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What happens when the best one-night stand you’ve ever had becomes your new neighbor?

I’m not the kind of girl who needs a Happy Ever After. I’m more than content with my life and what I do–and do not–have in it. My dream job is finally within my grasp, and I’m certainly not going to let a man derail me when I’m this close to cultivating everything I’ve worked toward. Which is why one-night stands are my go-to tension releaser. And they always work perfectly.


Never mind that the last one I had happened to be with my best friend’s surrogate brother. Never mind that he made me see stars in our few hours together. Never mind that Adam Reid was the best I’d ever had.

I sent him away, back to his life out of state, with nothing more than a kiss and an order not to tell a soul. Except now he’s back in my town for the summer. Even worse? He moves in directly across the hall. Suddenly the one-night stand I’d thought I’d never have to see again is becoming an every-night stand I can’t get out of my head.

Now I just need to make sure he stays out of my heart.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Paige in Progress

Brighton Walsh

Expected Release Date: 19 January 2016

Book Series: 

A new contemporary romance is out this week from author Brighton Walsh, where a one-night stand between a strong-willed, smart-lipped heroine and her hot as sin next door neighbour turns to more, and I am so excited to share with you a never-seen-before sneak peek.

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We’re in the bathroom of a public place, and our friends are twenty feet outside this door. I shouldn’t be with him at all, because I’ve already been there, done that. And I don’t do repeat performances. Not like this.

But instead of pushing him away, I tilt my hips up, a moan ripping from my throat when he takes my unasked plea and fills me with two fingers, pumping them in and out in a slow, agonizing pace.

“I need to ask you something.” How is his voice so perfectly controlled when I feel like I’m about to come undone?

“Now?” I pant, eyes closed, as I grind myself on his hand trying to get friction on my clit, not at all ashamed of how greedy I am. I’m past that point, and now all I care about is the finish, the release.

“Yes, now. Why don’t you want me to move into your building?”

It takes me a couple tries to get out the words because his fingers are so good, but I finally do. “Because I don’t like you.”

“I don’t believe that.”

“I don’t—” I gasp out a moan when he dips his head, his teeth scraping against the juncture where my neck meets my shoulder, and I clench around his fingers. I swallow and try again. “I don’t care what you believe. I’m telling you that I don’t like you.”

He places an open mouthed kiss below my ear, sucking the flesh there, and I arch into him. How does he remember all my weaknesses? Against my skin, he says, “Your pussy seems to like me just fine.”

“She’s a very bad judge of character.”

He hums deep in his throat, and I feel the vibrations of his chest against my own, my nipples hardening even further. “I think she’s just attracted to men she knows can get her off like she’s never gotten off before.”

I dig my fingernails into his cloth-covered skin. “God, you’re a cocky—” He finally presses his palm to my clit, and I nearly see stars.

“I am cocky. Know why?” He puts his lips right next to my ear, so the smoothness of them brushes against the shell with every word. “Because even though we only spent one night together, I still remember exactly what it takes to get you off. I know exactly what it takes to make you writhe, to make you moan, to make you scream. I know if I tug your top down and pull your nipple into my mouth, you’ll arch your back, trying to get closer. I know if I curl my fingers and hit that spot deep inside you, you’ll moan low in your throat.” As if to prove his point, he does just that. I try to hold it in, clamp my lips shut as if I can stop the sound from sheer force of will alone, but it comes out anyway. His lips curve against the skin below my ear. “And I know if I press my thumb hard on your clit right now, you’ll come. So, yeah, I’m a little cocky. Now, do you want to finish or should I keep playing with you?”

“I hate you.”

He pulls back, his eyebrows raised and his fingers frozen inside me. “Finish or play, Paige?”

I groan and latch my fingers in his hair to tug him closer to me. “You are such an asshole. Now make me come.”

“You didn’t say please.”

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