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It all started on a dating app and a fake name.

Instead of a hot hook-up, I end up face-to-face with Kingston St. James.

He’s one of the most striking and wealthy men in Seattle—as well as my brother’s best friend.

Logic dictates I walk away, but curiosity wins and we follow Myka’s Easy Rules for Healthy Hookups:

Rule #1: Don’t expect anything.

Rule #2: Never wish for more.

Rule #3: Don’t swoon.

Rule #4: Don’t give endearing nicknames to your hookup.

Rule #5: Don’t be possessive, your hookup doesn’t belong to you.

Confession time: I’m making up the rules as we go.

And surprise, surprise, this casual fling rapidly evolves into a friend-with-pretty-weird-benefits (and not the sexy kind).

Kingston is suddenly breaking the hookup rules. He’s all charm and affection, turning possessive and… probably hoping for more than just a fling.

We accidentally find ourselves tangled in something more than just a fling. It’s something dangerously close to love.

We might be heading into a collision where the most beautiful accident or the most disastrous end might happen.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Accidentally In Love

Claudia Burgoa


Another St. James brother finds love this week in Claudia Burgoa’s new best friend’s sister, forbidden romance, and I have the whole first chapter for you.

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Chapter One


And it’s come down to WildMatch.

On any normal day, you would find me at my office in a Seattle high-rise, signing contracts, acquiring new products, making decisions like determining where we’re branching out. But as of right now, the only important decision I need to make in the moment is: How am I going to burn off this pent-up energy my body has accumulated over the past few days while I’ve been holed up in the small town of Luna Harbor?

You may be wondering why I’m over a hundred and twenty miles away from Seattle and the comfort of my own home. Unfortunately, that’s top secret. The truth is, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with my sister and Seth Bradley, my brother’s best friend. They’re either chasing after bad guys or… well, I’m confused because no one is giving me a straight answer. From what I’ve heard, she’s being used as bait along with her presumed husband to lure the bad guys out.

All I know is that, until the high-intelligence security company responsible for our safety says it’s safe to return home, I’m confined to this small town near the base of the Olympic Mountains, with no access to my computer or my life.

When I get out of here, I’m going to give Seth Bradley a piece of my mind. He’s the man responsible for this clusterfuck. And the man who is putting Teddy, my little sister, in danger. A knot forms in my throat just thinking of what can happen to her, but I promptly push the negative thoughts away. 

She’s going to be okay. Try to focus on other things, like finding a way to distract yourself. 

I glance around the courtyard of the Luna Harbor Inn, my gaze wandering from place to place. The trees and plants have been trimmed impeccably. The cobblestone walkways are lined with white and gray pebbles and rustic lanterns, which create a sense of warmth and comfort during the night. Yesterday, I stayed out here enjoying the tranquil atmosphere until midnight reading a book.

Thankfully, once again there’s no one else around. The area is just as peaceful and calming. Not something I usually seek in my daily life, but circumstances call for it. If I weren’t sharing the room with my brothers, Myles and Fletcher, I would be upstairs with my own thoughts debating what to do with my day instead of out here.

Fuck, this is not what I expected to be doing this Tuesday morning. I wish I were home. No, better yet, I want to be in my office with my own things. Instead, I’m sitting on a bench in a courtyard, staring at a phone given to me while I’m here for who knows how long. I’m so worked up—I need to do something with this energy right now—I consider the options available to me.

Earlier today, Fletch had the audacity to tell me to relax. Like that’s even an option. Actually, that word is outright forbidden from my vocabulary. 

Hence, why I’m downloading the WildMatch app. Myles swears it’s the best hookup app available on the market. So, why not give it a try since there’s nothing else to do? Sex might calm me down.

But is it even worth it to create a profile?

Why not… here goes nothing.

Name… should I add my real name?

Nope, that’d be foolish. Eighty percent of the people who are currently in this town know who I am.

