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She stole my wallet, my car, and my favorite oil painting. I never expected her to steal my heart.

This complicated, beautiful, annoying woman doesn’t know that I’m a thief too. Only, I don’t steal things. I steal secrets and sometimes people. And her name is next on my list.

The problem? I admire her. Like her. Love her. So many wasted feelings because we aren’t meant to be. Years ago, I sold my soul and body to the devil. Now, my back is against the wall. If I want to save my precious niece from death, I’ll have to turn my sexy little thief over to my enemy.

She captivates me. Soothes me. Makes my life a living hell. And I love every minute of it.

But I have no choice. I will be ruthless.

And she will ruin me.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: The Ruthless Knight

Jeana E. Mann

Expected Release Date: 17 February 2020

Are you ready for Sir Nikolay Reznik Tarnovsky? From author Jeana E. Mann comes an all-new tale of love, deception, and sacrifice, set in the worlds of The Exiled Prince Trilogy and The Rebel Queen Duet, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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“Now, where are my things?” His gaze sweeps down my body. The form-fitting gown leaves little to the imagination. My traitorous nipples jut against the stretchy spandex. He smooths a hand over my ribs, probing the cleavage between my breasts. A pulse of attraction makes my insides clench.

“I’m telling you—I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“We’ll see.” He snatches the phone from my hand. “Did you steal this, too?”

“No. It belongs to my friend. She dropped it. I was going to return it to her.”

“More lies.” His hand moves lower, finds the split in the dress at my hip, and travels up the inside of my thigh. I hiss—partly from the unexpected tingle between my legs, partly from indignation. “Mm…no panties? How daring.” He blows out a heavy breath. “If only we hadn’t been interrupted earlier. Such a shame. I would really like to know what it feels like to have your legs wrapped around me. But, no matter.” He clears his throat like he’s gathering his composure and continues his leisurely exploration of my body until he’s satisfied. “What did you do with my stuff?”

My fingers curl into fists, but I’m helpless to move. He’s too big, too heavy, too strong. “Please. You don’t understand. If I’m not downstairs in two minutes—”

His elegant fingers wrap around my throat. “No, you don’t understand. You’ve screwed with the wrong person.”

“Are you going to call the police?” The only thing more frightening than Cash’s wrath is the coldness in Mr. Big Dick’s eyes.

“That’s not how we handle things around here.” His gaze dips to my mouth. The tip of his tongue sweeps along his lower lip in anticipation of something—something I know I won’t like. His mischievous smirk returns. “You took something from me, and now, I’m going to take something from you.”

His mouth crushes against mine, brutal and dominating. My knees weaken. I’m not sure if it’s from the tongue plundering my mouth or the strong fingers wrapped around my windpipe. He tastes like whiskey, smells like expensive cologne and cigars, and touches me like he knows his way around a woman. All the things I’ve longed for in a man. I kiss him back, ignoring the alarm bells sounding in my head. I’ve always been messed up that way—attracted to the wrong kind of guys, the kind who dominate and take me for granted. I don’t care. I’m screwed no matter what I do. If I don’t meet the others at the car, Cash will hunt me down and kill me. If I let this masked marauder take me hostage, I’m probably already dead.

The situation seems hopeless, but I’ve never been one to give up. I’ll go down fighting to my last breath. I sigh and lean into him, opening my mouth wider. It’s not the first time I’ve used my body to get what I need. He releases my hands to cup a breast. I grab on to his lapels and remove his car keys from his pocket in the process.

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