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He’s tough. But she’s tougher.

Tanner Ellis left American Heavy Metal in her rearview mirror. She didn’t see the beauty behind the grease stains and the polished chrome until it was too late. Now she’s back, determined to save her father’s legacy—and bring the South’s premier classic-car shop into the new century. Nothing is going to stop her—especially not the sexy tech who refuses to follow her lead.

American Heavy Metal is the only home Duke Wilson’s ever known, and no high-heeled, sharp-tongued princess is going to take it away. He tolerates Tanner’s advice, and it’s fun to push her buttons, but she doesn’t belong in the shop—never has, never will. The sooner she realizes that, the sooner he can find his new normal.

When Tanner falters, revealing the pain beneath her bravado, Duke comforts her the only way he knows how. And when violence from his past threatens their future, she’ll be there for him, offering him the one thing he’s always wanted—a shot at a real family. He just has to convince himself to take it.


Vanessa North


Book Series: 

“Come for the grumpy mechanic, and stay for the big-hearted Ellis family! Hard Chrome is the perfect small-town romance—full of sweetness, hope, past hardships, and of course, plenty of heat  Duke and Tanner will steal your hearts, and make you believe in the power of forgiveness and good kissing and classic cars—and I can’t wait to read the next one in the American Heavy Metal series!” —USA Today Bestselling Author Sierra Simone

An all-new steamy, Southern small town romance is out now from author Vanessa North—featuring classic cars and auto-shops, a tough as nails heroine and a sexy auto-tech who can push all her buttons, and set in the deep South—and I have a very sexy excerpt for you.

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I’ve never been comfortable in a hotel room—not that I’ve stayed in many before—but the way someone comes in and moves your stuff, makes your bed. It ain’t right to return to a place and have it nothing like you left it. But those thoughts disappear and I don’t think of anything but my princess as we open the door and go tumbling inside. She’s kept it together—god bless—but her whole body is glass, and the tiniest fall will crush everything.

“Tan,” I whisper, as the door clicks shut behind me, arms open when she turns into them, sobs welling up in her chest. She presses me up against the door, an armful of soft curves and needy kisses. My coat hits the floor, and she’s tugging my T-shirt up with both hands, running cool fingertips over my skin.

“Hey, hey, slow down, princess.” I try to reel her back in, but she’s cry-laughing and shaking her head, dragging me to the bed and pushing me down.

Well, all right then.

She strips my clothes off me, then starts peeling off layers of her own, revealing tiny bits of skin one at a time. Her elegant neck as she unwraps her scarf. How many times have I buried my face in it after coming?

Her dainty feet as she kicks out of her shoes, toenails polished shiny and black as if to match her car, because she likes even her toes to be pretty.

Long legs as she drops her trousers to the floor in a heap. I stroke myself lightly as she smiles over her shoulder and drops her blouse beside it.

Two scraps of black lace are all that’s left, and I want to peel those off her myself.

I beckon her closer, and this time she comes, straddling my lap and kissing me deep. She rocks against my hard dick, sending shockwaves of lust through me. If she keeps teasing me, I’m not going to last when I finally get inside her, so I flip us over and cover her body with my own, loving the way she gasps and then smiles up at me. Loving her.

I peel back one cup of her bra and pluck at the exposed nipple, watching as she throws her head back and bites her lip. I rub it gently between my finger and thumb, rolling and releasing, making her squirm. Taking it in my mouth, I nip lightly then soothe the sting with my thumb.

She takes my hand in hers and slides it down her body, asking—demanding—I touch her sweet pussy. I can take a hint. My fingers delve inside, finding soft curls and slippery heat. I slide through it, seeking her clit, and when I find it, I’m rewarded by a throaty moan.

“You feel so good,” I murmur against her breast. “So wet. I bet you want to come.”

“Please,” she begs, and it goes straight to my dick.

“Let’s get you naked,” I whisper, taking a moment to calm myself down—as if that’s even possible when I finally unwrap her like a present. The scraps of black lace and my briefs join her clothes on the floor, and I’m with her again, my fingers finding her clit and her hand wrapping around my cock and squeezing. Oh God.

I kiss her again, and she’s desperate now, rutting into my hand. I tease and tease, bringing her right to the edge, and then easing back.

“Please, Doug. Please.”

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