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Settled in the tranquil remoteness of the Scottish Highlands, Ardnoch Estate caters to the rich and famous. It is as unattainable and as mysterious as its owner—ex-Hollywood leading man Lachlan Adair—and it’s poised on the edge of a dark scandal.

After narrowly escaping death, police officer Robyn Penhaligon leaves behind her life in Boston in search of some answers. Starting with Mac Galbraith, the Scottish father who abandoned her to pursue his career in private security. To re-connect with Mac, Robyn will finally meet a man she’s long resented. Lachlan Adair. Hostility instantly brews between Robyn and Lachlan. She thinks the head of the Adair family is high-handed and self-important. And finding closure with Mac is proving more difficult than she ever imagined. Robyn would sooner leave Ardnoch, but when she discovers Mac is embroiled in a threat against the Adairs and the exclusive members of the estate, she finds she’s not yet ready to give up on her father.

Determined to ensure Mac’s safety, Robyn investigates the disturbing crimes at Ardnoch, forcing her and Lachlan to spend time together. Soon it becomes clear a searing attraction exists beneath their animosity, and temptation leads them down a perilous path.

While they discover they are connected by something far more addictive than passion, Lachlan cannot let go of his grip on a painful past: a past that will destroy his future … if the insidious presence of an enemy lurking in the shadows of Ardnoch doesn’t do the job first.


Samantha Young

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“Almost everything is survivable. Sad, frightening things happen in life, but I truly believe there’s nothing more frightening than fear itself.”

Set in the tranquil beauty of the Scottish Highlands, Samantha Young’s newest novel is to die for. It’s the story of a young American policewoman who, after almost losing her life on the job, travels to Scotland to reconnect with her estranged father, only to find herself caught in the crossfire of a dangerous stalker targeting her father’s employer and anyone close to him. As the attacks grow more and more violent, an unlikely romance blossoms between two people who are trying very hard to keep disliking each other, but as their bond deepens, so does the danger to them both. Barrelling full steam ahead from the get-go, Young writes with such page-turning ease that it is impossible not to get lost in the story, but it is her impressive grasp of human emotion that never fails to leave me awestruck. A moreish start to a series that is sure to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Robyn Penhaligon grew up believing her father didn’t love her enough to stay in her life, leaving her with deep abandonment issues that have bled into every relationship she’s ever had. After getting shot in the line of duty and barely surviving the ordeal, however, Robyn decides to stop living for other people and to start following her own heart, even if her heart leads her to Scotland and to the very man who’s made her feel unloved every time he put his job and someone else’s needs before hers.

“I just don’t want to get a phone call one day telling me my dad died and then I’d have to bury him along with all my regrets. That’s why I’m here. For him. For him and me. The possibility of it.”

When Robyn arrives at Ardnoch Estate—the prestigious, members-only club owned by ex-Hollywood leading man and her father’s employer of nearly two decades, Lachlan Adair—every bit of resentment she thought she felt towards her father turns into open hostility towards the man she believes took her father away from her. And the more time they spend around each other, the more their every interaction becomes fodder for conflict and friction between the two.

“Hate me? For what? You don’t even know me.”
“Because of you, I rarely saw my father. He missed birthdays and graduations and all because he was protecting your ass while you gallivanted around the world as Mr. Big Shot Hollywood Actor. Guess a skinny, boring little kid from Dorchester couldn’t compete with that.”

Things only get worse when both Robyn and her father become targets of a mystery stalker threatening everything and everyone Lachlan holds dear, and as Robyn and Lachlan’s relationship begins to shift from one of mutual animosity to combustible sexual chemistry, so does the threat to both their lives.

“I’ve never met a more aggravating ballbuster in my life.”
“Ugh, men like you always call women like me ballbusters. Just because I don’t melt in a puddle at your feet every time you flash that stupid-ass grin doesn’t mean I’m a control freak or a ballbuster.”

Samantha Young delivers an electrifying, character-driven tale of love and mystery, packed full of twists and turns, and the kind of suspense that builds and builds. It’s a book that grips you from the start and has you racing through the pages to get to its shocking conclusion, and I loved every nail-biting minute of it.

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“When you meet him, the man you want to settle down with … make sure he’s perfect.” His voice was hoarse as he confessed, “I don’t think I could live with anything else.”

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