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They’ll get their second chance at love… if they don’t kill each other first!

If I ever cross paths with Gatsby Spearman I might just push him from the tallest building in San Francisco.
Saying that I don’t like him is an understatement—I hate him.
The prick ghosted me in college, stole the program we created to start a billion-dollar company—oh and I failed a class because of him.
I want revenge. And I want it to be petty.
I created an infallible five-step plan to make him pay for what he did to me.
1. Destroy his company.
2. Hire him out of pity.
3. Make him fall in love with me.
4. Rip out his heart.
5. Ghost him while he’s crying from a broken heart.
Simple, right?
Except, I didn’t take into consideration the old college chemistry rearing its ugly head and bringing us closer together despite everything we do to fight it.
I want vengeance, all he wants is to flirt.
Though, I don’t plan on falling for his antics.
I’ll play this to win.
Let the games begin.


Claudia Burgoa

Expected Release Date: 10 May 2022

Claudia Burgoa continues her Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers series this week with a swoony second chance, enemies-to-lovers romance, and I have a sneak peek for you.

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Is he kidding me?

“What did I do?”

His behavior makes my head hurt. For such a wise man, he can be so stupid and dense. I’m puzzled by his reaction—also, by my behavior.

I let him kiss me.

And it was so good.

I touch my burning lips. He grins for a moment, but then his brow arches. “I deserve an explanation.”

“You don’t deserve anything.”

“Maia, you’re being unreasonable. And did you see my car?”

Oh, I’ve seen it. Did I have my fun decorating Gatsby’s car?


I can’t even think beyond what I did to it because my brain is foggy—that kiss.

“How dare you kiss me?”

“I told you to stop me.”

He did, but I wasn’t expecting him to kiss me that way. I should’ve stopped him, but how can I not let him when he was so close and still smiling at me even when I had fucked up his car. It felt like the old days when we were playful, happy, and in love.

“I hate you.”

He shrugs. “It’s okay. Apparently, I still have enough love for the two of us.”

My bones become jelly. He used to say it all the time when he upset me. But did he love me? Then why leave me and steal my dream?

His phone buzzes. He looks at it and growls. “What the fuck?”

I shouldn’t ask, but I do it anyway. “What happened?”

“My brother just texted me that he’s leaving. I’m stranded in San Jose.”

I can’t help but grin. “Seems like you’re having one of those weeks.”

He shrugs. “If that’s going to get me a kiss from you, I’ll take it. I’d also take a lift to San Francisco if you’re offering one of those.”

I tap my chin a couple of times. “Umm, let me think about it. Nope.”

“Come on, Little Blue. I don’t have a car.”

“You can drive Betty.”

He shakes his head. “Hux called a tow truck. They’re picking it up soon and fixing it.”

“Have you downloaded Ride Express? It’s our new app.”

“Is it?” His voice is filled with excitement, and before he tries to download it, I confess, “No, but I might figure out a way to start that service soon…unless you steal it from me.”

“Damn it, Maia. I’ve never stolen shit from you.”

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