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She ran.
She lied to me. She almost killed my brother.
She stole her way into my heart… and then she ran.
Zelda Wilder’s got another thing coming if she thinks I won’t go after her.
She is mine, and I will bring her back… to justice, and to my bed.


It took everything I had to walk away, but staying put us all in danger.
I’m a player, a fighter, a survivor. I know when it’s time to go.
I’ve never trusted a man to protect us… but I trusted him.
Now I can never go back—it’s far too dangerous. I have to keep running; I have to stay hidden.
I should have known the “playboy prince” wouldn’t go down without a fight.
I should have known Cal would find me.
I should have known you can’t play a player.


Tia Louise

Expected Release Date: 20 September 2016

Book Series: 

The second book in Tia Louise’s latest contemporary romance series—”featuring secrets, lies, royal high jinks, scams and double-crosses; breathless, swooning lust, cocky princes, dominant alpha future-kings, and crafty courtiers, who are not always what they seem”—is out this week, and I have an excerpt for you!

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Prince Cal

“No more bets!” The dealer passes his hand over the table.

Zee’s internal struggle is plain on her face, from the tiny line piercing her forehead to the way her blue eyes dart around the grid like little birds. She’s flustered by my presence, and I love that I throw her off balance. I love that as strong as she is and as much as I’ve given her, I still have the upper hand.

She leans down as if to adjust her shoe, and the roulette ball wobbles. My eyes dart to the table, and I watch as the silver ball shimmies and then drops straight into red seven.

So that’s their game.

It’s a clever scam, and one our security has dealt with before in Monagasco. Ours was a three-person job—one man placed the bets, a second distracted the dealer, and the third activated a radio transmitter from the next table over. It was actually a woman with the small transmitter hidden in her cigarette case. She pressed the button, and the metal ball dropped like clockwork into the corresponding space on the wheel.

Seth lets out a yell and slaps Zee on the shoulder. It sends her straight into my arms. I scoop her up, reveling in this familiar position. Her blue eyes blink up at me, round and full of… something very new. Is it shame?

“Zee,” I say, a crack forming in my wall of anger.

That bastard Seth jerks her away, and I’m ready to take care of him when she whips her arm out of his grasp.

“Cash me out,” she says to the dealer, and as soon as she’s handed her winnings, she practically bolts for the door.

I’m right behind her, but at that moment, a wad of garishly dressed tourists spreads out into the path blocking me.

“Excuse me,” I growl, trying to get around them, but we launch into a game of back and forth and by the time I’m away, so is Zee, speeding off into the night.

“Dammit!” I shout, but my irritation is cut short by a black SUV pulling into the circular drive and stopping in front of me.

The locks click open, and I see Logan in the driver’s seat. I’m in the vehicle at once, and we’re heading down the dark, two-lane road after her.

“I’ve been watching the door for her to come out,” he says, increasing our speed. “She was moving fast, but I at least caught their direction.”

“Good work—any idea where she’s headed?”

“None. They could be staying on the island, or…”

The way his voice trails off causes me to look up. “Or?” I demand.

“Or there are several piers hidden along this cove. They could have a charter at any one of them.”

I know how to contact her. I still have her mobile number, but after the way she ran from me, after her not showing up in Tortola like she said, I’m not sure I want to alert her.

“I think it’s best if we head back to the airport.” Touching my fingers to my upper lip, I look out the window into the night.

“It’s probably the right call. We don’t know who might be watching us.”


We’re not the only ones looking for Zelda Wilder. My pulse ticks a little faster. I know the truth of that statement too well.

What are you thinking, Zee? Why are you running from me?

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ooh, how exciting! Why didn’t Zelda like Seth touching her? Is she being blackmailed to help? This looks good, thanks for the excerpt! =D

Love the excerpt and having major cover love for this series! Love that it combines the intrigue of a James Bond movie with heat!

Thanks for the great chance! I haven’t read any of Tia’s books before, but this would be a great place to start.  

Sounds like a neat duet (love it when a story wraps in just a couple of books). I haven’t read Tia before, but this would be a great place to start! I do follow her social media accounts, and get text alerts from her. Thanks for the chance. :)

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