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Swedish hockey player, Anders “Iceberg” Berg, is counting the days until he’s an unrestricted free agent and can land the contract he’s worth. Yet, instead of recovering and resting at home so he can play to impress his dream organization, he’s in Denver for his brother’s wedding at a gin distillery, watching the pretty brunette who organized the whole thing.

Olivia Dyer can’t wait to put the year behind her. Her father died, and the event hall she ran at her family’s distillery was destroyed. The cost to the business and her mental health more than she could ever afford to repay. Rebuilding both takes all her effort leaving little time for anything else. Except for a single night of fun with the hot hockey player who’s been watching her every move.

When a kitchen catastrophe throws Anders and Liv together, it ends with an evening neither of them can forget. It was only meant to be one night. But when Anders is unexpectedly traded to see out the rest of his contract with the Denver Rush, and his plans to leave as quickly as possible are disrupted by the sultry brunette who defines courage, their only option is to give in to the attraction they feel for one another.

Yet with Liv stuck in the past and Anders firmly focused on the future, can they put aside their differences and allow themselves to find love in the present?


Scarlett Cole


Book Series: 

A steamy new hockey romance is out this week from author Scarlett Cole, and I have a sizzling little sneak peek for you.

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Instead of climbing under the covers as he’d planned, she climbed over his thighs until she sat astraddle them. Her fingers teased the waistband of his jeans. It tickled and his dick twitched. “Liv,” he warned.

“Just to clarify the rules. Important bits remain clothed at all times. Closer to second base than third. That’s what we said, right?”

Anders rubbed his hands up her thighs, savoring the way her skin felt against his. “That’s right.”

“Well, I looked it up. Second base can include skin-to-skin touching of the upper body and kissing of the breasts.”

He licked his lower lip and took a deep breath before sitting up, placing his hand around her back to hold her on his lap. Her grin told him she knew that wasn’t true, but he was only human. “Well, if those are the rules, who am I to argue,” he said. With one tug, he pulled his hoodie and T-shirt over his head and threw them onto the chair that sat in the corner.

He placed his hands on her waist, sliding up her ribs until his thumbs brushed her nipples. “So fucking pretty.” He placed his lips over one of them while cupping her other breast.

Olivia gasped, the action caused her to rub her dampness along his desperately hard cock. Fuck. This was not a good idea. A few more minutes and he’d throw the control he was known for out of the window. He wasn’t known as the Iceberg just because it rhymed with his fucking name. He was unmovable and deep.

Fuck. Deep. Wasn’t that just where he wanted to be with Olivia? Deep inside her, encouraging orgasm after orgasm.

He gripped her hips and shifted her down his thighs a couple of inches.

Despite the edge he was riding, he unfastened her bra. “You said skin-on-skin, right?” The words were mumbled against her lips.

Her hands were now fisted in his hair. “I need more.”

“Rules, Liv.” He stood and threw Olivia back down on the bed, then climbed alongside her. He took her hand and led it between her legs. “Just because I can’t hit third base, doesn’t mean you can’t. Touch yourself, Liv. It was so fucking hot to watch you do it before.”

He glanced down between them, saying a fucking prayer when she followed his instructions. The sheerness of the underwear was such that he could see how she parted her lips, how she tentatively circled her entrance before sliding her finger deep inside. The way her body arched against him had him close to coming in his jeans.

Never had he been so turned on.

“Anders,” she gasped, and he responded.

He took her lips exactly how he wanted to, with a need that verged on violent. Wet lips, teeth, tongues. He groaned as she bucked against him. “Use two fingers,” he encouraged, and he looked between them to see her slide a second finger so deep inside her. When her fingers came out, they were drenched.

He grabbed her wrist, snatching them away from her pussy, and put them into his mouth, sucking them clean. Using his tongue between each finger to get every last bit of juice. “Put them back,” he ordered.

A flush of red covered Olivia’s chest, and he lowered his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He held nothing back, biting then sucking harder than he suspected she was used to.

Her actions became less controlled, more frantic. He reached down and squeezed his dick. He was harder than iron, but this was all about Olivia, about proving he was here for her, not for what he could gain for himself.

“Anders,” she gasped. “I’m going to come. I’m—”

Her lips pressed against his, open mouthed, so fucked she couldn’t move them. While he wasn’t inside her where he wanted to be, he could feel every spasm of her orgasm as it coursed through her. The way her legs straightened, the way her stomach muscles clenched beneath his fingers. The way her breath momentarily stopped with the headiness of it all.

Anders reached for her hand. And this time when he put her fingers to his mouth, he licked them clean gently while Olivia lay, eyes closed, gasping for breath. He’d never get enough of the taste of her. He ran his fingers through her hair, along her hairline, down her cheek. Her breathing slowed and her eyes remained closed.

“Up, älskling,” he said. “Let’s get you into bed before you fall asleep.”

“But what about you?” she murmured sleepily, opening her eyes.

“I’ll manage,” he replied, dryly, as he tugged back the sheets and helped her roll beneath them.

“I had a great day today, Anders. For a second date. It was a pretty intense one.”

“Come over to my place tomorrow morning at seven. Date three. Wear workout clothes. We’ll test the gym and I’ll make you breakfast.”

“Okay.” With a deep sigh, Olivia seemed to fall back asleep.

He kissed her forehead gently. “Night, Liv,” he whispered.

After he’d pulled his clothes back on, Anders let himself out of her apartment. The drive home was fast, frenetic even. If a cop had stopped him, he’d have been screwed. He abandoned the car askew on the driveway and jogged into the house.

Without turning on the lights, he slammed his back to the door and unzipped his jeans to grab his dick. Fuck, he ached. He ached for her. For Olivia. The way she’d exposed herself to him emotionally, the way she’d revealed more of her sexuality. He needed her more than his next breath.

Squeezing hard, he ran his hand along his length, feeling the agony in his balls turn into the tingling telltale signal. He was close to coming. God, the way she’d fingered herself, the way she’d done as he’d asked, adding another finger. The way she’d groaned when he’d licked her essence off her fingers.

He came where he stood and gasped for air at the intensity. The image of her in bed, sleepy under the covers, sprung to mind.

And he wished he’d never left.

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