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Her teen crush is now a ruthless killer and powerful mafia heir.
Will one life-altering night unite or destroy them?

Bennett Mazzone grew up ignorant of the truth: he is the illegitimate son of the most powerful mafia boss in New York. Until it suited his father to drag him into a world where power, wealth, violence, and cruelty are the only currency.

Celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Sin City should be fun for Sierra Lawson, but events take a deadly turn when she ends up in a private club, surrounded by dangerous men who always get what they want.

And they want her.

Ben can’t believe his ex’s little sister is all grown up, stunningly beautiful, and close to being devoured by some of the most ruthless men he has ever known. The Vegas trip is about strengthening ties, but he won’t allow his associates to ruin her perfection. Although it comes at a high price, saving Sierra is his only choice.

The memory of Ben’s hands on her body is seared into Sierra’s flesh for eternity. She doesn’t regret that night. Not even when she discovers the guy she was crushing on as a teenager is a cold, calculating killer with dark impulses and lethal enemies who want him dead.

Understanding the risks, she walks away from the only man she will ever love, stowing her secrets securely in her heart. Until the truth becomes leverage and Sierra is drawn into a bloody war—a pawn in a vicious game she doesn’t want to play.

As the web of deceit is finally revealed, Ben will stop at nothing to protect Sierra. Even if loving her makes him weak. In a world where women serve a sole purpose, and alliances mean the difference between life and death, can he fight for love and win?

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Condemned to Love

Siobhan Davis

Expected Release Date: 31 January 2021

Book Series: 

An all-new dark mafia romance is coming in a few days from author Siobhan Davis, and I have a sneak peek for you.

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“Stand there,” Ben says, positioning me over by the small seating area in his bedroom. Nerves jangle up my spine, but they’re the good kind. After locking the door, he hooks his cell up to his sound system. “Naughty Girl” by Beyoncé fills the room, but he’s set the volume low so it’s not too loud. He flops down into one of the velvet tub chairs in front of me, spreading his thighs and smirking. “Strip for me, Firefly. Nice and slow. I want to take my time drinking in every inch of your gorgeous body before I devour you with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock.”

“Holy shit.” I squeeze my legs together as a gush of liquid warmth floods my panties.

His brows climb to his hairline in question as I stand rooted to the spot. “Is there a problem?” he asks, and I shake my head, snapping out of it and raising trembling fingers to the hem of my sweater. I pull it over my head, dropping it to the ground. Heat flares from his eyes as he stares hungrily at me, his gaze dipping to my breasts. My nipples pebble behind my white and pink lacy bra, and adrenaline courses through my veins, flicking a switch inside me. His ravenous stare is the confidence boost I need to do this. Moving my body to the sultry beats of the song, I sashay my hips, mouthing the lyrics as I lean forward at the waist, offering him a glimpse of my cleavage under my flimsy camisole.

Turning around, I shake my ass while tilting my head back, letting my hair cascade down my back as I dance. The music loosens my tense muscles, and I let it sweep me up in its hypnotic beat, banishing any lingering doubts or nerves. Easing my camisole up my body, I slide it off and toss it aside as I continue swaying my body in sync with the music.

“Turn around,” he grunts, and I bite my lip as I slowly spin around.

I pop the button on my jeans, deliberately licking my lips as I zone in on the noticeable bulge in his jeans.

He’s enjoying this, and that spurs me on.

Dropping to the floor, I quickly remove my socks and shimmy my skinny jeans over my hips and down my legs. It’s not as easy to do that part sexily, but Ben doesn’t seem to mind. His eyes are like laser beams on my skin as I reveal more and more flesh. Kicking my jeans away, I crawl closer to him, using his legs to pull myself upright.

The buttons on his jeans are undone, and he has his hand stuffed into his boxers, stroking himself. The outline of his long thick hard cock behind the black cotton is enough to send me orbiting into heaven. Liquid lust coils in my belly at the thought of ripping those boxers away and impaling myself on his monster cock. I whimper while my hands roam freely over my body, and his heated gaze tracks my every move.

Sultry tones bounce off the wall as the song changes. Ben jerks himself off as I slowly slide my bra straps down my arms. Pushing my breasts together, I lean closer, dangling them in his face.

“You’re playing with fire, sweetheart,” he groans, his eyes glued to my chest.

