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Jack Valentini isn’t my type.

Sexy, brooding cowboys are fine in the movies, but in real life, I prefer a suit and tie. Proper manners. A close shave.

Jack might be gorgeous, but he’s also scruffy, rugged, and rude. He wants nothing to do with a “rich city girl” like me, and he isn’t afraid to say so.

But I’ve got a PR job to do for his family’s farm, so he’s stuck with me and I’m stuck with him. His glares. His moods. His tight jeans. His muscles.

His huge, hard muscles.

Pretty soon there’s a whole different kind of tension between us, the kind that has me misbehaving in barns, trees, and pickup trucks. I’ve never done anything so out of character–but it feels too good to stop.

And the more I learn about the grieving ex-Army sergeant, the better I understand him. Losing his wife left him broken and bitter and blaming himself. He doesn’t think he deserves a second chance at happiness.

But he’s wrong.

I don’t need to be his first love. If only he’d let me be his last.


Melanie Harlow


Book Series: 

A poignant but incredibly sexy tale of a woman finding the man of her dreams…only to realise he’d given his heart away a long time ago, never wishing to have it back. I could not put this book down for a second, and I’m so excited to bring you one of my favourite scenes from this story! The heroine went for a morning run, not realising she should have gone to the bathroom beforehand…

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I hopped from foot to foot, desperately wishing for another solution to magically present itself so I would not have to relinquish my dignity or give my vagina a poisonous rash. But none appeared, so I climbed over the Valentinis’ fence and ducked into the trees, cursing myself for being so out of it before I left the cottage.

Hurrying across the forest floor of dirt and pine needles and dry leaves, I moved away from the road until I couldn’t see it anymore. I was about to squat (good grief, what an inelegant word) when I heard a splash nearby. Gasping, I straightened up and looked around, frantically yanking my shorts back into place. When I heard another splash, I cautiously made my way in that direction.

Oh my God!

Not far from where I’d been about to relieve myself was a clearing in the trees, and beyond it was a small lake. Jutting into the lake was a short wooden dock, on which stood Jack Valentini, dripping wet and buck fucking naked.

My stomach whooshed, and suddenly I was driven by one gut instinct: I need a better view. There was a weeping willow about twenty feet closer to the lake, and without giving it a second thought, I darted toward it and then scrambled up onto a low branch.

Yes, I actually climbed a tree.

Hanging on to a branch above my head, I carefully side-stepped out a little bit and peered through the leaves. Tongue caught between my teeth, I watched him push his wet hair back from his face and stretch a little, arms over his head. Hm, a farmer’s tan is actually a thing.

My eyes automatically went low, and my jaw dropped when I saw the size of his dick. If it was that big when it wasn’t even hard, how big would it get when it was? Suddenly I felt like a kid who’d been told she could look at her birthday cake but not taste it. A hundred irrational—and frankly perverted—thoughts assaulted my brain.

I want to see him get hard. I want to touch him. I want my mouth on him. I want to watch him touch himself. Damn, he’s huge. I want to be fucked with a cock like that. I bet it could tear me apart. Christ, he could probably fuck me from clear over there.

No! No, he should find me here. He should discover me in the woods and get angry. Then he’d have to punish me for spying on him. He’d be ruthless.

I realized I was panting.

What the hell was the matter with me? I’d never had these kinds of thoughts about anyone, let alone a veritable stranger. Was I having a midlife crisis at age twenty-nine?

He turned away from me, giving me a chance to appreciate the nice round butt I’d noticed in the photo, but also the muscular back and shoulders, the tattoos that snaked around to his ribs on his right side. What were they? I’d never known a man with tattoos before, not personally. And I’d definitely never seen one naked.

I hadn’t seen that many men naked at all, really. Maybe that was my problem—fascination, sort of like he was a museum exhibit or exotic animal or circus sideshow. The male bodies I’d seen in the flesh were pale and thin—nothing like the beautiful work of art in front of me now, which had bulges and ridges and lines, the morning sun burnishing his skin to bronze. I wanted to—


The branch I was standing on snapped, and I hit the ground in an ungraceful belly flop.

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I’ve fallen repeatedly for Melanie Harlow and this proves to be one more added to the list.

Thank you for the chance! Happy Holidays

Oh sweet Lord. I love this excerpt. This one is definitely on my TBR list. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

I loved that part!! Margot was hilarious climbing a tree to get a better look at Jack in all his manhood!! Karma got her with that tree branch breaking :)

I wish I had this book to read right now. I am so eager to start reading it. Thank you for such wonderful work.

Love the excerpt! Now I’m very intrigued, especially where it left off. Definitely want to know how the story continues. Adding it to my TBR list

OMG…yes! So awesome. I can’t wait to read more about Jack’s…tattoos. Yes. Tattoos. Lol ?❤?❤?❤?

Love, love , love Melanie Harlow! Can’t wait to read this. Every book leads me through such a wide range of emotions and I have no doubt this one will too.

Thanks for sharing this excerpt! I loved this scene, it is so hilarious! This whole book is fabulous, I gave it 5*s! I am really excited for the chance to win a signed pbk! Thanks! =D

Melanie Harlow is an automatic 1-click author for me! Thank you for the chance to have this gorgeous signed beauty!

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