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He’s never been tempted…until her.

Sexy. Mysterious. Dangerous. He’s an immortal Dragon King bound by ancient rules and eternal magic. Cullen has one objective: find and destroy the evil that threatens the new home of the dragons. Just when he’s closing in, he’s ambushed and finds a stunning warrior woman fighting alongside him. No amount of magic could prepare him for the beguiling lass who spurns his advances and defies him.

From the moment Tamlyn takes a stand against her kind, she’s had to fight one perilous battle after another. Staying alive in an endless struggle, and the lines between good and evil are blurred with every encounter. She’s always stood alone—until she comes to the aid of an irresistibly handsome stranger. Cullen will force her to face truths she’s been running from…even as enemies plot to destroy them both.


Donna Grant


Book Series: 

A brand new story in Donna Grant’s captivating Dragon Kings series is out this week, featuring a devilishly handsome Dragon King and a woman who dares to challenge him, and you can read an awesome excerpt below.

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“Damned dragon,” she mumbled.

She shook her head. Every place she turned, every thought she had, returned to him. She began to consider that she had made a mistake in not accepting his help. It wasn’t as if she could cross from her land into his and seek him out without retribution, and she wasn’t that brave to face off against dragons. Even though, technically, part of their city was under the dragons’ land. He had no reason to return after she had so callously sent him away.

Her pride had stopped her from accepting his help. That and the fear of having a Dragon King with her. They might both have magic, but she had learned from an early age to fear dragons. That kind of ingrained belief didn’t go away easily.

She sighed and got to her feet to pace. The peace she usually found in the room eluded her. She rotated her shoulders, trying to dislodge the mounting anxiety settling between her shoulder blades. With each second, it increased until she had to do something to work off the energy or scream. Tamlyn began walking fast, but that wasn’t enough. She started running through the halls and around corners.

She didn’t stop until she found herself in the entrance hall. Tamlyn halted before the pool of water and leaned over with her hands on her knees as she caught her breath. She watched the never-ending water droplets fall into the pool from the roots above. The sound was calming.

Slowly, she straightened and lifted her gaze. Only to find herself staring at none other than Cullen. Fear mixed with excitement, warring to see which would come out on top. That knot between her shoulder blades was gone. Had it been the run? Or was it seeing the Dragon King again?

She wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer. No, she was definitely sure she didn’t want the answer.

“Hi,” he said from across the water.

One word, but that sexy voice sent shivers of awareness over her skin. It took Tamlyn a moment to find her own. “Hi.”

“I know you told me no’ to return, but I had to.”

She licked her lips with a suddenly dry tongue. He stood so casually. As if he had been there for some time. “Oh?”

“I need your help,” he said as he began slowly walking around the pool.

Tamlyn also moved toward him. The last thing she had expected to hear was that he needed her. “You want my help?”

“Doona sound so surprised, lass.”

He couldn’t call her lass again. It was…it did crazy things to her. Made her insides feel as if they were all mixed up, and sent her blood rushing hotly through her veins.

His lips tilted in a lopsided grin as the distance between them lessened. “I’m going to save some bairns. Want to help?”

She walked the last few steps to find herself within arm’s length of him. Had he just said what she thought he did?

“Tamlyn?” he asked hesitantly as if she were addled.

She inwardly shook herself. “I heard you.”

“Then say something.”

“I’m not sure what to say.”

He chuckled softly, and damn if she didn’t find herself leaning toward him. Was he using some kind of magic? Why couldn’t she seem to think straight? Why was she so ecstatic that he was there?

“Och, I didna think I’d ever find you speechless.”

She blinked, completely absorbed by his voice. It didn’t matter what he said. It all sounded so…deliciously sensual.

“Lass, you’re beginning to worry me.”

His words, and the frown lining his face, snapped her out of her head. She cleared her throat and took a step back, only to move forward again. It was like she had to be near him. “You want my help?”

“Aye. I thought we established that already. Did you hit your head this morning during the battle?”

She jerked her chin up, affronted. “No.”

His brows drew together as he looked her over with his pale brown eyes. “You’re acting peculiar.”

Because of you, she barely admitted to herself. She certainly wouldn’t tell him. “I’m surprised to see you. Not to mention your statement.”

“Will you? Help me, that is?” he asked.

“You have no idea what you’re getting into. I wasn’t joking earlier. This could very well start a war.”

He shook his head before she finished. “That willna happen. It can no’ happen.”

“I don’t see how it won’t.”

“Leave that to me. I thought you wanted to save the kids.”

“I do,” she said tightly. “I have been.”

Cullen bowed his blond head to her. “Then let me help.”

This was the answer she needed. Tamlyn was sure of it. Still, she hesitated, unsure if this was the right thing to do. She hated those at Stonemore, especially the priests. They were cruel, brutal bastards who deserved a painful death. But who was she to decide that? She might get what she wanted and in turn bring about greater destruction than she wished.

“I’m going to do it one way or another,” Cullen said. “I’d like to work with you since you can show me where to go and what to do. It’ll be much better than me fumbling around.”

“I don’t think you’ve fumbled a day in your life,” she said without thinking.

That brought another smile to his face, this one slow and daring.

Tamlyn hastily looked away. She didn’t want to know what he was thinking. A laugh nearly burst from her lips at the outrageous lie. She desperately wanted to know what brought that sexy smile, but she was smart enough to keep her mouth closed.

Or maybe she was too much of a coward to get the answer.

“If I agree to this, we have to do things my way,” she said.

He nodded. “I’m in your world. I’ll follow your lead. I’ve promised my people that I willna start a war. I give you that same vow.”

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