I undo the front clasp and let my bra float to the floor, brushing my bare tits against his face as I hook my thumbs in my panties.

“Fuck,” he hisses as his tongue darts out, licking one of my nipples.

It’s as if there’s a direct line from my tits to my pussy, and I convulse with longing as he lavishes attention on my nipples, sucking, tugging, and nipping my taut peaks with his teeth and his tongue.

That’s it.

I’m done waiting.

The show is officially over.

I need him inside me right now.

I hurriedly remove my panties and kneel between his legs, reaching for his jeans, when he shakes his head.

“Nuh-uh, Firefly. This is my show.” He chuckles at the clear frustration on my face. “Stand.”

I do as I’m told, and my skin is on fire when he grips my hips, pulling me close. He buries his face in my bare pussy, and the most embarrassing moan escapes my lips. He sniffs before parting my pussy lips with his thumbs, exposing me to him. I hold on to his shoulders because it feels like my legs could go out from under me.

“So fucking sweet,” he says, keeping me open while he licks a line up and down my slit.

“Oh my God. Ben. Please.” My pussy quakes with need, pulsing and clenching with potent desire.

“So fucking sexy,” he adds, plunging his tongue inside my tight inner walls.

I gasp, gripping his shoulders tighter as he ravishes me with his tongue. I can only close my eyes and hold on for the ride.

Without warning, he pulls away a few minutes later, and I cry out in exasperation.

“Patience, Firefly,” he says, standing and removing his jeans, sweater, and T-shirt. Saliva pools in my mouth as I inspect every glorious inch of him. He’s even more ripped than I remember. His chest seems broader. His abs more defined. His biceps bulkier.

I might be drooling.

And creaming my panties—if I had any on!

He chuckles, and I drag my gaze from his sexy body to his even sexier face. A growl rips from the back of my throat at the familiar smug expression on his face. Roughly, he grabs the nape of my neck, pulling my mouth to his for a soul-crushing kiss that goes on and on. I press myself against him, rubbing against his erection through his boxers and clawing at the warm flesh of his back. If I could climb him, I would—I’m that horny.

He sucks on my lower lip, and I melt against him. Every part of my body is on fire, and only Ben can quench the flames. “The things you do to me should be outlawed, Firefly,” he says, biting down hard on my neck. “I want to eat you alive. I want to bury my cock so deep inside you I can never pull it out.”

“That sounds painful,” I pant, arching my neck to grant him greater access as he continues to bite and suck on my sensitive flesh. He’s careful to keep his touching below the still tender part of my upper throat. “But surprisingly tempting. I need you, Ben. Please.”

He slaps my ass, and I yelp at the unexpected contact.

“No begging, Firefly.” He winds my hair around one of his hands, tilting my head back a little. “My queen never begs.”

He brushes his lips against mine fleetingly. “Get on the bed, on all fours, and wait for me.”

His laughter follows me as I race across the room to the bed, getting into position. I hear him walking to his dresser and pulling things out of a drawer. My pussy clenches in anticipation. I am so turned on I could implode. Clothing rustles, and out of the corner of my eye, I spy his boxers flying a few feet away. I moan when the bed dips behind me, knowing his cock will be inside me soon.

“Sit up,” he says, coming up behind me.

I kneel, leaning back against his chest. “Trust me?” he whispers across my ear and his warm breath fans over my face.

“Yes,” I rasp.

He slips a blindfold down over my eyes before pulling my hands behind my back. “Is your wrist still sore?” he asks, gently touching my injured hand.

“Only a little.” It’s not broken or sprained, just bruised.

“I’m going to bind your hands with a silk tie, but I won’t tighten them.”

I nod as butterflies run riot in my chest. This is new, and I fucking love it. The only sound in the room is our joint rapid breathing as he loosely ties my hands. “Is that okay?” he asks.

“It’s fine.” I’m panting like a dog in heat as the anticipation rises and rises.

The bed shifts, and I’m more conscious of his movements without the use of my sight or my hands. He stands in front of me on the bed, and heat rolls off his body in waves. “Open wide, baby,” he commands, and I obey. “Suck,” he says before shoving his throbbing cock in my mouth. He holds my shoulders to keep me steady as I work him over with my lips and my tongue. He thrusts into my mouth in sync with my movements and not being able to see what I’m doing or touch him only elevates my desire to new, dizzy heights.

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