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Puck boy? I’ll take it. Heck, I’ve been called a lot worse.

Good time? You know it. Just ask anyone at Brooks University.

From a young age, the only thing in life I’ve ever taken seriously is hockey, and I’m not the guy who anyone—besides family and teammates—can count on. This is all true. At least until a certain curly-haired, blue-eyed goddess comes to me, looking for an easy hookup. And hook her up I do.

But what’s supposed to be a one-night stand doesn’t stop at one night. What’s meant to be easy … sure as hell gets complicated fast. And it becomes clear that Addison LaConte is just as much my savior as she is my demise.

They say if you love something, set it free, and if it’s meant to be, one day, it will return.

Well, I don’t think our story is going to be that simple.


Hannah Gray

Expected Release Date: 14 March 2023

Hannah Gray is kicking off a brand new hockey series with a steamy, secret-relationship, friends-with-benefits romance between a playboy jock and his coach’s daughter, and I have the whole first chapter for you.

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Chapter One


“What’d you say your name was, sweetheart?” I mumble, peeling the black shirt over her head, not missing how her arms wrap around her body in an attempt to cover herself.

Golden-blonde curls fall down her back, making me eager to give them a tug. This chick is gorgeous, and her body is rocking.

“Not that it matters,” she says, breathing the words out before returning her lips to mine, “but it’s Addison.”

“Addison—that’s pretty,” I say, thinking out loud. “I know a town named Addison. Are you named after a town?”

“No.” She attempts to pull my mouth to hers again before she unbuttons her jeans.

“This town is about an hour from where I grew up in Alabama. Small town. Two stores. One restaurant. But it has the best fried chicken—”

“Less talking. More … you know,” she growls.

“More what, Addison? More fucking?” I pull away, looking down at her.

“That what you mean by you know, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” she says boldly. “My friend just told me you’re the campus playboy. Playboys aren’t supposed to be Chatty Cathys.”

I frown at her choice of words. Nobody has ever complained if I try to talk to them before fucking their brain out.

This is weird. And sort of hot.

“What does that have to do with anything?” I ask. “Playboys don’t talk?”

“You aren’t supposed to want to talk this much!” She sounds frustrated.

“Or ask me questions! That’s why I went out on a limb here by coming to your room. And also the reason I didn’t tell you to piss off when you came on to me downstairs.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” I rear my head back. “Make no mistake. I know what I’m doing in bed. I’ll make your toes sore from curling and your voice hoarse from screaming my name. And, hell yes, I’m experienced. But look here, babe. If you want a ride on my dick, you can at least talk to me before I take you on a trip.” I feign being hurt. “I’m more than a pretty face and a nice cock, you know.”

Rolling her eyes at me, she grabs her shirt and pulls it back on over her head. “This was a mistake.”

“Wh-what are you doing?” I run my hand up the back of my neck. “Why are you putting your clothes back on? Normally, it’s the opposite. Is this some kinky game? Reverse psychology? If so, I could probably be into it. Just as long as, in the end, we’re both naked.”

Sliding out of bed, she walks toward the door before turning around.

“Look, I don’t do this. Ever. I don’t look for hookups because, typically, I don’t have time. My life is busy. I’m busy. So, while I’m sure you’re a nice guy with big feelings and lots to talk about, that isn’t what I’m looking for. I came here tonight, looking for an orgasm. One to blow my mind enough to get me through this school year.” She puts a hand on her sexy, curvy hip. “Hot, dirty sex with someone who wouldn’t ask for my number. Not whatever the hell you’re making this.”

“Who said I was going to ask for your number?” I say cockily. “Sounds like wishful thinking on your end, babe.”

“Oh my gawd. And you’re much more annoying than I anticipated.” She runs her hand through her curls, pushing them from her face before turning away from me. “Enjoy your night, Cathy.”

I jump up quickly, taking a few long strides toward her. And as she reaches for the doorknob, I stop her by slapping my hand on the door.

Spinning slowly, she turns, pressing her back to the door. “What are you doing?”

“Addison?” I say sharply.


Removing my hand from the door briefly, I peel my shirt over my head.

