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Fionn Mór was once a high king of Ireland; a fierce warrior who led his tribes against the invading fae. It was a war he couldn’t win and to save his family he turned consort for the Fae Queen. Fionn escaped as the thing he once despised, and the people he loved betrayed him for it. Now, centuries later, it’s time to reopen the gates to Faerie to take his revenge against the Faerie Queen.

At sixteen Rose Kelly discovered family secrets that changed her forever. Years after, she’s still lost, traveling across Europe in search of that elusive missing ‘something’. When she’s attacked by a vampire, not only is she wrenched into a supernatural underworld she never knew existed, a knock on the head releases a spell on her mind and unlocks powers beyond her wildest imaginings. And with them more questions. Questions Fionn Mór claims to have answers to.

Following the powerful and enigmatic Fionn to Ireland, Rose quickly realizes she’s a pawn in his plan for vengeance. What begins as a passionate battle of wills leads to an inexplicable but undeniable connection. One that will force them to face an impossible choice between the deepest love… and the darkest revenge.

BOOK REVIEW: Kiss of Fate

Samantha Young (writing as S. Young)

Book Series: 


“I am nothing if I am not my revenge.”

Myths, legends, and folk lore are brought to life once again in Samantha Young’s second instalment in her seductive True Immortality series, as she spins another spellbinding tale set in this fantastical new world with the story of a young woman who finds herself the target of a two-thousand-year-old vendetta. By never taking her foot off the gas, Young delivers the kind of action-packed page-turner that both grips you like an undertow and cuts straight to the heart, and every second of it is just perfect. Regardless of whether paranormal romance is your jam, regardless of whether this is your first or tenth novel from this terrific author, do yourself a favour and dive into this series as soon as you can. You’ll thank me later.

“You and I are the same. There’s so few of us left. Less than a handful. It’s a miracle I found you.”
“What am I?”
“You are one of the fae.”

Thousands of years ago, Fionn Mór had been the greatest warrior his land had ever seen and the fearless king who led his people against the fae invasion, but after being defeated and then enslaved by the Faerie Queen herself, he was later turned into the very thing he despised the most—a fae. After many years in captivity, Fionn escaped and returned to his ancestral seat, only to find himself betrayed and banished by the very people he sacrificed himself to protect. Ever since then, Fionn has been driven by nothing but vengeance and hate for the same treacherous blood running through his own veins, never embracing what he’d become or finding joy in any of his limitless abilities.

“I’m from a different time, mo chroí. I’ve lived too long. I will always have one foot on the wrong side of morality. I will never be the man who follows the rules or always does what’s right.”

Rose Kelly grew up believing that magical creatures only lived in fiction and in the minds of those who wanted to believe in them, but her whole life undergoes a seismic change after suddenly getting thrust into the centre of a centuries-old conflict between supernatural beings she never even knew existed, and discovering that she is among the most powerful of them all. The green-eyed, six-foot-seven fae warrior who shows up out of the blue, promising to protect her and teach her everything about her new reality, should give her comfort, but her every instinct tells her that he is hiding something from her. Little does she know that for Fionn, Rose is nothing but the final key in his long road to revenge.

The first time in her life when she couldn’t control her feelings for a man, and he turned out to be a traitorous, immortal asshole.

Because, for centuries, Fionn hasn’t felt neither human not fae, clinging to vengeance as his sole remaining purpose in life. But with danger lurking around every corner and supernatural beings of all kinds threatening to destroy the young fae, Fionn’s resolve slowly begins to unravel. And before too long, the old warrior must decide whether a vow he’d made centuries before is more important than all he could be with the woman he loves.

“It seems the Fates have other plans for you and me.”

From the emotional tenor of its love scenes to the palpable tension of its action scenes, this whole series has quickly become my new obsession. It captures oh-so perfectly Samantha Young’s distinctive gift for engaging, passionate storytelling, while proving once more what a superb world-builder she truly is.

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“Eternity isn’t a gift, Rose. You’ll realize that soon enough.”
“Eternity wasn’t a gift for you because you’ve spent the last three centuries without me.”


He stepped into her personal space, the top of her head just reaching his chin. Which meant she was faced with the impressive, hard breadth of his chest. Fionn bent his head toward her, and she inhaled the smell of his expensive cologne just as he spoke in a menacingly soft voice. “There is no time for space. If you want me to save your life, you’ll do as I say, when I say it. Nod if you understand.”

Blinding indignation rose inside her at his condescending attempt to master her. Perhaps his two-thousand year old mentality needed a reminder this was the twenty-first century.

“You know, I’ve been wondering something,” she whispered, a careful glimmer in her eyes as she lifted a hand to trail a finger across abs.

She felt Fionn stiffen at her touch and fought very hard not to smirk.

Their eyes met and held, something undecipherable working behind his.

“How does it feel”—she cocked her head to the side as she gripped tight to his biceps—“when a fae gets kneed in the balls?”

Not giving him time to process that question, Rose launched her kneecap as hard as her fae strength would allow, right into his junk.

Pain strained Fionn’s features as he dropped silently to one knee, his face turning red as he fought to hold back what she knew had to be sounds of major discomfort. He glared balefully up at her, his expression promising retribution.

Rose stepped back to enjoy the view and chuckled. “That would be ‘painful,’ then,” she said.

As he pushed back to his feet, she spoke before he could. “Never try to bully me again. I’m here of my own free will. I am not your plaything to command.” With a careful step back, she prepared to travel. “I’ll meet you at the hotel.”

The world turned black for just a second as she concentrated on her hotel room, and then a blur of color met her eyes before the unlit room settled into place.

Rose blew out a breath and smiled.

She’d done it.

She’d traveled back to her room—

“Ah!” A strong arm wrapped around her waist and she found herself airborne. She’d barely made the landing on the bed when she was pinned flat on her back by Fionn straddling her, her wrists held down at either side of her head in his brutal grasp.

It took her a second to catch her breath as he loomed over her in the dark room.

“Don’t you ever do that again,” he warned, his voice a terrifying low growl.

Or at least it should have been.

Now that Rose had asserted herself with him, she was feeling less annoyed and more turned on by their current position. “I made my point, didn’t I?”

“I’d prefer it”—his mouth was inches from her as he spoke—“if you found other ways to communicate that didn’t involve the abuse of my balls.”

She tried not to grin and failed.

Fionn glared at her mouth.

Her blood, which had heated as soon as she found herself beneath his magnificent body, whooshed in her ears. Demanding need set in between her legs.

She shifted her hips beneath his and answered provocatively, “If you want, I could kiss them all better.”

Desire flashed fiercely across Fionn’s face seconds before he rolled off her and landed on his feet by the bed. “I’ll see you in the morning,” he bit out gruffly and marched toward the adjoining door.

Disappointment flooded her as she sat up. “What about An Breitheamh?”

His answer was to slam the door hard behind him.

Laughter trembled on Rose’s lips. For whatever reason, Fionn was fighting his attraction to her. Pushing that button would be a much more entertaining way to keep him on his toes than a swift kick to the balls.

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