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More book worm than Barbie, Reese Shepard is completely caught off guard when the most beautiful man she has ever seen in her life steps in and pretends to be her boyfriend when some creep won’t leave her alone.

She assumes that it’s the last time that she’ll see the chivalrous stranger, but soon he is everywhere she is. And before she knows what’s happening, the two of them are spending all their free time together bonding over their love of the ocean, scary movies, and homemade cookies.

Reese knows that a guy like Brodie Larsen could have any woman he wants and that becomes even more apparent when she finds out that he’s a pro hockey player that’s worth millions of dollars. So to save herself the potential heartbreak she places him firmly in the friend zone.

If only he’d stay there.

The infuriating man starts pushing for more, lots more, and the worst part is she wants to give it all to him including her heart.


Aurora Rose Reynolds

Expected Release Date: 9 July 2024

Book Series: 

Aurora Rose Reynolds has a brand new story in her Until Her series out this week, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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Knowing Brodie will arrive any minute so we can get to the hotel where the event is being held, I finish up in the bathroom and then get dressed.

When I have my shoes on, I grab the small clutch I borrowed from my aunt and start adding things to it—not much. My ID, a little cash, my phone, the lipstick just in case, and… I look at the door that separates Brodie’s room from mine when I hear a knock.

Wandering to it, I open it and swallow. I should have known that Brodie in a tuxedo would be hard to handle. Heck, him wearing the shorts and tee he’d had on this afternoon made it difficult to focus. Then again, his shirt fit him like a second skin, and knowing what was under it had me imagining it off more than once. But in a tux? In a tux, he looks like he should be on a red carpet somewhere with some pretty little supermodel on his arm.

“Jesus Christ, Ree.” Snapping out of my runaway thoughts, I lift my gaze to his, and the world feels like it shifts under my feet when I see the look in his eyes. “You look…” He takes a step toward me, and I hold my ground. “You look beautiful.” His eyes wander slowly down my dress to my heels. “I didn’t think you could look any more beautiful than you do every single day, but you proved me wrong.” Oh, God. My heart is going to pound out of my chest. Either that, or I’m going to faint. “That dress.” I swear I hear him growl or groan and see his hands fist at his sides. “It’s perfect. You look perfect.”

“Thank you,” I finally get out, and his heated gaze meets mine.

Kiss me. The thought slams into my head so hard it catches me off guard. But I want it. I want him to kiss me. Like he knows exactly what I’m thinking, he takes another step toward me and wraps his large palm around my hip. His other hand goes to the side of my throat, then with his thumb on my chin, his lips lower to my…cheek. My eyes slide closed in disappointment. When I open them, his face is an inch from mine.

“Are you ready?”

So close. He’s so close I could kiss him if I were brave enough to just press my mouth to his. Am I? Could I do it? Should I? I like him a lot, and I like the easy connection we have. I like being his friend. But some part of me wants more. I don’t know when I decided that, but it’s true. I want more from him.

“Ree.” His thumb runs along my jaw, and I drop my gaze to his mouth. “Fuck,” he groans. I don’t know where I find the courage, but I lift onto my toes and press my mouth to his.

Just like that, something breaks between us, and whatever he had been using to hold himself back snaps. He doesn’t kiss me back; he completely takes over the kiss, holding my jaw, tilting my head, and touching his tongue to my bottom lip. I open for him instinctively and follow his lead. My heart pounds, my skin feels tight, and every part of me presses closer to him, wanting more. I’ve never experienced this kind of moment, and I feel greedy. Greedy and desperate for more. If my dress weren’t so tight, I would attempt to climb him, try to wrap my legs around his waist to get closer to the hard length of him pressing into my belly. When he nips my bottom lip and palms my ass, I whimper in need.

“Christ.” He licks into my mouth, then his lips and teeth join in, and his tongue works its way down my throat.

“Oh, God.” My head falls back when he nips the top of my breast.

“Fuck, Ree.”

“Please, touch me,” I beg, and he groans as my nails dig into his scalp.

“I will, but not now.” He kisses me again, deep and wet, before slowing the kiss and pulling away, breathing heavily. “The car is waiting for us downstairs.” He presses one more kiss to my lips, and my lashes flutter open. Damn… Right. I forgot we were supposed to be leaving, not making out in my hotel room.

“I fucking love that you look disappointed.” He smiles, running his thumb under my bottom lip. “And I fucking hate that we have to leave.” He swipes his thumb under my bottom lip once more. “Are you ready?”

“I just…” I lick my lips, which now taste like him and mint. “I just need to check and make sure my makeup is okay.”

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Until Him/Her - Recommended Reading Order

(standalone stories with interconnected characters)

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