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Callan Walsh kicks ass. He’s famous for it. As one of the brightest up-and-coming stars on the Mixed Martial Arts scene, he’s an absolute badass, and he’s trained his entire life to get to this very moment—to go toe-to-toe with reigning champ Xavier Gray. Nothing can distract him from his lifelong goal. Nothing…until…

Josie Gray is hell on wheels, hot as hell, and a reluctant reality-television star in her brother’s fight-club entourage—but she just wants be her own person. She’s real. But since she’s devoted to family, she’s stuck in this reality-television mess.

When Callan serves as Josie’s knight in shining armor, sparks fly. Their one night together is not enough for either of them, and Josie and Callan both see a better future than they’ve ever imagined. But neither one of them imagined there’d be a fight between Callan and Josie’s brother in the Octagon, where only one could win.

Can Callan and Josie fight through these family ties to make sure they both win? That they make love their new reality?

COVER REVEAL: Misadventures in the Cage

Sarah Robinson

Expected Release Date: 4 February 2020

Book Series: 

We are getting a sexy new standalone from Sarah Robinson—part of the Misadventures collection of spicy stories, each written or co-written by some of the best names in romance—and I have the cover for you, as well as a sexy little sneak peek.

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Josie watched as Callan picked up a tablet on the table beside his chair and pressed a few buttons. Soft music came on, the room lights dimmed, and candles flickered all around them.

A gentle glow cast against his pale Irish skin, and she loved the way he looked in the candlelight. His hair was darker now that he had pulled it out of its ponytail, allowing it to hang freely around his face. It looked so soft. She wanted to run her fingers through it.

“Give me a minute to clean up,” he told her, heading for the bathroom.

To be fair, he had been digging in the dirt for ninety minutes.

She stayed in the center of the room, waiting for him. Her body felt like it was on fire and only he could quench her blaze.

He returned moments later, freshly washed and wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants.

My God, those abs.

His body was incredible, and she nearly fell apart just staring at him. He took a seat in the chair across from her, still keeping distance between them.

“Take off your clothes,” he instructed. His tone was kind but commanding. There was no option in his voice. It was do it now or leave, and she wanted nothing more than to strip bare every inch of clothing from her body in front of his gaze. She wanted him to see her naked. She wanted him to see every inch of her.

Slowly, she reached for the hem of her shirt, lifted it above her head, and dropped it onto the floor. Then she unfastened the button to her jeans and unzipped them, sliding them down her legs and shimmying out of them before kicking them to the side.

She kept her eyes on his, watching him as he watched her.

Stepping out of her heels, she reached behind her body for her bra strap. Finding the hook, she unfastened it and let the lacy fabric fall from her breasts to the floor. She heard the sharp intake of his breath at the exposure of herself to him. Her stomach fluttered at his audible response, and her pulse quickened. But she kept going.

Sliding her panties down her legs next, she stepped out of them and revealed herself entirely nude to him. When she turned her gaze back to Callan, it was hard not to notice the bulge in his pants or the heated fire in his eyes.

“You’re incredibly beautiful,” he murmured barely loud enough for her to hear, but she heard him anyway. “Come here.”

She walked over slowly and came to a stop in front of him. He placed his hands on her hips and ran them down the length of her thighs and back up again. Leaning forward and closer to her, he slid his tongue in a circle around her right nipple and then her left. She arched her back to be closer to him, her eyes closing at the sensation.

“Oh, God…” she moaned.

He bit down slightly, and she squeaked, a sharp pain radiating out across her chest. Mixed with the pleasure of feeling his hands on her, it was an intoxicating combination. When his fingers found their way between her legs, she stiffened…but then parted and welcomed him.

Every stroke of his finger against her, his hands holding her, made her want to collapse in his arms. She wanted more. She wanted him to push her over the edge she’d been teetering on ever since she first saw him.

“You’re soaking wet.” He chuckled lightly as he leaned back in his chair and looked up at her. “I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you, Josie.”

She panted, staring down at his beautiful big eyes, chewing on her bottom lip. Those eyes—she could get lost in them. There was a fire behind the darkness, and she wanted to bathe in everything he was offering her. She had a sneaking suspicion that not many people saw this side of him—the vulnerability he was letting her into.

“Go sit on that couch across from me,” he instructed, removing his hands.

She balked. “What?”

“The correct answer is ‘yes, sir.’”

Josie swallowed and took a deep breath. Her entire body was tingling with a combination of fear and excitement, but the last thing she wanted to do was hold back.

“Yes, sir.” She walked to the couch in front of him and sat down, acutely aware of his stare.

“Spread your legs and put your feet up on either side of you on the couch,” he instructed, motioning to her legs.

She did as she was told, blatantly exposing herself to him. She was almost embarrassed, but something about the way his eyes feasted on her gave her a sense of…power. She felt adored, and she liked that.

“Touch yourself. I want to watch you pleasure yourself,” he told her, pushing his sweatpants down. “Watch me do the same.”

When his cock sprang free, her eyes nearly bulged out of her head. It was freaking massive. Hell, there was no way she was going to sit all the way over here and not enjoy that cock all night.


He lifted one brow, and that was all he needed to do to remind her of who makes the rules here. He had been very clear. It was his rules for the rest of the night. She was his to do with as he pleases until tomorrow morning, and if she didn’t like it…well, she didn’t have to be here.

And she really wanted to be here.

Sliding a hand between her legs, she found her wet slit and slid her fingers up and down across it. The sensation almost caused her to buck off the couch because of how sensitive she’d become just at the way he was staring at her.

He gripped his cock and began rubbing his hand up and down. A low growl emanated from his throat when he watched her dip a finger inside herself, and then two. They went on like that for a while, rubbing and thrusting and pushing themselves closer and closer to the edge with their eyes glued to one another.

Josie’s fingers found her clit, and she began rubbing quick, hard circles over the sensitive bundle of nerves. “I’m close,” she said with a gasp as she felt her orgasm rumbling beneath the surface.


“What?” She stopped rubbing and looked at him, her body protesting the abrupt halt. She was full of tension, and her release was just out of grasps.

“Come here.” He lifted one finger and curled it, calling her toward him. “You don’t come without me.”

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