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A man whose lifestyle is so different from her own…

Nic Dalton’s cupcake bakery is thriving. She serves both rock stars and locals alike, content with her growing business. But one adventurous night out with her best friend, Bailey, turns her life upside down. She meets a handsome stranger who makes her skin sizzle and her heart race. Their one night together is explosive and unexpected, but when he has to suddenly leave without taking her phone number, Nic resigns herself to never seeing him again.

…What will it take to trust and submit to his every desire?

Matt Montgomery is one of Seattle’s finest. He works hard, loves and protects his family fiercely, and is loyal almost to a fault.

And he has a penchant for bondage.

Matt enjoys the way a woman looks wrapped up in his ropes, and makes no apologies for his preferences. When he meets Nic at a fetish festival, the small, beautiful woman catches his eye, drawing him to her. His one night with her was everything he’s ever looked for in a partner, but is cut short because of a family emergency. Even before he sees her again weeks later, he knows he’ll never get her out of his system.

And he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his.

“Give in to this, Nic. Let me prove to you that I will be one of the best decisions you ever make.” –Matt Montgomery


Kristen Proby

Book Series: 


“Is this the restraining portion of the evening?”

I’m going to be honest with you. I might have a little addiction to Kristen Proby’s special flavour of smuttilicious romance, her stories somehow always managing to melt my heart and turn me on at the same time. She’s dazzled us with a charming movie star, a tattooed rocker with a dirty mouth, a bossy businessman, a professional football player with a heart of gold, an ex-Navy SEAL, and now she is trying to further ruin us for all men by feeding our fantasies with a police detective with a penchant for bondage. Is this psychological torture ever going to end? What could be next – a Montgomery biker? Be still, my poor beating heart…

“Do you belong to anyone?”

Nic is the quiet and unassuming owner of a popular cupcake bakery, a woman whose tireless dedication to her thriving business leaves very little free time for romantic pursuits. Nic’s medical conditions have taught her very early on in her young life that her health would always be her greatest weakness, and that she could never count on having the type of future most women take for granted. Resigned to her fate, she has focused on achieving financial security instead of creating a family, knowing that there would never be anyone else to take care of her if need be, and that the only person she could always depend on is herself. When her best friend decides to inject some excitement into Nic’s uneventful life by taking her to the local erotic festival, what starts as “not her thing” ends up being the first genuine thrill she’s ever felt.

Matt Montgomery is a police detective, a natural protector and nurturer whose very particular Dominant tendencies in the bedroom have kept him from finding the right type of woman to satisfy both his sexual proclivities as well as his desire to form a family. He has always lived a double life, his romantic conquests never getting introduced to the rest of the Montgomery clan, his relationships kept short-lived and private. When Nic walks into Matt’s life, he is immediately drawn to her innate submissiveness and he wastes no time to make his desires heard.

“I don’t typically come on this strong, but I want to f*ck the shit out of you right now.”

She might not believe to possess a submissive bone in her body, but her body says otherwise and very soon they are exploring the kind of relationship neither of them has ever had in the past. It’s a game of give and take as neither of them are truly set in their ways, but they quickly find a pace to suit them both.

“I’d like to lick him. Except, he would rather tie me up. And the part that scares me is that I’d like for him to tie me up, too.”

But as soon as Nic’s life becomes filled with happiness and she starts picturing a happily-ever-after with Matt, her old insecurities raise their ugly head, making her deny herself what her heart aches for the most – a man who would stand by her no matter what and a family that would love her unconditionally. Family is the connecting element in this series, continuously intertwining these characters and their stories, and in this instalment, the focus is on what truly constitutes a family bond.

The bondage aspect of the story only adds a kinky component to the bedroom scenes, and it remains more of a spice rather than a full flavour until the very end. This is not what I would call a BDSM type of romance by any stretch of the imagination as none of the characters fully embrace the lifestyle or behave consistently in that manner. Matt’s dominance in the bedroom is more of an occasional taste for control between the sheets rather than an unwavering routine, as he rarely behaves like a true Dominant.

If I could wish for anything different in this particular book, it would be a somewhat richer plotline. All the focus is on the growth of the emotional connection between the characters, and I felt at times that a more plot-driven approach would have benefited the overall story. But apart from that, this is another extremely enjoyable instalment in the With Me In Seattle series by an author whose love stories continue to excite me and make me crave for more, and it is not to be missed.

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“Stop trying to top me, stubborn woman, and enjoy.”


“I wasn’t expecting to see you today.” I lock the door and then launch myself into his arms.

He catches me easily, wraps my legs around his waist and kisses me long and hard as he carries me back into the kitchen. His body is tight. Energy is coming off him in waves. He’s edgy. Rough.

“Are you almost done here?” he asks.

“Yeah, I just have to get stuff ready for tomorrow. Shouldn’t take long.”

He sets me on my feet and kisses me once more, his hands fisted in my hair, before reluctantly letting me go and leaning his hips on the countertop.

I quickly clean the counters, stack my trays and take a quick inventory to make a mental list of what will be on tomorrow’s menu.

“Don’t take your apron off,” he commands quietly. His voice has that edge to it, the one he uses in the bedroom, and a chill moves through me as I look at him over my shoulder.


