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Zane Phillips mistook me for his dog walker. It shouldn’t surprise me that the man with a suit more expensive than my rent would assume that I was there to serve him. The positive? I put him in his place. The negative? I missed my job interview because of it. Now I find out he’s a rich Australian entrepreneur, and he wants to make up for tanking my interview.

Yes, he’s impossibly hot – but he’s also an arrogant jackass – so…no thanks.

But after a little white lie I tell spirals out of control, I’m somehow offered the chance to play Zane’s girlfriend to help promote his new dating website – and the best part? He can’t say no because he’ll get caught in his lie, too.

Little did I know this would entail sharing a tour bus with him for the next few months. The fact that the bus has just one bed isn’t the most ideal of circumstances, but this spokesperson gig might be the kick in the pants my career needs, so why not take a chance?

Famous last words.

Now I’m crisscrossing the country – and sharing that bed – with the one guy I can’t stand. And even worse, my traitorous body is wondering at every turn what it’s like to be down under the gorgeous Australian. But as the miles unfurl, so does our passion…and if I’m not careful, I might end up believing that fairy tales really do come true.


K. Bromberg

Expected Release Date: 8 January 2019

An all-new, red-hot standalone is coming tomorrow from author K. Bromberg, and I have a sneak peek for you. P.S. Did I fail to mention that the hero is a rich Australia hottie?

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“Are you out of your goddamn mind?” Zane growls as I yank my arm from his grip once we find ourselves back where I first saw him, in the covered corridor.

“No. Actually I think I was pretty damn smart. Came to a party and secured a new job. Isn’t that what you said to me? That there would be opportunities here that I could maybe take advantage of?”

“Yeah, there is. But not with me! Not for me.”

“What’s wrong? Did you just get played by your own game, mate? Is that what I saw just happen? You try to make us a couple so I’d get booted and then—oopsie—it cemented the deal even further?” I shrug innocently in contradiction to the sarcasm lacing my voice. I love that with every second that passes, I can see the frustration grow in his expression: the narrow of his brows, the tic of the muscle in his jaw, the tension in his lips.

“Do you have any idea what you just did?” He looks over his shoulder to make sure our conversation can’t be heard and moves us again so we’re under the cover of the night’s shadows.

“Yeah, I was saving your ass.” I snort. It’s not ladylike. It doesn’t go with the expensive dress I have on. But I couldn’t care less.

“My ass?” His chuckle could freeze water it’s so derisive. “I can handle my ass perfectly fine, thank you.”

“Actually you can’t,” I say as I step into him. “Which you would know if you’d heard Robert confess that he doesn’t trust you’re committed to this project. He was concerned about your motivation and your overall belief in this company as more than just a monetary venture.”

The look on his face tells me he believes it and had similar doubts.  “The last thing I need is for you to interfere in my business dealings.” There goes that mask of arrogance again. It slides over his face like a shield of armor, one that hides every play of emotion from being seen.

“Why’s that? Are you afraid that maybe Robert overheard you trying to make a decision about which woman here could be your pretend girlfriend so you could pull one over on him?” My voice is saccharin sweet while my eyes level him with a glare. “I mean . . . what a friggin nightmare.”

I got his attention with that. His gorgeous green eyes pop up to meet mine and his fingers tense on the glass in his hand. “Harlow—”

I cock my head to the side. “So the way I see it, you owe me.”

His smile is cold at best. “You’re playing with fire.”

“Nah, more just managing the controlled burn you started.”

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