“If you’re looking to get fucked thoroughly, I promise, you’re in the right place.” My hand grips the back of her neck lightly as I drag her mouth toward mine. “Game on, baby. I’ll have you seeing stars. I just hope you’re ready. This ride could get rough.”

Kissing her hard, I lift her up, and she wraps her legs around my waist.

I walk us to the bed before tossing her down and tearing her jeans and black panties from her body. She’s got curves—delicious ones at that—making the fabric cling to her thighs.

Once I finally get her jeans completely off her body, I kiss her inner thigh and glance at her. “You don’t want a nice guy, Addison? Good. Because there isn’t one in this room.”

Reaching for her shirt, I rip it in half, leaving it in shreds.

Her mouth hangs open. “What the hell? That was a brand-new shirt.”

“And now, it’s a scrap on the floor,” I coo before unbuttoning my jeans and letting them fall to the floor.

She puts her arms over her stomach, as if trying to shield my eyes from her flesh, but I shove them down.

“Don’t cover up this fucking work of art,” I growl. “Let me look at every inch of you while you fuck me with your hand.”

Reluctantly, she listens, though I can tell she isn’t comfortable in her own skin by the sheer look of panic on her face.

As I peel my boxers off, I don’t miss her eyes widening as she watches my cock spring free. The worry seems to melt away as she squirms beneath me in pure desperation.

“Careful what you wish for, babe.” I pump myself a few times. “Because now, you can have it all. Every fucking inch.”

When she swallows, I watch her chest rise and fall. She’s nervous now.

Suddenly second-guessing her decision in persuading me into a one-night stand.

“Talking doesn’t sound too bad right about now, does it?” I wink, calling her bluff.

She glares at me before reaching forward and pushing my hand away from my cock. “No talking unless it’s dirty.”

Wrapping her fingers around my length, she slides her hand back and forth, licking her lips.

Reaching behind her, I unclasp her bra and let it fall. Her breasts make me that much harder as I watch her nipples harden as she continues to stroke me.

Running my hand down her thigh, I don’t stop until I reach between her legs. Slipping a finger and then two inside, I groan, “So fucking tight.”

The sight of her beneath me, legs open, hand wrapped around me as she jerks me off, is too much. And I fuck her with my fingers a little longer until I can’t take it anymore. Stepping back, I grab a condom from my desk and tear it open before sliding it over myself.

I crawl over her, kissing her breast and up to her neck before the head of my cock nudges inside of her slowly.

Little by little, I feed her what she came looking for at this party. Her nails claw into my back, letting me know it’s a tight fucking fit. But as I move in and out of her, her hisses turn to moans, and those claws retract the smallest bit.

“Oh my … God,” she whimpers. “Oh … my … God.”

“That’s right, you dirty fucking girl. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

She doesn’t answer, so I stop fucking her and grab her wrists, slamming them against the bed. “Say it, darlin’. You wanted me for my cock, didn’t you, Addison? You wanted to ride my dick. You came to this party, looking for this.”

“Yes,” she whines. “Yes, I did.”

I start moving again. The sounds of my balls slapping against her plump ass and her sweet, soft moans fill my bedroom, drowning out the party downstairs. When her hand reaches around, cupping my nuts, I almost fucking lose it.

Quickly pulling out before I come undone and embarrass myself, I roll onto my back and tug her on top of me. “Show me what you came here for, filthy girl. Use me to get what you need.” I grip her waist, pushing her body up so I can see all of her perfectly. “You need to come so good that it gets you through the entire fucking school year, huh? Still a long way to go. Guess you’d better ride me hard.”

My dick continues to give this goddess on top of me a standing ovation.

I might act like a dog, but I sure as hell don’t like bones. She’s got curves in all the right places. Her body is soft, not bony and rigid.

Gripping her hips, I guide her onto my aching cock, filling every ounce of her as a hiss escapes her lips.

When she starts moving and those tits start to bounce … fuck, I’m a goner.

She rides me like this fucking night depends on it. Like she’s been chasing this high for a long time and she won’t stop now till she gets exactly what she needs. Her hands grip my thighs as she tosses her head back, leaning back slightly. She doesn’t care if I’m close or not. She’s greedy. And it’s really fucking hot.