“Four days without you, Nic. It’s been a motherf*cker of a week, and I’m a bit on edge today.”

It’s a warning. He’s in full bossy dominant mode, and it’s such a damn turn-on I don’t know what to do with myself. I bite my lip and nod then turn back to the task at hand, if a bit off-kilter and shaky. Finally, when I’m finished, I face him, standing across the room, my hands at my sides, waiting for him to tell me what comes next.

It’s as natural as breathing, which is something I might want to ponder later, but all I can think about right now is that I’m happy to see him, and he needs me for this.

Whatever it is he’s about to do to me, do with me, I’ll give him freely.

“Come here,” he commands.

I obey, walking to stand just a few feet in front of him, my eyes trained on his.

“Undress but leave that apron on.”

“Can I lower it off my neck long enough to take my shirt off?” I ask, no sarcasm in my voice.

His eyes soften, but he doesn’t smile. “You may.”

I pull the loop of the apron over my neck, letting it hang at my waist so I can pull my shirt and bra off, then pull my pants and panties over my hips and down my legs. Just as I move to replace the apron around my neck, he interrupts me with, “You can leave it down.”

It falls out of my hands, and I’m standing before him, naked except for the apron wrapped around my waist.

His sea-blue eyes travel over me, hot and full of lust. His hands are clenching in and out of fists, itching to touch me, but he waits.

How he ever learned to be this patient, I have no idea. I’ve never been patient.

So this is slow torture.

Finally, he steps to me and drags his knuckles down my cheek before bending to kiss my lips. “This isn’t going to be soft or gentle, Nic. I don’t have that in me right now.”

“Okay.” Oh God, yes, please.

He takes both of my wrists in his hands, yanks me against him and kisses me again, the way he wants to. The way he needs to. With fire and control and need.

Suddenly, he turns me away from him and bends me over the stainless steel counter top. It’s cold against my breasts and torso, and I gasp when my flesh meets it. There’s no time to brace myself with my hands because Matt pulls them behind my back and ties them with my apron strings, making me immobile.

“I’ve wanted to play with this apron since I first saw you wearing it.” His voice is hard and excited, and he turns me back to him and lifts me onto the countertop, keeping my hips at the edge, and off balance. He steps between my legs, his arms wrapped around my back, keeping me from falling back. “I won’t let you fall.”

“I know,” I whisper, watching him, waiting to see where this goes, the excitement coursing through me. “Although, this is really unsanitary. If the health department walked in, they’d shut me down.”

He grins. “This may not be the answer you want to hear, but right now I don’t give a f*ck.”

With one arm bracing me, he unleashes his hard cock and pulls a condom out of his pocket, rips it open with his teeth and guides it down his length. He pushes a finger through my folds, testing me.

“So wet.” His eyes meet mine, and he pushes inside me in one quick thrust, filling me completely.

My head falls back, but he grips my hair in his fist and holds me there, hands tied behind me, in his firm grip, as he begins to pound in and out of me, f*cking me harder than I’ve ever been f*cked before. My legs clamp around his hips as he rides me, his molten blue eyes pinned to mine, mouth open as he pants and murmurs incoherently.

F*ck, he’s so damn sexy I can hardly stand it.

He pushes all the way in and pauses, grinding his pubis against my clit, and the friction, the fullness of his cock inside me, pushes me into an orgasm that makes my toes curl.

“Eyes!” he barks when my eyes close with the force of the energy moving through me.

I open them and watch him as he continues to push and grind against me, joining me as he comes inside me, jerking and yelling my name.

As he settles, he wraps his arms around my shoulders and pulls me against him, kissing my forehead, rocking back and forth, soothing us both while he’s still inside me.

Finally, he pulls out and unties my hands while kissing me, as though he just can’t get enough of me. When I’m free, I push my hands into his hair and hold on to him, enjoying the soft strands between my fingers, then caress down to his neck and over his shoulders.

“Are you okay?” I whisper against his lips.

He sighs and nuzzles my nose with his before leaning back. “I’m much better now.”

He tugs the condom off and wraps it in a paper towel before shoving it in his pocket. “I’ll throw it away somewhere that food isn’t made.”

I giggle as I put my clothes back on. “Who knew that a simple apron could be used in kinky sex?” I examine the apron before tossing it in the hamper.

“You’d be surprised what we’ll end up using as restraints,” Matt replies with a grin. “I can tie you up with just about anything.”


“Good?” he asks.

I nod and then shrug. “I seem to have a newfound affection for being tied up.”

He growls and yanks me to him again. “Say shit like that and we’ll go upstairs now where I can tie you up for the night, little one.” He nuzzles my temple. “I love that you’ve come to trust me this much so soon.”

“Let’s go upstairs.” Did I just say that?

He chuckles and shakes his head. “I promised I’d have dinner with Will and Meg tonight, and I want you to go with me. That’s what I came over here for.”

“Oh,” I reply with a frown. “Are you sure you want me to go? It’s okay if you want to go and I’ll see you another time…”


My eyes find his in surprise.

“Why wouldn’t I want you to come have dinner with me and my brother?”

I frown and fidget. “Well, I guess I’m confused.”


I swallow and look down, but he tips my chin back with his finger. “What are you confused about?”

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