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Liam wasn’t supposed to be my happily ever after.

He wasn’t even on my radar.

He was my husband’s best friend—forbidden.

But my husband is dead and I’m alone. I ache for him and I reach for Liam.

One night with Liam changed everything. Now I have to decide if I truly love him or if he’s just the consolation prize.

EXCERPT: Consolation


Corinne Michaels

Book Series: 

A story that has been described as, “emotionally gripping and wondrously written”, “a story that makes you believe that love has the power to heal broken hearts”, and “a story that will steal your heart and never let it go”, Consolation is the first book in a duet, and today, I have a special alternate POV scene for you!!! Enjoy and don’t forget that Liam and Natalie’s story concludes in Conviction

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Lee heads up the stairs coughing and dragging ass. I hate that she’s so sick. I look down in my arms and realize I now have care of a child.

Well, I’m f*cked.

I debate calling my mom to ask what exactly I should do. She would probably laugh at me then hang up. There was no way I couldn’t help though. Natalie looked like death. Plus, this should score me some brownie points.

Kids like television…I think. I decide that should be our first thing. Aarabelle and I sit on the couch as I turn on the game.

“Alright, Aara. Let’s see if Rodgers is going to screw it up or we’re going to kick some ass,” she laughs. “Shit. I probably shouldn’t say ass. Or shit. I’ll shut up.”

Now I’m talking to a baby.

We spend the next hour or so taking every possible toy in the house out. She plays with this weird ball thing that spits them out the top. Whoever thought flying balls was a good idea should be shot.

Aara starts to really fuss as panic begins to rise. “What do you need? Food? Toys? Want to go outside?”

I pick her up, and the smell hits me straight in the face.

“What the hell does she feed you?” I ask aloud. I’ve been around guys after field meals that don’t smell as bad as this.

“Okay, diaper.” I say looking around the room. “Where are they?” I ask hoping she can at least point. Instead, she just cries louder.

My phone rings and I pray it’s someone who knows something about kids. I look down only to see Quinn’s number.

“Yo,” I answer and keep searching for the stash.

“Are you at Lee’s?”

He’s a real Einstein. “Yeah, she’s sick so I’m watching Aarabelle. What gave it away? The screaming baby in the background?”

Quinn laughs so loud I have to move the phone away. “Dude. She must be on her death bed to let that happen.”

“Fu—dge you. I’ve got this. She’s a baby not a bomb.”

“Right,” he laughs again. “Well, while you’re playing house I’m heading to get laid.”

I hate him. I really hope his dick falls off. “Good for you.”

“Hell yeah it is.”

“Do you know how to change a diaper?” I ask absently. Quinn has a younger brother so maybe there’s a chance.

“Yeah, do you?”

“You’re so damn helpful. Look,” I glance at Aarabelle lying in her crap on the floor. “She’s rancid. I need help.”

“Well, Dreamboat…good luck.” He hangs up and I swear I’m going to punch him in the balls next time I see him.

I see the bag that Lee carries around and rummage through. Ha! Diapers.

“Okay, Aarabelle. We got this.”

She just stares at me. Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is going to be a mess.

I unsnap her shirt thing and wait for some kind of divine intervention. Okay, this should be easy. I can take apart an M-16 with my eyes closed, jump out of a plane undetected—I got this.

“Maybe there’s a Youtube video?” Aara just stares at me. “Yeah, I know I’m an idiot but whatever.” I grab the diaper, and lay it flat. Once I pull down the dirty diaper, I immediately regret it. “How in the world did you do that?”

I contemplate going to wake Lee, but then I’ll have to listen to how I couldn’t handle it. Defeat is not in my vocabulary.

I get her cleaned up without any catastrophe and get ready for phase two.

The diaper is in place, but when I pull the tab, it rips off. What the hell? I try the other side and that one same thing.

I grab the spare diaper and try it more gently but this one the entire stretchy side comes off. “What the?”

Aara starts to cry. “It’s okay…shhh.” I try to calm her, but she cries louder.

I look around for something to close this thing since I have no idea where the rest of her diapers are. “Don’t move.” I say standing with my hands out hoping she’ll stay put.

There’s no tape anywhere, but I remember in my bag I have rope. I’ll just tie it on. I rush back over where she’s still crying, and I start to talk to her. Aarabelle doesn’t relax as her legs go flying all over the place. By some miracle, I manage to get one diaper on the front and one covering the back. That should do it. The tab on the one side sticks so I try to arrange the rope holding the other.

“See, I told you,” I smile holding her up. The diaper stays put, for now.

I grab the bottle that’s in the fridge, and rush back in the room. Seriously, it’s worse than an explosion. I shut the lights off so I don’t have to look at it. Once I get Aara on the couch she drinks her bottle as we both relax.

Crisis averted.

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OMG, I LOVE THIS!!!!! And I’m DESPERATE for Consolation to be on my shelf! Corinne is amazing! Thanks for the chance! :-)

Liam is easily one of the hottest, dreamiest, most swoonworthy book boyfriend I’ve ever read!! <3
Reading this POV makes me love him all the more! <3

I really want ro read this book – but i’m trying to hold out until conviction comes out. :-)

This book is heartbreaking. It takes you inside what it’s like to be a military spouse. Allowing you to see how incredibly hard it is to send your significant other away without knowing whether or not they’ll return. It’s about love, loss and moving on. It’s brilliant. Corinne did an amazing job telling this story.

Seriously Great Book. Can’t wait for Conviction! !! :) Thanks for the chance! !!! :)

Gotta love Liam. The things he comes up with to amuse himself with. Too bad he needs a good lesson on how to change a diaper. Love it. I absolutely love that excerpt. Thank you for the chance.

thank you very much for the chance I hope my computer will alert me it looks like a awesome story :)

I am so ready for conviction. I want to see Aaron kicked to the curb and a HEA for Liam and Natalie.

You had me at “Well, I’m f*cked.”

After unsnapping the shirt thing, you really had me (ROFL had me) at “Maybe there’s a Youtube video?”


My blog wants to be like Natasha’s blog when it grows up. :) Don’t look. Officially not launched yet. ;)

If you haven’t read Consolation yet, you’re missing out on a great story. Soooo ready for May 27!

i loved Consolation sooooo much cant wait for the second book! im on pins and needles here!!

I loved Consolation and have been impatiently awaiting Conviction. So glad it will release soon!

I love Liam’s POV on the dirty diaper situation. Hilarious! I can’t wait until May 27th. I’ve missed Liam and Natalie!

hilarious! but i really love how Liam tried everything for Natalie when it comes to Aara!

Love Liam. I can’t wait for Conviction. He is learning things that he never thought he would be able to do, it’s giving him practice :)

So cute! I was wondering how the rope and diaper thing happened. Cant wait for the next book.

OMG! This scene with Liam’s POV is sooo cute haha bet he’ll be a great dad to Aarabelle! :D

Loved, loved it! I love reading alternate POV’s but I just have to say that I absolutely adore Liam and can’t wait for Conviction ❤️❤️

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