“Welcome to WildMatch.” Startled by a female robotic voice, I quickly turn down the volume. “This app was designed just for you. An adventurous person who’s looking for short-term, casual encounters and fun. We offer a safe and discreet platform so you can connect with others who share similar desires.”

I look around the courtyard, making sure no one heard that. I wish I had my earbuds with me. Since I don’t, and there’s no one around, I continue with the tour.

“WildMatch uses a location-based search to show you a potential match. We have built-in safety features to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. You can use our free plan, but if you subscribe…”

I switch off the tour. I shouldn’t be surprised that they’re trying to sell me a membership. If I were in Seattle, it would be worth it, but here… I’ll be lucky if I find someone who’s willing to help me.

The prompt to fill out my details appears again…

Name: William “Willy” Davis

Age? I consider disclosing my age, but settle on thirty-five instead of thirty-eight.

About me? I think about who I really am—six feet four with dark brown eyes. They’re almost black—like my soul. Dark hair. Athletic build. I’m not a gym buff, but I like to keep myself in shape. I own Earth Fields Market, the fastest-growing organic grocery chain in the world. And I did it on my own merit, not because I’m Donovan St. James’s son.

I graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University. People probably think I don’t give two fucks about the world. But I do. I’m an environmentalist. I’m the eldest of seven siblings. My brothers and little sister are all I care about.

But then I think, will that get me laid? Probably not. So instead, I go with:

About Me: I’m a driven and successful entrepreneur who enjoys working hard and playing harder. I love to travel and explore new cultures and am passionate about staying fit and healthy. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, skiing, and golfing.

Interests: Traveling, fitness, tennis, skiing, golfing, and fine dining. 

Looking for: I’m not looking for anything too serious right now, but I’m open to exploring new connections and seeing where things go. I’m looking for a woman who is confident, independent, and fun-loving. I’m attracted to women who are intelligent, ambitious, and have a sense of humor.

Ideal match: My ideal match is someone who is confident, intelligent, and passionate about her work and interests. She should be able to hold her own in a conversation and be comfortable in any setting. I’m looking for someone who can challenge me intellectually, and who is open to exploring new experiences together.

If you think we might be a good match, send me a message, and let’s see where this goes.

I’m surprised when a notification pops up instantly: Congratulations! You have a new match. I’m not sure about the peaches, water drops, and eggplant emojis popping like confetti on the screen. Do they have to do that? It’s kind of… tacky, isn’t it?

When I tap the notification, I see a blurred picture and the profile of my match. Sofia Hernandez. She’s twenty-five.

I’m a fun-loving and adventurous person who enjoys trying new things and meeting new people. I’m a graphic designer by profession, but I also have a wild side that I like to indulge from time to time. I’m fluent in English and Spanish, and I love to dance to Latin music. 

Her interests are traveling, trying new foods, dancing, hiking, playing guitar, and watching romantic comedies.

I’m looking for someone who is confident, adventurous, and open-minded. I’m not interested in a serious relationship right now, but I’m open to exploring new connections and having some fun along the way. I’m attracted to men who are spontaneous, passionate, and who know how to have a good time.

The keywords are there, not interested in a serious relationship. That’s music to my ears. We could try to work something out for the next few days or weeks. I continue reading as I try to figure out how to contact her.

My ideal match is someone who is spontaneous, adventurous, and knows how to have a good time. He should be confident and comfortable in his own skin and be able to hold his own in a conversation. I’m looking for someone who can keep up with me, and who is open to exploring new experiences together.

 If you think we might be a good match, send me a message, and let’s see where this goes.

Well, Sofia. I want to see how things can go. I search for how to connect with this perfect woman and how to find a picture of her. Did I upload my picture when I created a profile?

Nope. I’m scrambling to see how to fix my profile and connect with her when a female voice startles me, “You’re new at this, aren’t you, St. James?”

