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When I walk into a room, people look twice. Once because I’m the Crown Prince of Androvia, and twice because I’m that guy—the one who makes your panties wet with just a smile. My life is grand until the unexpected death of my father. To claim the throne, I’ve got to find a wife in twenty-four hours or be forced to marry the woman who cheated on me.

A chance encounter with the daughter of my sworn enemy changes everything. The first time I saw her, she was chained to a dungeon wall. The second time I saw her, I took her to my bed. The third time, I proposed marriage. If she accepts, I’ll rule her body the same way I intend to rule my kingdom—with an iron hand and no mercy. The stakes are high for both of us. If she turns me down, I could lose the throne to my traitorous uncle. Even worse, if she accepts, I might lose my heart.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: The Royal Arrangement

Jeana E. Mann

Expected Release Date: 17 September 2019

Book Series: 

A billionaire prince searches for a new wife in Jeana E. Mann’s intriguing new tale of power and seduction, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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A second kiss lands on the opposite corner of my mouth. Shivers of delight skitter along my spine. The tip of his tongue flits over the center of my lips.

“You’re very sure of yourself.” I close my eyes to savor the tug of his teeth on my earlobe, the tickle of his breath in my ear.

“Bedding you will be the best part of this arrangement—for both of us.”

Unable to resist any longer, I turn my head, seeking his lips. Our mouths meet in a hot, wet kiss. I groan at the glide of his tongue over mine. His fingers tighten in my hair. He uses his grip as leverage to angle my head, deepening the kiss, taking more than I want to give. My hands find the tops of his thighs and clutch the smooth fabric of his trousers. I planned to hold a part of myself back from him, but his eager lips and tongue make it impossible. Too soon, he pulls away, leaving me panting. The color of his eyes deepens, hinting at dangerous darkness in their depths. It’s our first and only kiss.

“You taste even sweeter than I imagined,” he says, staring at my mouth. A blush heats my face. “I’ve thought about kissing you every day since I first saw you.” The confession startles both of us. He releases my hair and shoves back in his chair. Cool air drifts between us. “Sexual chemistry won’t be a problem for us.”

My hands are still gripping his thighs. I unclench my fingers and drop them into my lap. While my heart continues to race, I struggle to regain a business-like air. I smooth hand over my hair. “And what is the downside to this situation? You make it sound like a true fairytale.”

“Well—” His throaty chuckle gives him a boyish air. “You’ll have to deal with my mother. She can be quite the handful. And you’ll have to put up with me and my need for dominance. I’ve been told that I can be difficult and demanding.”

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