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War breaks out in Lacking. The streets aren’t safe.

When an unexpected person from my past arrives in town, I’m forced to make a choice between the life I’ve always wanted, and a life I never knew I could have.

I didn’t know how strong I was until I met Grim.

But am I strong enough to live without him?


T.M. Frazier

Book Series: 

The highly anticipated conclusion to the Perversion trilogy from author T.M. Frazier is out now, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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As I regain my senses, Grim pushes deep inside of me, my name and a swear tears from his throat as he floods me with his release. “Fuck, Tricks!!!”

We both collapse to the mattress. He flips me back over and settles himself between my thighs. He pushes my hair from my face. “I love you,” he says softly. Tears prick my eyes.

“I love you, too.”

He buries his face in the nape of my neck, breathing me in. His cock, still inside of me, springs to life once more. This time, when he begins to rock his hips, it’s not a wild animalistic need we are both filling. It’s slow and passionate.

He lifts his head and stares into my eyes as he makes love to me. Slowly, tenderly, as if for the last time. I come without warning, violently erupting in a shudder of pleasure. I’m both screaming his name and sobbing as he finds his own release.

When he collapses next to me, I search his face and find that his cheeks are wet. At first, I think it’s my own tears smeared across his skin, but then he blinks and a tear of his own pools at the corner of his eye, dropping onto the pillow.

He reaches for his jacket. At first, I think he’s already getting dressed, but he pulls something from the pocket and sets the jacket back aside. He lays down beside me once again and lays the cool metal object over my chest and throat.

“My locket,” I breathe, clasping a hand over it. Grim places one hand over mine, and the other cups my cheek.

“Why do I feel like this is goodbye?” I whisper, feeling like the breath is being stolen from my lungs little by little. My hearts slows to crawl as if it’s pausing to hear what comes next.

Grim’s sad golden eyes meet mine. “Because it is.”

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