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He’s hockey’s golden boy, my new client, and the man I’ve avoided for the last nine years. I was hired to fix him—but he’s not the only one who’s broken.

Hawk Madden was my first love.
I thought he would be my forever.
But life wasn’t always fair.
And grief could be a cruel beast.
Fight or flight?
I’d always run.
But now he’s back in my life after all these years.
With one look.
One touch.
One kiss.
Old feelings resurface.
Feelings that I thought I’d buried a long time ago.
Hawk Madden was my first love…
I just didn’t know that he’d be my last.


Laura Pavlov

Expected Release Date: 23 June 2022

Book Series: 

The second book in Laura Pavlov’s Honey Mountain series is out next week, and I have a little sneak peek for you from this small town, second chance romance.

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“I had it handled,” I said, as I looked over at Hawk.

“I don’t think so, Ever. I gave him more room than I should have,” he said, reaching for his beer casually, like he didn’t just throw a man across a table.

“Are you not phased by the fact that you just chucked a grown man across a bar?” I gaped and everyone was looking at me with ridiculous smiles on their face.

“That’s a bit dramatic, yeah? He was groping you and I stopped him. He’s lucky I didn’t put his head through a wall for the way he kept coming at you.”

“I don’t need your help, Hawk!” I shouted, startling everyone around us. “I was fine.”

“Oh yeah? Why don’t you stop acting like you’ve got everything figured out and just admit that sometimes you need fucking help.” He ran a hand through his hair and studied me.

How dare he act like I’m some damsel in distress. I grabbed my purse and stormed out of there. I didn’t need Hawk to defend me. I didn’t anyone.

And I liked it that way.

I huffed down the street when an arm wrapped around my bicep, and I whipped around. My chest slammed into Hawk’s hard body and I glared.

“How dare you!” I shouted.

“Stop being a stubborn ass, Ever.”

I pushed the hair out of my face and yanked my arm free of him. “I’m not the stubborn ass. That title belongs to you.”

He stepped forward and I backed up. My back hit the brick building and I looked up at him. His green gaze locked with mine and the corners of his lips turned up.

“You think I’m a stubborn ass?” His voice was gravelly and his hand cupped the side of my face.

“What was that back there? You think I can’t take care of myself?”

“Shouldn’t have to, Ever. He’s an arrogant tool. Dilly was right. And I know you can take care of yourself. That’s not why I pulled the prick off of you.”

My hands found his hard chest and they tingled at the contact. Itching to move and trail down his muscular body. My breaths were coming fast, as his closeness did something to me. I closed my eyes and leaned into his hand on my cheek. “Why’d you do it then?”

“Because I didn’t like seeing him paw all over you. Hell, I didn’t like it even when he didn’t have his hands on you. I don’t like seeing you with another man.”

My eyes flew open.

“Why?” I whispered, my tongue coming out to wet my lips.

“I don’t know Ever. Same reason you didn’t like seeing me with Darrian.”

He was right. I hated it. Hated her. Hated the way she touched him. Looked at him.

“Maybe it’s just old feelings coming up,” I said, my voice low and filled with need.

“Maybe it’s new feelings coming up,” he said, his mouth moving closer to mine.

“This can’t go anywhere. You’re my client.” Fear gripped me, but the need to feel his mouth on mine was stronger.

“You worried I’m going to tell Coach Hayes that my dick has been having a meltdown since I laid eyes on my sports psychologist?” he said, his lips grazing mine and I squeezed my thighs together.

“Hawk,” I said, shaking my head. “We shouldn’t do this.”

“Definitely shouldn’t. But you already kissed me once, Ever.” My breaths were growing more rapid, and my thoughts were blurring. “You’re going to need to tell me what you want.”

“I just want to kiss you,” I said, and the need in my voice made it unrecognizable.

“I want to kiss you too, baby.”

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