I feel her begin to squeeze around me as her eyes close and a moan rips through her throat. Her movements start to slow, and eventually, she shudders.

I grip her waist, rocking her back and forth on my length while I pour myself into the condom, seeing fucking stars.

When her eyes finally flutter open, she looks down at herself briefly before scurrying off of me.

After yanking her panties and jeans on, she quickly slides her bra over her arms and fastens it. Snatching her torn shirt off the ground, she scowls at the scraps of fabric before marching over to my dresser.

Sliding her bra on, she pulls the top drawer open, rifling through my shit before pulling a shirt out. Lifting it up, she looks at me. “A shirt for a shirt. Hope you aren’t too attached to this.”

Standing, I peel the condom off and throw it in the garbage and shrug.

“Fair is fair, I suppose.”

After she pulls the shirt over her body, she frowns as she notices it goes halfway to her knees.

Taking her elastic from her wrist, she ties it up just above her waist.

“There. Good as new.”

Her cheeks are still flushed, and her blonde curls fall in every direction possible. “Well, thanks. For the … service? Never mind. That makes you sound like a gigolo.” She frowns. “Either way, it was greatly appreciated, but now … I’m going to go home.”

I stare at this creature in complete awe. She can’t get away from me fast enough. And it’s sort of fascinating.

What even is this shit?

I sleep around, sure. But I’d never kick a girl out of my bed. In fact, I have no problem if they hang around for a while after. I mean, hell, that usually leads to round two. And round two is almost always more fun because by then, we’re more acquainted with each other’s body.

“It was truly a pleasure, Addison. Can I call you Addy?” I grin, folding my hands behind my head. “And maybe next time you’re looking for a dirty orgasm, you’ll remember where to find me?”

She laughs, reaching for the door. “Not a chance in hell, playboy.”

Holding up her hand, she waves. “You enjoy the rest of your night.”

And then she leaves, closing the door behind her. Leaving me wondering what the hell just happened.

And wishing it could happen again.


“Wowzer. You look like you’ve been taken to town … hard.” Tessa grins from ear to ear. “I’m so jealous. What was it like? Did I set you up, or did I set you up? Looks like Georgia isn’t too bad so far, is it?”

Tessa is my best friend. She also made it her mission weeks ago to get me laid. Though I have no idea why. Aside from her claiming I’ve been too tense lately. So, when an attractive man made his way over to us, flirting like crazy, she whispered that I should go for it. My first instinct was to tell the guy to piss off, but my desperation to have sex for the first time in years overtook it.

“He talked far too much at first,” I say, smoothing my hair down. “But, yeah, you did good. And that Southern accent certainly didn’t hurt when he was talking too much.” I laugh. “So, you claimed he’s the campus playboy, but who even was that guy, and how did you know he’d be a good … ride, shall we say?”

“That was Cam Hardy,” she says, and I stop walking. “The entire Brooks University campus knows he’s got mad skills below the belt.” She giggles.

“And above.”

I throw my arm out, stopping her too. “That was Cam Hardy? As in star player of the Wolves hockey team Cam Hardy?” My mouth hangs open. “For real?”

She shrugs lightly, still beaming. “For realsies.”

“And why did you choose him?” I narrow my eyes. “You know jocks aren’t my thing … well, anymore.”

“Because I knew he’d be a good man for the job. From what I’ve heard, he’s never been in an actual relationship. And even though he sleeps around, the women he’s with always claim he takes care of them, if you know what I mean. Oh, and they say he’s nice. By the glow in your cheeks—damn, girl—those rumors must be true.” She winks. “And besides school, you don’t leave home. A guy who moves on before your body stops tingling from him rocking your world? He’s perfect.”

“I’m not always home. I mean, I’m out tonight, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, only because your mother forced you to hang out with me.” She shakes her head. “Thank the Lord she did. You needed this.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I mutter and start walking toward the sidewalk. “Come on. I’m ready to go home.”

Even as I walk, my legs are still shaky from sex with who could be the world’s hottest dude from Alabama. The picture of him in his bed as I was leaving creeps into my mind. His messy brown hair and boyish grin flash through my brain once more. And I can’t help but smile because Tessa is right. I did need this.

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