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I was reunited with Livingston Montgomery in the broad sunshine of a Carolina morning, right where she belonged; in the light.
It’d been too long since I’d seen her face.
She had changed, but so had I.
I was Adam Nova, reformed bad boy.  Now, successful business man.
I had it all, except for the one person I’d always wanted, and now I was back to claim her.
She was living in the shadows, just a shell of the former girl I knew.
But it didn’t matter that she tried to hide from me in the dark.
I’d follow her into the deepest depths of hell.
I just wanted to be In Her Space.


Amie Knight


The stunning conclusion to Amie Knight’s Stars Duet is coming tomorrow, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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I swallowed hard before I spoke. “Mister Nova?” I asked snidely.

Her eyebrows rose and her hands clenched by her sides. Gone was the panic and in its place was all fiery heat. “Well, you are my boss now, aren’t you, Mister Nova?”

God, she was beautiful. Standing there like that. It was like I’d never left. We may have been older, but the connection, the electricity was still there. It hadn’t gone anywhere.

I’d tried not to look at her tonight. To not care. Just to be there and get done what I had to get done, but I couldn’t help it. When I’d seen her on the sidewalk earlier in the day she’d barely looked at me. I’d wanted to engage her in more conversation, but she seemed anxious and on edge, and then she’d dashed away like she couldn’t stand to be near me. I’d gone by the old building to see about Boone to only have his mother tell me he’d been in jail for the last five years for armed robbery. Served his ass right. He was one less thing I had to worry about.

Tonight had been a true test of my patience. I couldn’t help but stare at her from across the room. God, she was all fucking woman now. In that dress that was meant to tempt me. I could feel it all the way down to my toes. That black dress screamed look at me and that seemed to be all I could do all night. I could only believe that dress was a deliberate choice on her part. For me. And goddamn if that didn’t piss me off.

“I’m not your boss, Liv. And you damn well know it.”

An eyebrow arched and her lips twisted. “Could have fooled me. You did buy the place I work in, did you not?”

The sass. I missed it, even if it pissed me off. I leaned closer to her, irrevocably drawn to her. It was a blessing. It was a curse. I placed my hands on the wall on either side of her gorgeous head. Her hair was shorter and styled. Her eyes were lined with makeup, her lips painted red. My Luna was a fucking woman. A beautiful one. And I’d missed it. It almost broke my heart all over again.

“You still report to Cat,” I said, my lips too near hers. I could already taste her.

“That’s semantics, Mister Nova,” she whispered back, her chest brushing mine with every breath. In that moment, her eyes reminded me of years ago—dreamy. It snapped me right back into the moment. We couldn’t afford to dream. I was here to get shit done. And I couldn’t let Liv get caught in the crosshairs.

“What did he want?” I asked quietly.

Her dreamy eyes fled the building, confusion filling them. “What did who want?”

“Braden,” I growled, the name sour in my mouth. The mere mention of him made me want to lose my shit.

She pushed off the wall, forcing me to back up. “I don’t think it’s any of your business what anyone wants with me, Adam.”

I looked at the ceiling of the planetarium, praying for patience, because God, I knew I was dealing with the most insufferably stubborn woman on the planet. I ran my hands through my hair and took a deep breath so I didn’t lose it.

“Now’s not the time for your shit.”

She squeaked and brought a finger to her chest. “My shit?” She took a step closer, her voice getting louder as she repeated, “My shit? Are you fucking kidding me right now?”

I winced at her use of the word fuck. I’d never liked it when she cussed, not ten years ago and not now. “Don’t cuss—”

“Oh no,” she cut me off. “Oh fucking no. If there is any time for my expert use of the word fuck, tonight is the night, Adam. You don’t get to come back here and boss me around and question me about things without so much as a fuckinghello. Who do you think you are?”

I wanted to tell her I was the boy who loved her. The man who cared about her. That despite what my brain was telling me, my heart was all in. That I was the first and I should have been the last.

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