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Melody and Jordan had the kind of young love you read about in books and see in swoon-worthy movies over a tub of popcorn and a giant soda with two straws. When they said goodbye at the airport twenty years ago, they pledged their love to each other and made promises of forever. A forever that never came.

Melody Valdez had two ride or dies: her mom and her daughter. She didn’t need anything else or anyone else in her life. Her world was nearly perfect until Mama Annie was diagnosed with cancer. Now, what she needed was a miracle.

Jordan Aria was in a monogamous relationship with his work. And he couldn’t care less it wasn’t something he could snuggle up to every night. He had spent his entire life dedicating the time needed to become the world-renowned doctor that he was. So why was everyone trying to set him up?

When Melody takes Mama Annie to her first oncology appointment, she may just find the miracle she was looking for. For her mom and herself.


Julie Prestsater


“My With Me In Seattle series is one of the most beloved series that I write. So when I created Lady Boss Press and these authors came to me and wanted to write their own stories within that universe, I was honored and thrilled! I think you’ll enjoy each of these sexy, contemporary romances, each linking in some way to my world. Get ready to fall in love all over again!” —New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby

Eight all-new standalone stories set in Kristen Proby’s With Me In Seattle Universe are out this week and I am so excited to share with you little snippets from them all.

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The next half hour was a blur as Melody tried to steady her breathing, calm the rapid beating of her heart, and slow the thoughts running circles in her head. Her face was hot, her chest was tight, and warmth prickled her skin from the inside out.

After all these years, she was sitting across from Jordan Aria. He was just as gorgeous now as he was at seventeen. Taller, for sure. Stronger? Definitely. His body had filled out with age. He no longer had the body of a teenager—which was even nice back then. He was all man now, and she needed to check herself before she drooled all over her notebook. How could this be happening? How could she be getting lost in his green, almond-shaped eyes? How could she want to comb her hands through his dark, thick hair and run her trembling finger along the five o’clock shadow of his jawline?

How could she want to do anything at all with him after what happened so long ago? How could he be her mother’s doctor? They needed someone else. Where was Dr. Ambrose?

“So, Mrs. Valdez—”

My mom stopped him. “Call me Annie. Or Mama Annie. That’s what everyone calls me.”

“Okay, Annie,” Jordan said. “Your nurse is going to take you to another room so I can do a quick physical exam. We’ll make sure we’ve answered all your questions. We’ll get you on the books for the biopsy, and then you can finally go home. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me,” Mama Annie said. “Melody, you coming with me?” she asked as she stood, and Melody joined her at her side.

“She can wait here,” he said as his eyes met Melody’s. “We can get her when you go to scheduling.”

“See you in a bit, honey,” Mama Annie said as she followed the nurse from his office.

The door had barely shut behind them before Jordan gathered Melody in his arms.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” he whispered in her ear, the tone just as low and deep as she remembered.

Melody found herself wrapping her arms around him, pressing into his broad chest. It brought tears to her eyes as it reminded her of the last time they’d seen each other. There were just kids. They had spent eight weeks together at a pre-college summer program on the east coast.

And they fell in love.

The kind of falling in love that she read about in books. The young innocent love she thought would last. The kind that would survive the distance and the test of time. They left each other at the airport that summer. They held onto each other for as long as they could until Melody had to board a flight to California, and Jordan left back home to Texas. They cried in each other’s arms and made promises they both intended to keep. They made promises of forever.

And that forever never came.

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