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He never expected to feel this kind of heat again…

FBI agent Ollie McKee is burned out on relationships. After a head-spinningly on-again/off-again relationship with his former fiancée, he’s been out of the dating pool for years. Now he’s focused on his career—and it’s getting more intense. Because Ollie’s ex was just kidnapped, and despite the rules, he’s resolved to work the case and find her.

Stark Security agent Trevor Barone knows better than to fall for a friend, especially one who’s straight. But there’s no denying the way his heart and body react around Ollie, especially after the last quick mission they worked together. He swore to himself to keep his distance. But now Ollie’s begging for his help. The woman he once loved—maybe still loves—has been kidnapped, and Ollie’s determined to bring her home alive. Trevor’s not about to let his friend down, but as they work the case together, the attraction and connection between them can’t be denied.

When the kidnappers turn deadly, Ollie and Trevor put their lives in each other’s hands. But can they trust the passion that threatens to consume them both?


J. Kenner


Book Series: 

Stark Security, a high-end, high-tech, no-holds barred security firm founded by billionaire Damien Stark and security specialist Ryan Hunter has one mission—do whatever it takes to protect the innocent. Only the best in the business are good enough for Stark Security. Men with dangerous skills. Men with something to prove. Brilliant, charismatic, sexy as hell, they have no time for softness—they work hard and they play harder. They’ll take any risk to get the job done. But what they won’t do is lose their hearts. Or will they? Enjoy a sneak peek from the latest story in J. Kenner’s Stark Security series, out this week.

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He found Trevor in the thick of it, moving among his people with a confident demeanor that added the right energy to the room. It certainly helped Ollie’s mood. This was a man who got things done.

He’d known that already, of course. Not only had he enjoyed a view from the sidelines once or twice when Trevor worked—or ran—various SSA operations, but after they became friends, Trevor would talk to him about assignments, and Ollie would do the same, at least as much as protocol allowed. 

They’d bonded over their stories and, oddly, over a talent for charades. They’d attended a party together, had paired up, then kicked every other team’s ass.

That might have been the night he’d fallen in love.


Holy shit, it truly was. And how fucking terrifying was that?

Except lately, it was becoming less terrifying. On the contrary, it had become downright appealing.

And, of course, he’d seen Trevor’s skill in both managing and working a case when they’d gone in together for the Mercury money laundering operation. Ollie might have already fallen hard for Trevor by that time—not that he’d told a soul—but that was the operation where he realized it wasn’t just mental.

He’d wanted Trevor. To touch. To kiss. And, yeah, to fuck.

He’d sat in the audience, pretending to be a drunk patron as he watched Trevor strip down to nothing but a g-string, and he’d gotten hard.

It had been mortifying. No, it had been terrifying. 

It had been electrifying.

But after a few days, those emotions had been replaced by something else. Not lust, but need. His mind already knew he needed Trevor in his life as a friend. Now, his body and his heart wanted so much more.

The knowing helped. That certainty of what and who he wanted. 

Even now, though, there was an unease. It wasn’t because Trevor was a guy. Ollie could give a flying fuck who anyone slept with so long as they were of-age and consenting. No, what still sort of bothered Ollie wasn’t that he wanted Trevor—and god how he wanted him—but that he was meeting an Ollie he’d never known before. And how had he made it all the way into his thirties without having any idea that he was attracted to men?

He didn’t have a clue about that, but he told himself it didn’t matter. Why should it?  The only important thing was Trevor. And as he looked at Trevor standing at the front of the room, confident and in charge, he couldn’t remember ever being with anyone who gave him quite the same gut punch. He’d fallen hard, but it hadn’t been fast. And he’d left Trevor hanging for far too long. 

Earlier, he’d shown him how he felt.

Tonight, he needed to tell him.

He saw the instant that Trevor noticed him in the room. He’d paused in his conversation with Denny, a lithe blonde who was one of the sharpest agents at the SSA and pretty much a savant with anything tech. Now, he looked up, met Ollie’s eyes, and flashed a quick grin.

That was all it took for Ollie to feel his cock tighten. God, he was a goner. 

Was he really ready for this? Ready for what he wanted? 

He was.

They’d been dancing around this for ages, hadn’t they? Friends? They were way more than friends. But the heart of their relationship had always been buried under the surface. Today, they’d finally pulled it to the top. And that was exactly where it needed to be. Especially now, when Ollie knew that he’d need all his strength to get through this ordeal—and Trevor’s strength, too.

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