into his offensively broad chest or rubbing up against him in crammed elevators. Also not helping: the way he smiles at her like he can hear her every not-safe-for-work thought.

All they have to do is survive this residency—and the accidental tarot card readings that hit too close to home, a few uninvited houseguests, and the hospital’s hyperactive rumor mill—but only if they’re prepared to bend some rules as the feelings go from just for tonight to get it out of our systems to mine.


Kate Canterbary

Expected Release Date: 25 June 2024

Kate Canterbary’s sizzling new rom-com, Change of Heart, is out this week, and I have an amazing little sneak peek for you. This is the story of Whitney Aldritch and Henry Hazlette, two perfect strangers who meet at a wedding—he’s the best man, she’s not even supposed to be there—and end up having an unforgettable one-night-stand. But when Henry wakes up in the morning, Whitney is not only long gone, she’s also left no way for him to contact her. Some months later, fate has them bumping into each other again, but this time, Henry not only learns that the woman he hasn’t stopped thinking about is a superstar transplant surgeon, but that he’s one of her new surgical residents, too. Funny, steamy, and heartfelt—this was a book I never wanted to end.

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We burst into the hotel, laughing, stumbling into each other and completely oblivious to the world around us. The elevator opened the second Henry pressed the call button and he roped his arm around my waist as he ushered me inside.

He backed me up against the wall, his arm braced above me and his hand splayed on my hip. I reached inside his jacket, running my palm up his side. He was granite under my touch, solid and unyielding in the best ways. I wanted to rip his shirt off and map the bend of those muscles with my mouth. But I wouldn’t stop with the shirt. Rip it all off, explore all of him. Take everything.

He leaned in, his lips on my neck, my jaw. I pulled him closer, tipping my chin up to meet him. A low growl sounded in the back of his throat as our lips met. We were slow at first, almost studious, but then a switch flipped, as if we’d both remembered that the night might be long though our time together was short.

My hands were in his hair. He flattened me to the wall. He was hard against my belly and his beard was rough where it rasped against my chin but I didn’t care. He kissed like he wanted to see if he could get me off from that alone, and I wasn’t against that kind of research.

“Hold the door! I’ll be right there! Hold that door for me, please!”

I heard those words though I didn’t process them. They were distant and muffled, like a phone lost in the bottom of a backpack while playing an audiobook.

But then someone bustled into the elevator and I realized we hadn’t even left the lobby yet. A stunned laugh stuttered out of me as Henry held me close to his chest.

“Don’t mind me, don’t mind me. I’m just hitching a ride. I didn’t see a single thing, Henry. Oh, biscuits! I’ve dropped everything.”

I peeked around Henry’s shoulder to find Aunt Luisa, in all of her witchy glory, shaking her head at the overturned purse on the elevator floor.

“Let me help you with that, Lulu,” Henry said as the doors closed.

He stared at me while he adjusted himself, a big, devious grin stretched across his face that said Look what you’ve done here, and I had to fold my lips together to keep from laughing.

“Oh, would you look at that,” she murmured.

Henry shifted away from me and I spotted a few tarot cards on the floor beside a flask definitely filled with liquor and a leather pouch definitely filled with crystals. “I’ll get it,” he said.

Luisa was quick to wave him off, saying, “Don’t you dare.” She picked up one card and stared at it for a long moment. “The World.” She tapped a finger against the mostly naked woman on the card. “The World reminds us that we only get this one sensational life and we better not waste a single second of it.”

“Right,” Henry drawled, settling an arm over my shoulders.

She held up another card, this one with a naked jester on it. “The Fool is tarot’s way of saying the universe wants you to bet on yourself and bet high. Leap, even if you don’t know where you’re going to fall.”

“Yeah.” He nodded, his tone gentle. I appreciated that. We couldn’t have another snorting situation on our hands. Not in this proximity. “I hear that.”

“I’m sure you do, Henry.” She arched a brow at the last card, also adorned with naked people, and gave us a knowing smile. “The Lovers. I can see this one doesn’t require much explanation, but when it appears in this position with The Fool, it tells us of powerful new beginnings.” She gathered the cards and tucked them back into her bag. “And soul mates.”

A laugh barked out of me as Henry said, “Wow, so you’re really doing this.”

“Mmm.” She twisted open the flask and drank deeply. “It could be that we’re on a path to find a soul mate. Or it’s tarot’s way of kicking us in the ass and telling us to stop obsessing about finding that person, and just open our eyes because they’re right in front of us.” The elevator came to a stop and Luisa stepped out. “You two have fun tonight.”

“Thanks for the reading, Lulu,” Henry said.

“Use protection,” she called over her shoulder.

“Oh my god.” A strange, fizzy laugh shook my shoulders. “What just happened?”

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