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Twice my life changed in a single day.

The first was when I lost my parents. Hand in hand I walked with my big sister up the steps of Kerrighan House, a foster home for girls. We were lucky to be met with open arms and a house filled with children just like us. Children who’d lost everything. From that day forward, we were raised as one big family. Our bonds of sisterhood were strengthened through shared experience, pain, sacrifice, and love. Sisters not by blood, but by choice.

Soul sisters.

The second day my life changed was on the worst day of my adult life. My boyfriend broke up with me via text. My sleazy boss hit on me, forcing me to quit a job I desperately needed. And the cherry on top, was getting pulled over by an FBI Agent. Little did I know, he’d also save my life that night.

From the moment we met, Agent Fontaine wouldn’t dare let me out of his sight. And between his alpha ways, kind brown eyes, and heroism, I was lost to the man who hid behind his job. But this agent had a rule: never fall for a woman you’ve saved.

Yet I wasn’t just any woman. I was known among my sisters for taking risks and dreaming big. I was the wild child of the group. We were raised to appreciate every day as the gift it was, and not let anything stand in our way. The more I got to know the brooding, serious FBI man, the more I realized maybe it was my duty to save him.

EXCERPT: Wild Child

Audrey Carlan

Expected Release Date: 2 November 2020

Book Series: 

The newest sizzling romance from Audrey Carlan—the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Calendar Girl series—is coming next week, and I have a sneak peek for you.

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I lifted my wine. “Let’s toast.”

He lifted his. “What should we toast to?”

“Finding the bad guy and living our best lives.” I grinned wide.

“Now that I can drink to.” He tapped my glass with his and we both drank.

For a few minutes we both got down to eating quietly. I was as ravenous as he was. “Okay, so since this is technically only date number two, the first being Navy Pier, I suggest we quiz one another in order to fast track the getting to know you part.” Mostly because we were absolutely going to have sex tonight. There was no way I was letting this man leave without an orgasm or two.

Jonah burst out laughing and sat back against the chair. “I’m game. What do you want to know?” he prodded.

I chewed on a bite of perfectly cooked beef and tilted my head. “Tell me something you don’t like about yourself,” I asked and scooped up a flat cheesy potato before plopping it in my mouth.

“Going straight for the kill, eh?” The side of his mouth lifted in a small smirk.

I shrugged. “I mean, you can tell me your favorite book, song, and movie but that doesn’t really tell me much. Finding out something you don’t like about yourself, that says a lot about what you find important or not.”

He held up his fork and sucked in his bottom lip as though he were thinking about how to answer my question. I mostly just stared at the way his scruffy jaw moved as he chewed. The man was damn sexy, and I couldn’t wait to finish dinner and take things to the next step. If that made me promiscuous to some, I didn’t care. I’d been on fire for the man since the second I hugged him in the hospital after he’d saved my life.  Besides, I’d never been one to care what others thought about me. Life was too short, and I was committed to truly living it to the fullest.

“Hmm, I guess I’d have to say my serious demeanor.”

I frowned. “Why do you think that’s a flaw?”

“Not a flaw exactly, more like it can put people off. I don’t mean to be standoffish or seem stiff and rude, but I know I come off that way a lot of the time.”

“Fair enough. People are always thinking I’m too carefree and wild, which often happens to be the same thing they say they love about me. You can’t really win.” I shrugged.

He shook his head. “No, you can’t.”

“My theory is you just have to accept what you can’t change, or don’t want to change about yourself, and surround yourselves with people who care about you for what and who you are.”

“Good advice. Okay, my turn. What is something you absolutely love about yourself?” He used my same line of questioning but went for the positive route.

I sucked back some more delicious wine. “I mean, besides the taking things in stride, I’d have to say I genuinely like all people.”

“How so?”

“Well, I dig that your serious, possessive, a little alpha because your heart is in the right place. Kinda like Sonia. You too have a lot in common actually.” I laughed.

“Awesome, I have a lot in common with your sister. That bodes well for my manhood,” he moaned.

I exploded in laugher as he made a sour face.

“No, you misunderstood me. What I mean is, I’m the type of chick who just appreciates people for who they are. I’m sure it has a lot to do with growing up in a home with eight other women, but I like the differences in people. If we were all the same, life would be extremely boring. I don’t like to be bored. Always gotta keep moving, find something to do, see, experience.”

“I hope together we can have a few of our own special experiences.” His voice dipped low and had a sultry growl that made my blood heat with anticipation.

I grinned. “Oh, you have no choice, mister. When you’re not on a case or out of town, you better believe we will be enjoying ourselves.” I tapped my plate with the tines of my fork. “I mean, I’m not a maniac. I can settle down and just chill and relax with my hot FBI guy, but I’m looking forward to sharing new experiences with you.”

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