When I look up, I’m struck by the beauty standing right in front of me. Dark blue soulful eyes that contrast with her olive skin. She has a small turned-up nose and pouty lips that I wouldn’t mind kissing. For a second, I want them wrapped around my cock, but the fantasy doesn’t last long.

Myka Cantú is beautiful and elegant, and… she’s off-limits.


Her brother and I have been friends since third grade. Just last week I signed a contract with their family brewery. There’s no way I’m going to hook up with her.

No way.

But what if… she’s not here to talk about WildMatch? I’m sure there’s another reason why she’s here, right?

“What do you mean by ‘new at this’?” I ask in confusion and stare at the bench where I’m sitting. “This is made for sitting, isn’t it?”

She releases a soft laugh, then shows me her phone. “WildMatch.” It’s just one word, but the implications are astronomical.

I stare at her before saying, “How do you know?”

“The matches are by location, not by interests,” she explains. “The moment someone is nearby, it alerts you. There’s no special algorithm. Just two horny people who might get lucky… if the circumstances are right.”

I frown. “How do you know it’s me?”

She shrugs. “When I got the notification, I was in the lobby. You’re the only person within a point-zero-one-mile radius from me—with a phone.” She points at the artifact in my hand.

“You’re Sofia Hernandez?”

She nods. “Yep. That’s me, William.

“This isn’t what you think,” I spit the words. Then narrow my gaze. “And you’re not twenty-five.”

Myka gives me a challenging look. “So, you didn’t try to hook up with someone because you’re bored?”

I open my mouth, but I can’t say anything. This is little Myka. I’ve known her since she was four and I was nine. Her oldest brother, Iskander, will probably kill me if he learns that I made a pass at his sister. She might be a gorgeous woman with a striking body, but I have to stay away from her.

Myka laughs. “Cat got your tongue?”

“No. I’m…”

The corner of her lip lifts. “Here’s what I think. You downloaded the app, started a profile and hoped to find a quick fuck. But I bet you didn’t finish the tour, so you barely know how this works. If you had, you would’ve been able to see my pictures and maybe tap once to avoid this awkward encounter.”

“You’re probably right.” Probably? She knows exactly what happened. I’m dumbfounded and horny. If there weren’t some unwritten rules that I can never have her, I would drag her to my room.

I can’t.

I shouldn’t.

Myka is off-limits.

Myka equals no sex.

But Myka is so fucking hot.

“Oh, I know I’m right, but I’m not done with my theory. You were expecting to match with some stranger. Instead, little Myka Cantú caught you.” She licks her lips. “Fortunately for you, I’m not little anymore.”

I’m almost panting at her sultry voice. Who is this woman? And can I break the rules? What if I have just a lick? One fuck, and I swear I’ll leave her alone.

No, you can’t, St. James.

She looks at her nails and then back at me. “This is such a shame.”


“Your body wants me, but your mind is fighting the urge to fuck me. That’s unfortunate and sad. We’re both losing because you have some weird hang-up about having sex with me. That’s silly. We’re both consenting adults, aren’t we?”

I nod, speechless. She’s right. This version of Myka is so different from little Myka, the one I used to know. She’s beautiful, and her strength and confidence make her even more attractive. If I wasn’t a one-time guy, I’d drag her home with me and never let go.

I’m taken aback by my sudden thoughts. I always used to prioritize physical attraction, but now Myka has sparked something far deeper in me. I’m so excited, yet terrified all at once—could I really be looking for something more than just a casual fling?

Myka stares at me expectantly. 

I straighten my shoulders and say, “I agree. We’re two consenting adults.”

“Then, follow me,” she orders.

“Umm, where?”

“My house.” She smirks. “Unless big old Kingston St. James is afraid of little Myka.”

“Umm, I’m not afraid of you. Of course not.”

“Good, because I don’t bite.” She chews on her bottom lip seductively. “Only suck, if you ask nicely.”

She turns around and begins to walk away. Can I even follow her with this raging hard-on? I’m so turned on by her that I can’t think straight. All I want is to be inside Myka Cantú.

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