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“From a little spark may burst a flame.” —Dante Alighieri

A simple ember to dried kindling can ignite a raging fire.

I’ve made my mark and proven my loyalty to a man, a city, and a way of life. That loyalty has provided me with all the spoils of success. Until now that hasn’t included a woman at my side.

What is it about this unobtainable beauty that brings my untapped desire to life?

Cracking open the stone and striking the flint is my doing. What follows is hers.

With something so intense will this spark lead to a blazing inferno? Will we make it out of the ashes before everything I hold dear is ravaged?


Aleatha Romig


Book Series: 

The first book in a brand-new dark romance series from Aleatha Romig, set in the same dangerous world as Secrets and Twisted, is out now, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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My neck straightened. “I need answers.”

“You deserve them,” she said. “You do. But quite honestly, I don’t have any that are sufficient.” She again lifted her petite hand to my chest. “You were a good man, Patrick Kelly. My name is now Miller. The girl you knew never existed.”

She may have ceased to exist, but she was obviously still alive.

Looking down at her hand, I took in her empty ring finger. Covering her hand with mine, I marveled, if for only a moment, at the reality of her presence. “Do you feel it?” I asked.

Her chin rose until our gazes met. Beyond the expensive wrapping I saw the woman I’d married. She was buried beneath years of something I couldn’t identify, but in the sparkle of her green eyes, I saw her.

“Feel what?” she asked.

“My heart.”

She tried to pull her hand away, but I wouldn’t release it.

“Patrick, I’m—”

“No,” my tone lowered as I shook my head and leaned closer. “You fucking broke it the day you disappeared. Shattered it into a million pieces. Now you’re back from the dead. I don’t give a fuck about anything that has happened in the last seventeen years. Having you here right now…” My mind and body were at odds at having her close. “It makes me…” I didn’t finish the sentence.

“What?” she asked. “It makes you what?

“I don’t know. I either want to kill you or fuck you. I suppose the jury is still out.”

Madeline let out a small feigned laugh. “You always have been brutally honest.”

*edited to avoid spoilers

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