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He broke my heart, betrayed me. It will be a cold day in hell before I let Benjamin Dara touch me again.
No matter what the Grand Master says.

She’s the only woman I’ve ever loved…
And the last person on earth I want to marry.
But she’s in danger, and even if Kailani hates me for it, I’ll do anything to protect her.

I wanted the one thing I’ve never had: a family that will never leave or abandon me.
That’s why I agreed to the arranged marriage.
Now I find out my husband and wife hate each other…and I might never get the family I’ve dreamed of.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Forgotten Promise

Mari Carr & Lila Dubois


The Trinity Masters are back in Mari Carr and Lila Dubois’ much anticipated new duet, and I have an excerpt for you.

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“I’m going to need more details about the sex clubs and kinky sex you two had.”

It was as if John could hear Benjamin’s thoughts. He certainly felt better knowing he wasn’t the only one who was feeling some kind of way right now.

Kailani slowly lowered the bottle, her dark eyes assessing. “Have a little voyeur in you?” she asked softly.

John shrugged. “Partially. I’m also thinking that two rich, cultured kids probably had a way more…interesting…sexual exploration phase than most of the rest of us.” John raised his brows, the corner of his mouth kicked up in a small smile. “For example, I don’t think most people are quite so thorough.”

“You didn’t take your summer love to BDSM clubs in Amsterdam, try out being furries in Berlin, or attend private seminars about breath play on a yacht somewhere off Mallorca?”

“Mykonos,” Kailani corrected, her fingertips on her throat.

“Ah, right.” Benjamin caught Kailani’s eyes, and there was a beat of memory before her expression changed and a moment of silent communication passed between them. Kailani raised a brow and hid her smile with her beer bottle.

He knew that expression, remembered it, and knew exactly what she was proposing.

Benjamin leaned back in his seat. “What did we try in Mallorca? Was that where we had a session with a dominatrix?” Benjamin watched John out of the corner of his eye.

“Hmm, yes, it was.” Kailani tapped her nails rhythmically on her beer bottle.

“Where was the swingers party?” Benjamin asked.

“Wasn’t it at that same hotel where we had the X-rated bachelor auction? The one where you wore a loincloth?” Kailani’s expression was the picture of innocent confusion.

Benjamin rubbed his mouth with two fingers to control the grin before saying, “Then there was that retreat where we did the Tarzan role-play.”

“And the primal play.” Kailani’s touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip.

Benjamin’s cock reacted to the sight. He shifted, tugging on the thigh of his pants. Across the table, John swallowed hard.

Benjamin realized the silence had stretched, and it was his turn. “And then there was the sex in the ice hotel.”

Kailani shivered. “Oh, that’s right. It was a tad chilly.”

John’s eyes narrowed. “You two are making this shit up.”

Kailani broke first, her grin giving them away. Benjamin couldn’t help but chuckle, his eyes meeting Kailani’s. Another shared moment of understanding. Of remembering when they were friends and could always play off one another because they had similar senses of humor and their minds worked the same way.

“Assholes,” John breathed, collapsing back in his seat. “How much of that was true?”

“The first few,” Benjamin said. 

At the same time Kailani said, “Everything up through the breath play.”

John frowned, looking up as he remembered. “So, a BDSM club, furries, and breath play.” John looked at them, brows raised. “Furries?”

“We just watched,” Benjamin said. “The Germans really enjoy being furries.”

“We were also really high,” Kailani explained.

“So high,” Benjamin agreed.

John took a fresh beer, then paused, glancing between them. “No orgy, then.”


“Who’d you have a menage with?” John asked.

Kailani and Benjamin looked at one another, then away, tension breaking the connection of a moment ago.

“Because from what I heard, which I admit isn’t much, most people practice menages once they’re members. Sex prepping.”

“We never had a menage,” Benjamin said softly.

Because at twenty-one, I was unwilling to share Kailani.

“Remember how I said I thought we were Romeo and Juliet?” Kailani had turned in her chair, her body language tense and defensive. “I also thought that our love would be so great that not only would it fix the relationship between our families, but the Grand Master would declare us the only duo-relationship in the whole society. Because we were so strong, so stable, we didn’t need a third.”

Benjamin closed his eyes, his grip on the bottle so tight that his fingers ached.

“So the two of you have had sex, including kinky sex, but the one kink you should have tried, a menage, you didn’t.”

John’s comment broke the tension, and Benjamin forced himself to relax, smiling as he said, “Have I mentioned we were young and stupid?”

“You mean me,” Kailani countered. “I was young and stupid.”

“No, I meant what I said,” Benjamin countered. “We were both young and stupid.”

Kailani shook her head, as if she didn’t believe him. Goddamn it, why wouldn’t she ever listen to him?

“I wouldn’t have had a menage because back then I was unwilling to share you,” Benjamin said, frustration making him speak when he probably should have kept his mouth shut. “I would have killed anyone else, man or woman, who put their hands on you.”

His words fell like bombs, the silence after they fell, shocking.

“Back then?” John asked softly.

“What?” Benjamin turned to him.

“You said ‘back then’ you were unwilling to share her. You would have killed anyone else who touched her.” John reached out one of those long, muscled arms, grabbed Kailani’s chair, and dragged it next to his own.

Kailani let out a squeak of surprise, then turned to John, her eyes first wide with surprise, then heavy-lidded with…

Fuck, he knew that look.

Kailani was aroused.

John looked at her, his gaze searching her face. “May I?”

“Yes,” she breathed.

John looked over at Benjamin. “Are you watching?”

Benjamin grabbed the arms of his chair, unable to look away.

John’s hand cupped the back of Kailani’s head, turning her face to his. Then he leaned in and kissed her.

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“When I see him across the room, towering over the crowd with his usual smug look, I duck behind a group of women.”

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