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Tragedy had stripped Aurora of everything she once loved.
But now she’s back in Balsam Grove, ready to face all she’s kept locked away for seven years.
Or so she thinks.

Aurora doesn’t expect her first collision to be with the boy she left all those years ago.
The boy who betrayed her trust with no regrets.
The boy who is no longer a boy, but a man with the same stormy eyes that swept her into his current before she ever learned to swim.

She’d thought he was safe.
He’d thought their path was mapped out.

Turns out neither of them was ready for the crash at the bottom of the cascade.


K.K. Allen

From the moment I read the blurb, I simply couldn’t ‘one-click’ this book fast enough. It’s the kind of book you find yourself reading every chance you get, desperate to absorb every word, every feeling, every thrill, and before you know it, it’s 3.30am when you’re finally turning the last page. This second chance romance is incredibly multilayered, as deeply romantic as it is suspenseful, and while it explores complex human conditions that are heartbreaking at times, it nonetheless leaves you feeling uplifted and smiling like a fool. It was truly one of the BEST books I’ve ever read—infused with SO MUCH emotion, and told with heartbreakingly beautiful language and empathy—and I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough. So I’m super excited to share with you an awesome excerpt. Waterfall Effect is now available (all links below).

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He enters the courtroom with his head down and feet shuffling, the shackles on his wrists and ankles providing minimal room for movement. His wiry body swims in his khaki slacks and blue button down top, appearing far too conservative to be a threat. Untamed salt and pepper hair frames his downturned head and emotionless face, and exhaustion is evident in his forehead creases and the pillows beneath his half-closed lids.

There’s a tremor in my chest I don’t quite understand. A medley of nerves, confusion, and sorrow. My life has become a circus of law enforcement, nosey media, and probing doctor visits since awakening from a coma nearly one year ago. And it’s all supposed to end today. At least, that’s what my aunt Cyndi tells me.

A frenzied whisper snakes through the crowd, drawing my eyes to the man the public has branded a monster. A monster with a mental disorder who has been labeled a threat to society—and to me.

Seven disappearances. Seven girls. Three years. The only tie between us, eerie carvings of our initials found on trees scattered around the woods near where each of us disappeared. Beside each one, a checkmark and a tally where he numbered his victims like we were trophies.

Ice fills my veins as it does every time I think of what could have been. They say I was Henry June’s seventh and last victim. The only one of us found alive. Somehow, I escaped the same fate as the others. Though the whereabouts of their bodies and the details of what happened remain a mystery.

My eyes steady on the man who slows his awkward gait to my left. My skin explodes with goosebumps. My chest fills to the brim with a panic I’m mostly able to suppress—thanks to my medication—but I’m not immune. Especially not when faced with an accused murderer. I’m seated directly behind the plaintiff’s table, between my aunt Cyndi and my best friend, Scott—only a few feet from the man who should riddle me with hurt and rage.

I’m too confused to pinpoint my reactions—the way my eyes bulge at the sight of him, the way my fingers sweep my bare-skinned knees like the flick of a brush, the way my chest feels heavy with fire while my veins still pump ice. None of it makes sense.

Chains rattle as the guard shakes the man’s arm to move him forward. The man resists, his whiskered chin tilting toward me as if he senses his prey, but his eyes remain fixed on the floor. Does he feel my presence? Because I’m more than certain that I would be able to feel his. I adjust my posture in an aim for comfort, but the effort is useless under the circumstances.

The man’s eyes snap to mine.

A hush falls over the room as he leans toward me, his stare dark and empty as a vibration takes over his body. It’s like he’s looking right through me. Would he hear me if I spoke?

I move to stand, to face him, to ask him if what the others say is true. Aunt Cyndi holds out her arm to stop me. I wish she wouldn’t. I need to know. Because if it is true—how could he be so cold, so heartless?

Schizophrenic delusions aside, the reality is that after over six months of court hearings, the evidence presented in the case of the other six victims has only made his guilt more unclear than ever.

“You were dead.” It’s just a gravelly whisper, sandpaper to my heart. “I saw you. I—I held your limp body in my hands.” He peers down at his shackled hands and shakes them hard. “You bled for your sins. You should be dead,” he hisses, then squeezes his lids together. His head whips left and right, as if trying to wake from a nightmare. When his eyes fly open again, they land on mine with conviction. “You’re not real. You’re not real. You’re not real.” He whispers these words on repeat like they calm him.

Emotion crushes my throat as an unspoken plea fills my mind. Please make it stop, I want to scream. Just let the nightmare end.

“Let’s go, June. Straight ahead.” The corrections officer’s boom echoes through the room as he continues to wrestle with the man in chains, gripping his arm and tugging him forward. The prisoner gives in, but he keeps his bloodshot eyes locked on me from over his shoulder as he’s dragged away. No more words come, but he finally rips his eyes from mine as if the sight of me pains him. Maybe it does. Maybe he knows what he did. Maybe somewhere in that disturbed brain of his lies a man with compassion.

