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He’s as ruthless in business as he is in the bedroom…

Years ago, I was burned by a woman.

I forgave, but I haven’t forgotten, and it’s a road I’ll never go down again.

My career has become my life instead. I’m Max Graham, the biggest music agent in the business. Women love me, but I don’t do love anymore. I’ve found another way to meet my needs.

Eve Kennedy—stylist to the stars and total bombshell. By far, she’s the most daring woman I’ve ever had in my bed with a sexual appetite as ferocious as mine.

We might just have the hottest sex life in Miami and LA.

We don’t date anyone else—although, sometimes, we invite someone for a night. We travel the world, and I lavish her with gifts. But she knows my career comes first.

And the best part? For the past two years, she’s been happy with our arrangement.

Or so I thought.

I’ve survived heartbreak once before, but this one could be the end of me.


Marni Mann

Book Series: 

A steamy romance between a music agent and a stylist to the stars is now live from author Marni Mann, and I have a delicious sneak peek for you.

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“Tell me some music dirt,” Eve said, smiling at me, as the two of us stood on the balcony outside James’s apartment. “I’ve only ever worked with actors. I’m so out of the know when it comes to your industry.”

Once James had finished trying on all the outfits, I’d gone out to get some air, trying to calm my fucking cock. It had been hard since dress two. The smirk Eve had given me during dress eight had me gripping the goddamn armrest of the couch, so she wouldn’t find herself tossed over my fucking shoulder and stripped naked on the way to a bedroom.

She shifted positions, looking at me from the corners of her eyes, and it sent me her smell. It reminded me of a New England summer night that had hints of orange and leaves.

Those were some of my favorite scents.


I glanced away for a second, and then I turned toward her again, catching the tail end of her grin. “What do you want to know?”

“Who doesn’t write their own lyrics? Who lip-syncs? You know…the dirt.”

Even her voice was sexy. It was a little raspy, like she’d been screaming from all the things my tongue was doing to her cunt.

“You’re asking the wrong person,” I said.

“No, I think I’m asking the right one. Something tells me you just need a little incentive to spill.”

I heard the door slide open, and Brett stuck his head through the opening. “I’m going to head up.”

“I’ll be there in a little while,” I told him.

Once the glass was closed, my eyes went back to Eve’s lips and the long piece of dark hair hanging down next to it. The strands were caught in her gloss, and it took everything I had not to move them. “What kind of incentive?”

The smile was back.

It was even larger now.

In the time I’d spent in this apartment, Eve had shown me she wasn’t shy or timid at all. She was smart. Witty. And she had one hell of a mouth on her.

Before she could respond to my question, she needed to know something about me.

“I’m a forward kind of guy. I say what I want, and I rarely use a filter. In other words, I don’t fuck around. So, just be straight up with me.”

“I don’t fuck around either.”

Finally, it sounded like I’d met my match.

“Tell me what’s on your mind,” she continued.

I would do that, but I was going to show her, too.

I gripped her waist, pulling her against my body, so she could feel how hard my cock was. Then, I leaned into her ear, knowing my words were going to vibrate across her skin. “Your lips. That’s what’s on my mind right now.”

Her body tightened, telling me she wanted the same thing as me.

Her neck tilted back and it gave me more of her skin to breathe against.

Then, she sighed into the hot Miami air. “If I give you my lips, are you going to stop there or are you going to want more?”

My hands slid down her sides, keeping her body pushed into mine, and tilting my hips forward so she felt all of my hard-on.

“Once I get a taste…” I inhaled, taking in her scent as I brushed my nose across her hair. “I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.”

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