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Who We Are

He says they can both love me. Protect me. Be the men I need. Can I possibly believe them?

Every one of my relationships—from hookups to business partners—begins and ends with an NDA. Hell, I’ve never even been on a real date. That’s what happens when your famous, secretly gay parents go to extremes to protect their kids from the media’s unrelenting spotlight.

In a life where I try on and cast off pet projects like I change my socks, two people generate the kind of chemistry that holds my interest. Believe me, that’s saying something.

There’s my brother’s business partner, Tristan Cooperson. Mr. Hot Suit. Professional overthinker. Doesn’t just avoid mixing business with pleasure. He doesn’t mix pleasure with…anything.

Then there’s the beautiful bartender Thea Dennis. Skittish as the butterfly gracing the logo of one of her many side gigs. Hiding her past like a wounded dragon guarding its hoard.

Can you picture it? Tristan, Thea, and me. The perfect love. Untouchable by all the bad things of the world. Or capable of dragging us through the nine circles of hell.

Who We Love

I grew up knowing that the way I love is a sin. 
But how can something so wrong feel so blessedly right? 

Some people can’t drive fifty-five. Me? I’ve never done simple. But after Thea and Tristan came into my life, everything fell into place. Thea and Tristan make me whole. We’re in love. Or…I thought we were. Are we?

It was the music that broke her. Shattered her. Something about the music. Tristan and I would do anything to lift the burden weighing her soul so she can heal. But she has to trust us with her secrets. Even if the truth that’s destroying her from the inside out strikes at the heart of the Decker family. Like the sucker punch that comes out of nowhere, drawing blood that the media is salivating for.

Me and Thea.

Thea and Tristan.

Tristan and me.

Somewhere in the eye of this emotional hurricane is the unicorn I have to believe exists. Because without hope and trust, forever doesn’t exist for any of us.

It’s as simple—and as complicated—as that.

COVER REVEAL: Perfect Everlasting Duet

Claudia Burgoa

Expected Release Date: 6 December 2022

An angsty new polyamorous duet is coming in December from Claudia Burgoa, part of the larger Decker Family series, and we have the gorgeous covers.

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Decker Family - Recommended Reading Order

(standalone duets with interconnected characters)

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