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Donovan Kennedy is the girl dreams are made of.

But five years ago, she was my best friend.

My moral compass. The girl that held my hand everywhere we went.

We were young. Innocent.

Nothing could touch us — not even heartache.

That was then.

Now she’s back. All grown up. With red lips and long legs.

A challenge waiting to be accepted.

A prize that’ll turn my world upside down.

Brothers turn into enemies. Friendships are decimated.

And the lies we tell, leave our hearts torn apart.

Prep school’s never been so scandalous.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Filthy Little Pretties

Trilina Pucci


Book Series: 

An all-new provocative standalone full of angst and tension is out now from Trilina Pucci, and I have an excerpt for you.

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Her screams have me laughing as I turn around and slow-jog back down to the guys. She’s too afraid of her ass showing to fight me off and keeps one hand on the back of her skirt, the other gripping the waistband of my bike shorts, which makes what I’m doing much more manageable than I anticipated. The moment my feet slow, she starts up again, yelling profanities and threats, but her complaints are drowned out by the claps and hollers from the boys.

“Fellas, we got a newbie. Time to break her in. She needs a long, hard ride…real bad.”

“I’ll kill you,” she yells, slapping at my back and laughing.

Liam claps his hands together. “Hell yes.” The coach throws up his arms, like he’s pissed, but he won’t push back. Not to me. I’m the number one rower in the country. Maybe the world. He’ll let me have my fun.

She starts to wiggle again as the guys prep the boat.

“Liam! If you don’t stop this, you’re dead to me!”

He shakes his head at me and walks around, leaning down toward her face. He might be enjoying this more than I am.

“Still chicken, huh? Trust us—there’s no more fun place to be than with both of us. Remember? You’ll love it. We’ll break you in slow and easy. Then drive it home, nice and hard.”

“Dead. To. Me.”

I give a little pop of my shoulder to readjust her, making her squeal, before I carry her down toward where the guys are waving to let us know they’re all set.

“Grey. I swear to God.”

“Be good,” I warn as I carry her the last few steps and bend to set her on her feet.

Donovan narrows her eyes at me, then looks at the water, her brows drawing together. My fingertips sweep across her bangs, giving me more of her eyes.

“It’s nice and smooth over here. You don’t have to be afraid. I got you, Cherry. It’ll be almost as fun as the car.”

“Or the Ducati.” Liam winks, extending an arm out from where he’s sitting as she steps into his grip. He steadies Donovan by the waist as her hands find his shoulders. Her head is still twisted, staring at me, unsure and nervous as she places one foot inside the boat.

“Come on, Van. You can trust us.”

She shifts her attention to Liam’s voice as she chews the inside of her cheek. I take the opportunity to lean down and let my lips come close to her ear. “Don’t worry, Cherry, we’ve had way more practice since we were twelve. Don’t I always make it worth your while.”

An exasperated smile blossoms on her face, as she glances back at me over her shoulder, and takes the other step down.

Her smile is set firmly in place as she lets Liam guide her into her seat. He places her at the bow of the boat, where there’s a little seat that faces us. He laughs when she bites her lip as he leans back away from her, leaving her alone.

I lower myself in, facing her, Liam directly behind me, and give her a wink.



We push off away from the dock, and she squeals, sealing her eyes shut with her hands, only to immediately dig her fingernails into the edges of the boat when it dips.

“Oh my God, Grey.”

Her raspy laugh cracks the air, and I’m lost. She’s breathless, eyes shining, hair blowing in the wind gorgeous. She’s fucking Aphrodite.

“Fuck,” Liam whispers from behind. Agreed.

I yell out a command, and she jumps out of her skin, beaming again, eyes focused on me. Now I have your attention. Everyone stills, readying their oars. And before she can anticipate it, we’re off. The first few pulls make her rock hard against the drag of the boat, but as we pick up speed by the second, the rocking becomes fluid.

“Holy shit.” She giggles again, letting her head fall back against the wind.

Our bodies move in motion, back, forward, back, forward, as we dig harder, grind more to set the pace. My shoulders swell and contract with each row. All my focus is honed in on her. Fuck, I can’t look away.

She’s a goddamn vision.

“Let’s go. Dig in,” Liam bellows from behind me.

The muscles in my jaw tense, from the strength produced throughout my body, as I lean in and pull back.

Donovan’s eyes meet mine, and I focus in on her. All my determination, my power, all of it, directed right at her. The longer we stay locked on each other, the more her breath begins to mimic my rhythm, rising and falling in unison. Can you feel that, Cherry?

Each movement increases the intensity, and I feel hyper focused, unstoppable. My mind is on a singular goal. I’m fueled by some animalistic need to make her feel this, the pure fucking bliss of this experience. Her lips part, and I want to lean in, thrust my tongue inside, and explore. Instead, an arrogant smirk graces my face, and I break my eyes from hers, letting them drift over her body. She feels this too. I can tell because everywhere my eyes touch her skin pricks with goose bumps.

I want to touch you.

Grunts and hard breaths come from behind me, and Donovan’s eyes shift to Liam, holding there for a moment, then back to mine. Heat flushes her cheeks, making my dick jump. Dirty thoughts for a dirty girl. A growl pulls from my throat with each thrust of my oar into the water, and she swallows hard.

I want more of that reaction.

I want to grind harder, push more, make her fucking feel it.

I want to watch her eyes stay hooded, and her teeth remain embedded in that suckable bottom lip. Donovan’s hands grip the wood harder, and my eyes drop to her lap. The tiny plaid skirt she’s wearing has blown up her legs. The only thing keeping her decent is the material squeezed between the apex of her creamy thighs, right where I know she tastes the sweetest.

“Big push” is yelled out, breaking my concentration, and I know that we only have a few yards to go.

We all dig in harder, tugging and grunting, until we’re physically spent, dropping back to lie splayed out as we cross over the invisible finish line. I sit up quickly and reach out with my free hand and slowly pull her skirt from the middle of her thighs and spread it back over her legs. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do since it’s my fault it’s raised and maybe even wet.

“Was it worth it?” I question, my sweaty chest still heaving as my fingers drift off her thighs.

Donovan licks her lips, brushing her hair from her face, and leans back, tipping her head up. “More than.”

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