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She’s the one girl who’s off limits. He’s the one she’s always wanted.

From the moment, Justin Ellis reunites with his best friend’s little sister in Las Vegas, his world is turned upside down. Angela is beautiful and smart and everything he wants. But they cannot have more than their week-long fling before they both go back to their lives in Seattle.

Deciding to give her brother’s best friend a Vegas experience was probably not Angela York’s smartest move. Especially since she never really got over her school girl crush on him. And why, oh why, did the Vegas experience have to include a drunken night at a wedding chapel.

Will they see that they are meant for one another? Or are they headed straight for divorce?


Bailie Hantam


“My With Me In Seattle series is one of the most beloved series that I write. So when I created Lady Boss Press and these authors came to me and wanted to write their own stories within that universe, I was honored and thrilled! I think you’ll enjoy each of these sexy, contemporary romances, each linking in some way to my world. Get ready to fall in love all over again!” —New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby

Eight all-new standalone stories set in Kristen Proby’s With Me In Seattle Universe are out this week and I am so excited to share with you little snippets from them all.

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“Well then.” She lets her hands roam over my chest just long enough to let me know she appreciates what’s there. “Our only option is to get out of here.”

Not exactly what I had in mind, but I’ll play along. “Where are we going?”

“If I’m going to be staying here. I’m going to need some clothes. You can follow me to my apartment, and we can drive back together.”

“The idea is to keep you naked as much as possible.” I completely agree, but it’s fun teasing her.

“And I plan on being naked. But it’s good to be prepared.”

Reluctantly, I let go of her and walk into my bedroom. I know why she changed the mood so easily. She wanted to keep me off kilter. Heighten the anticipation so to speak. Two can play that game. “We can get something to eat while we’re out.”

I shove my feet into sneakers and walk back out. She already has her bag slung over her shoulder. “I know a great sushi place we can stop by on our way back.”

“Great.” I smile at her. “I just have one request.”

She turns back to me with confusion on her face. “What’s that?”

“Take off your panties.”

Angela stills and looks at me. “You want me going out without underwear on?”

I walk up to her and hold her face in my hand. She wets her lips with her tongue and the motion sends a jolt of lust straight to my groin. I lower my mouth to hers.

Kissing her is my new favorite thing. Her mouth fits mine like no other woman’s has. The way her small body melts into mine sparks every primal instinct in me. She is mine.

I pull away, not knowing where that thought came from. For the week. She is mine for the week. I move my hands from her face to her shoulders, relishing the feel of her skin beneath my fingers. “I said, take off your panties.”

She reaches under her dress, her eyes never leaving mine. So, kissing makes her more pliable. Noted. As she pushes them over her thighs, I bend down to help her out of them. She holds onto my shoulder to maintain her balance. Another sign she’s off-kilter. Her job is literally to maintain her balance. I slip the panties down slowly. First one slim ankle, then the other.

Once she has both feet firmly back on the ground, I stand and pocket her underwear. I give her a wink. “Now, we can get out of here.”

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With Me In Seattle Universe - Recommended Reading Order

(standalone stories, tied to the With Me In Seattle Universe, but can be read in any order)

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