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Rian Sutter grew up with the finer things in life. Spending summers in the Hamptons was a normal occurrence for her until her parents lost everything years ago. Now Rian and her sister are getting their life, and finances, back on track through real estate. Not only do they buy and sell houses to the rich and famous but they finally have the capital to flip their very own beachfront property. But when she catches the attention of a sexy stranger who snaps up every house from under her, all bets are off…

Pierce Whitfield doesn’t normally demo kitchens, install drywall, or tear apart a beautiful woman’s dreams. He’s just a down-on-his-luck lawyer who needed a break from the city and agreed to help his brother work on a few homes in the Hamptons. When he first meets Rian, the attraction is undeniable. But when they start competing for the same pieces of prime real estate, the early sparks turn into full-blown fireworks. Can these passionate rivals turn up the heat on their budding romance—without burning down the house?


Helena Hunting

30 May 2017

Book Series: 

An all-new love story about flipping houses, taking risks, and landing that special someone who’s move-in ready is coming on 29 May 2018 from Helena Hunting, and I have a sneak peek for you.

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“I’d like to kiss that pretty mouth of yours.”

I get another moan, this one lower, and she attempts to turn toward me.

I duck my head, lips moving along her collarbone and up the other side of her throat. Then I follow the edge of her jaw, slow, soft brushes interspersed with light nibbles the closer I get to her chin.

She must realize I’m not rushing this, because she stops trying to twist her head toward my mouth. Instead, she readjusts her position, settling her weight on my thighs, edging closer until her chest meets mine. One hand stays against the nape of my neck, while the other begins to wander, sliding down my bicep. I feel a slight squeeze before it drifts along my forearm to where my hand rests on the dip in her waist.

Her pinkie slips under mine, possibly in a subtle attempt to encourage me to touch more of her. While that’s definitely something I want to do—eventually—I also don’t want her attention divided.

I want her wanting.

Drawing out the anticipation heightens the experience, it’s a sensual torment, a sensory override. I need her focus on my mouth, on where it is and where she wants it to be.

When I finally get to her chin, I bite, not hard, but enough that she sucks in a breath. I tip her head down and flick my tongue out, skimming her top lip. Her hand tightens on the back of my neck again and I loosen my fingers in her hair. As soon as I do, our mouths connect like two meteors colliding.

Any thought I had of finessing my way through this disappears when Rian sucks my bottom lip between hers, dragging her teeth across the skin. She presses her body against me, legs spreading wider in the sand as she shifts forward.

I’m achingly hard. I’ve been halfway there since dinner. And suddenly I have friction to complement the hardness. She runs an aggressive palm up my arm and over my shoulder, fingers back in my hair. She angles her head to the side, opening wider, tongue searching for mine.

I wonder what sex with this woman would be like. Definitely not soft, she’s too much of a battle in the middle of a storm.

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Helena Hunting is my favourite author!!! The first book I ever read of hers was Pucked and it was beyond incredible!!! Violet and Alex remain two of my favourite characters!!! I have read every one of Helena’s books and they are all equally incredible!!! To say I’m excited about the release of I Flipping Love You is an understatement!!! I’m counting down the days!!!! I love this excerpt!!! I love the build up to the kiss in this excerpt and how you can feel the chemistry and attraction between Rian and Pierce!!!! It’s so hot!!! Helena knows how to build chemistry between two characters!!! When they actually kiss in this excerpt you can almost see the sparks fly!!! Helena has a way with words that draws you in!!! Thank you for this amazing chance Natasha!!! I can’t wait to read this book!!! It would be so incredible to have a signed paperback copy of I Flipping Love You!!!

I just have to say I am so flipping excited to read this book. This little sneak peek makes it just that more exciting!

Well, that was a great excerpt. (whew)
I have written down the name of the book because I will be needing to buy this if I don’t win it!

I really loved the excerpt. The pre-order has been done a while ago. Can’t wait to see in installed on my ipad

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