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I never thought a pecker would get me in so much trouble.

I mean, sure… if you’re talking about a certain anatomical feature of mine that the ladies just love. Given my bachelor status and appreciation for all things curvy and feminine, I could absolutely see that. But a different pecker is making my life much harder than it needs to be.

My name is Ford Daniels, partner at the law firm of Knight & Payne, and my latest case has me wading through the finer points of peckers—woodpeckers that is. Specifically, the red-cockaded woodpecker. I swear, I can’t make this stuff up but that’s what the sexy-as-hell blonde chained to a tree told me this morning.

Her name is Viveka Jones and she is so much more than a pretty face. She’s got wit, charm, and razor-sharp smarts. Turns out my client is looking to bulldoze the red-cockaded woodpecker’s natural habitat in favor of a multimillion-dollar subdivision and the sexy attorney with legs for days (and days), just happens to be counsel for an animal rights group looking to put a halt to construction.

My client’s pissed, but all I can think about is getting Viveka across the table from me. And then on the table underneath me. Perhaps up against the wall. And then—

Well, let’s just say when it’s all said and done, I’m hoping the red-cockaded woodpecker isn’t the only pecker that gets some attention from Miss Viveka Jones.


Sawyer Bennett

Book Series: 

An all-new standalone enemies-to-lovers romance is coming tomorrow from Sawyer Bennett, and I have a sexy little sneak peek for you.

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“Fuck.” The groan that follows tears free from my throat and sounds about as desperate as my need was to come.

But I came, and it was incredible.

My forehead drops down to touch to hers. I feel another ripple of ecstasy working its way up my spine and then back down again. She dislodges her fingernails from my ass as she hums some type of approval or agreement with my last sentiment.

Just… fuck.

Lifting my head up, I find Viveka staring at me with those big blue eyes. The pupils are larger than normal, a sure signal she enjoyed that just as much as I did.

“That was…” she murmurs, sliding her hands up my back, along my ribs, and around to press into my chest.

I smile down at her. “Amazing is a good word.”

But who in the fuck am I kidding?

That was beyond amazing.

Hell, it’s beyond reasoning that Viveka Jones is in my bed, a mere sixteen hours after we met this morning at Swan’s Mill.

Admittedly, I hadn’t planned on fucking her. Maybe fantasized about it, but never thought it would happen. No, I went to her law firm because I was curious about her and I had the perfect excuse as Landmark’s attorney to seek her out.

Her office is in a bad section of town and although I hardly know her, I hated she had to work there. I was surprised when she walked out of the hair salon next door and approached me with a friendly enough smile.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Came to get my hair done,” I quipped, pointing to the salon named Do or Dye.


Viveka rolled her eyes at me, so I fessed up. “I want to talk about the case.”

“Okay,” she said carefully, motioning her hand toward her office.

I shook my head and fessed up some more. “Let’s go have a drink and talk about the case. It’s quitting time.”

My body braced for a fight and I had counter arguments worked up in my head if she insisted we stick to the professionalism of an office setting. But Viveka surprised me for what would not be the first or the last time that day, by giving me a bright smile. “Even better. There’s a bar two blocks down—”

“Let’s go The Capital Grille,” I rolled right over her. “We’ll grab dinner, too.”

And I swear—swear to God Almighty—I did not suggest Capital Grille because my apartment was in the same building. They really have good food.

She readily agreed, and so we went.

We had drinks, dinner, and talked about the red-cockaded woodpecker. I know more about the damn bird than I care to, but what she told me would at least help me to prepare somewhat for the hearing on Tuesday.

One drink turned into two, and then three. The flirtation was obvious, and neither of us needed innuendo. The attraction between us was palpable, and it had only grown since our first meeting while she was chained to a tree. When she glanced at her watch and made a clucking sound of dismay that it was getting late, I had no hesitation.

“Stay the night with me,” I said.

Her head snapped my way, and her eyes lasered onto mine. There was no question or confusion in her expression, only consideration. She knew I wasn’t asking for a sleepover, but rather to go upstairs and fuck.

She said yes and it was one of the happier moments in my life that I can recall.

And now, I’m inside her and not wanting to lose that feeling. Viveka’s eyes soften as she stares back at me, curling a hand around the back of my neck. She’s not shy when she pulls me down for a kiss, but it’s only a brief touching of her mouth to mine. Then both hands are back to my chest and she is giving me a slight push. “It was definitely amazing, but I’ve got to go.”

I don’t budge an inch. She pushes a little harder, but I give a slight shake of my head. “You don’t have to run off.”

She grins, giving a harder push while at the same time wiggling her body out from underneath me. My half-hard dick slides out of her, and I blink in surprise as she rolls gracefully right off the bed. “But I do.”

“Veka,” I call, testing the nickname for the first time.

Her head snaps my way, causing her long hair to fall over her bare shoulder. Her fucking nipples are still hard, and I want them in my mouth again.

She gives a playful wag of her finger and shakes her head. “I told you that name was reserved only for my friends.”

I plop my head in the palm of my hand as I watch her walk around my bedroom to pick up her clothes. “I made you come twice tonight. I think that makes us friends.”

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