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I’ve been in love with Benedict Farrow since I was fourteen years old.

He’s my older brother’s best friend.

One night we almost crossed that line.

One night I almost got everything I wanted.

Now he’s moved back to our small town—a hot single dad with a daughter.

But I have finally moved on. I have a boyfriend who I actually like.

I let Benedict go—Didn’t I?

Hot, arrogant, confident Dr. Benedict Farrow is out of my life.

At least, I think he is.

But when he makes me laugh, I wonder if I ever got over him.

There’s no one who knows me better than him.

How can someone I loved so much cause me so much pain now?

If we went there again, it would ruin everything.


Claudia Burgoa


A best friend’s little sister, single dad romance featuring a hot doctor and his sweet little daughter is out this week from Claudia Burgoa, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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Derek sighs heavily through the phone. “I’ll take your silence as confirmation something did happen between you two.”

I sighed, the memories of that night flooding back. It was in college, at a party. Heath had asked me to watch over Cory and Atzi since it was their first real party. I knew how they could get—especially Cory. Sheltered by her siblings her whole life, she was naïve about these things. Heath just wanted to protect her from anyone trying to take advantage.

All night I watched them like hawks, but it was so fucking hard. Watching Cory dance, her body swaying in time to the pulsing music… She was temptation personified. 

Cory looked radiant, full of light and laughter, her dress clinging to every alluring curve. I forced my eyes away, heat rising in my cheeks. Aslan’s warning echoed in my mind—Heath’s little sister was off-limits, no matter how badly I ached for her. I downed my beer, trying to drown my desire, but my self-control already hung by a thread, ready to snap.

Later I followed her to the back porch, which was almost empty. Her arms wrapped around herself against the night’s chill.

“Escaped the noise for a bit?” I asked, leaning on the railing beside her.

She smiled up at me, eyes warm. “It got a little too crazy in there,” she confessed.

“You get used to it,” I say with a casual shrug, trying to downplay the craziness of college parties. “Or you just avoid them and live a quiet college life.”

Our conversation flowed easily, as always. Cory was so effortless to talk to. When she shivered, I didn’t hesitate to take off my sweatshirt and drape it around her shoulders. My fingers lingered, adjusting the fabric. She didn’t pull away.

Our gazes locked, and I felt drawn to her, powerless to resist. Slowly, hesitantly, I reached out, brushing a strand of hair back from her face, caressing her cheek with my fingertips. Her lips parted slightly as I lowered my mouth to hers.

The kiss started gently, almost chastely. I was afraid of pushing too hard and scaring her off. But when she opened her mouth under mine, granting access, restraint abandoned me. I drove my tongue between her lips, taking control. Her body relaxed into my arms, melting against me. I drank her in, caressing her with my hands, my tongue, losing myself in her sweetness. Heat coursed through me as she surrendered to my passion. I couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop. I crushed her lithe form to me, craving more.

But then reality crashed in, doused my fire like ice water. This kiss was everything, but the risk was too high. I couldn’t lose her friendship, or my best friend. Her family would never allow this. Wrenching away from her was painful. It filled me with immediate regret. Cory looked up at me, eyes wide, confused, lips kiss-swollen. 

“Sorry,” I muttered, the word hollow and useless. Without another word, I turned and walked away, hating myself. Yet even through the churning self-loathing, I didn’t regret the feel of her lips on mine for a moment. The memory would be seared into me forever.

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