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When I returned to Poplar Falls six years ago, I’d given up on love.

I’d made the mistake of marrying the sexy rebel right out of high school. He’d ended up in jail. I’d ended up pregnant. With a baby on the way, I decided to give up my wild, impulsive ways. All I wanted was a family and to watch my sweet son grow up, happy, and healthy.

Then Myer Wilson keeps showing up in my life—and my son’s life.

He’s the hometown football hero, who blew out his ankle his junior year and ended his career. I didn’t look twice at hot jocks in high school. But now that he’s taken over his family’s ranch, I can’t help but look even when I swore off men for good.

But maybe he’ll finally be the one to help me let go of the past and find my second chance at love. Or maybe my past will come back to haunt me.


Amber Kelly


Book Series: 

A brand new small town contemporary romance is out now from author Amber Kelly, and I have a sneak peek for you.

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I’m lost in the most amazing dream. I’m on the deck of a gorgeous home. Beau is playing in the yard just beyond the railing, and I’m watching from my lounge spot. Two strong arms are holding me, and I have an overwhelming sense of serenity.

Giggling. I hear giggling. Girls.

I look out into the yard, and Elle and Sonia are swinging Beau between them. Where did they come from?

The arms around me tighten and shift, and I feel warm breath on the back of my neck. A shiver runs down my spine, and I burrow in closer.

That’s when my eyes pop open.

I’m in the boys’ tent. The giggles I hear are the girls starting to stir outside, and those arms in my dream are securely pinning me to a sleeping Myer. He rolls onto his back. My face is pressed against his bare chest, which rises and falls with his deep breaths. He has a smattering of dark hair on his chest. Curiosity gets the better of me, and I take my hand and run it through it. It’s soft. I sigh, close my eyes again, and cuddle in closer. I haven’t slept beside a man in six years. It feels nice. Comfy, warm … content.

I start to doze back off to sleep when I hear the tent unzip, and Payne pokes his head in. He stops and does a double take as his eyes find Myer and me wrapped around each other.

“Morning,” he says with a question in his voice.

Myer stirs and opens one eye. He tilts his face down to me and smiles a sleepy smile.

“Hey,” he says as his hand roams down my back.

Payne clears his throat.

I untangle from Myer, sit up, and stretch.

“Good morning,” I mumble.

“How was your night?” Payne asks.

“Uneventful, compared to yours,” Myer answers for us.

Payne grins a wicked grin and reaches in to grab his duffel bag. “It was eventful. You guys get up. We’re cooking breakfast, and as soon as it warms up a bit, we’re throwing the inner tubes in the water,” he tells us before ducking out.

I feel shy all of a sudden once he zips the tent back up. Looking down at Myer with his sleep-mussed hair feels too intimate.

“Did you sleep okay?” he asks.

I nod as I focus my eyes across the tent and not on his chest. “How about you?” I manage to ask.

“Like a baby.”

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