There’s a shuffle of feet as everyone settles into their seats again, somber, ready for the judge to read the final verdict. They may not have found enough evidence to try the man for murdering the other victims, but they have me, my blood on his hands the day I was found, and a convincing testimony from someone I allowed too close to my heart. The circumstantial evidence is enough to convict a person for decades, but not for life.

However, with the rumor of a plea deal on the table, who knows what will happen today. Not even I am privy to such information.

Aunt Cyndi’s dainty arm snakes around my stiff shoulders, yanking me from my thoughts and pulling me close.

“Are you okay?” Her whispered tone soothes me some. I know I’m not alone. Neither she nor Scott would ever let me go through something like this without a shoulder to lean on.

I don’t respond to her yet. I’m not sure how to. Of course I am not okay. Nothing about this situation is or ever will be okay.

“He’s sick, Aurora.” She takes a shaky breath, still doing her best to stay calm, but I detect anger there, too.

“His voices will never hurt you again,” she says. “He’s crazy. He’s a monster,” is what she means.

When I return her statement with a blank stare and silence, she gives my shoulders another squeeze. She understands well enough; no amount of comforting words or warm hugs can right the wrongs that led us all here.

They say that under the influence of alcohol, the danger of the man on trial grows, as it did the night of November twenty-sixth. The night I went missing, only to be found three days later in my father’s arms, bruised, disoriented, and on the brink of death.

Because the man on trial—my father—tried to kill me.

What’s worse? I don’t remember any of it.

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This book just from reading your excerpt sounds amazing. Thank you so much for the chance!!!

I loved this book and it’s beautifully written. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. That PB is gorgeous ❤

K.K. Allen is one of my favourite authors!!! I have read several of her books and have just started reading Waterfall Effect!! I love this excerpt, you can feel the emotion in every word written. It deals with heavy topics, like mental health, murder and a father who tried to kill his daughter and a daughter who can’t remember the events.
While I’m only halfway through this emotional read, I can confidently say that this is my favourite read of 2018 and some of K.K. Allen’s best work!!!!
Thank you for sharing this excerpt and thank you for this giveaway opportunity!!! I don’t have any of K.K. Allen’s books in paperback and it would be amazing to have a signed paperback copy of this book!!!

KK is one of my favorite authors and I will really happy to read this new instalment ?
Thank you for your kindness ?

K.K. Allen continues to surprise me with her stories. Love the excerpt and would love a PB of Waterfall Effect!

I’m half way through Waterfall Effect and it’s already at the top of my list as best book of the year.

I adore KK. I fell in love with her books when reading Up in the Treehouse and I can not wait to read this one. Thank you for this wonderful chance <3

I am currently reading this on my Kindle. I’m loving it so far. I would love to add the book to my bookshelf.

I would love a print version of this book. The cover on the print book is my favorite. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway & giving all of us a chance!! Have a wonderful day!

I absolutely loved Waterfall Effect! Absolutely loved the cover too! It is one of my favorites so far this year! Can’t wait to read more by K.K. Allen

I can’t wait to read this book. Simply love the cover. ❤
Got the ebook..hoping that I win this gorgeous pb!

Wow, the exerpt looks great and intense..! I love K. K. Allen. I only read one of her books, Up in the Treehouse and it’s awesome..! I really would love to win, since I heard this new realease is becoming number 1 in Amazon & unfortunately not available in my country ?
Thank you for the chance..! ???

It sounds like an amazing read! Fantastic Exerpt! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway.

I just LOVE this cover! Would love a signed paperback! ? This isn’t my next read, hopefully get to start it tonight! Thanks for the chance ❤️?

I finished reading The Waterfall Effect over the weekend. I bought it for three reasons: familiar with author, the gorgeous cover, and the suspense. I’d love to own the paperback.

Great Excerpt! This book will keep you at the edge of your seat. I read and loved it. Looking forward to your review.! I love K.K. Allen’s Books!

It sounds so good! It’s in my TBR and hopefully, I’ll be able to read soon enough. Thanks for the chance ?

I have heard so many good things about this book. Looking forward to reading this. Thank you for the chance. :)

Wow. It’s rare that I read an excerpt and am left wishing I could sit down right then and there to read it from front to back. Just from this little bit I read, I feel like I would not stop, regardless of the time, until it was done.
Books into movies don’t always work.
I think this one would. Hopefully the right people see this, and make it happen.

Ohhhh My Gosh ! I Pre-ordered and love it so far. Dying to get a paperback of this baby ! thank you for this chance

Oh my gosh, this book has me hooked, hook, line & sinker just from reading that first excerpt. This will added to my forever growing TBR list.

What a beautiful cover! The blurb gave me goosebumps and I love mystery/suspense so I’m looking forward to ready this. Thank you for the chance!

I loved this book so much!!! At times my heart would race and I’m not just talking about the suspense, but because of JAXON!!!

I am excited to read this book. Several book junkies have mentioned it, so I know it needs to be on my TBR list.

I have been hearing all the amazing things about this book. And romantic suspense is my favorite. Thanks for the chance.

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