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Best friends from college. Plus-ones since med school. A chance for something new…

Jace Crawford heals hearts for a living. More than that, medicine is his life. To become the leading cardiothoracic surgeon on the west coast, he’s made sacrifices. No social life. He barely has time to sleep. Love? Forget about it. But when everything goes horribly wrong on his table, and he unexpectedly loses a patient, Jace is suspended from work.

When a man has nothing but his job, what does he do when that’s gone?

Joy Thompson collects unwanted strays. A dog with one eye, a three-legged cat, a bird that swears like a sailor? All part and parcel of her veterinary business. It helps pass the time.
Until Jace calls out of the blue to ask her out on a real date. Spending extra time with him is dangerous. Her feelings for her best friend have always been stronger than simple companionship. If she gets attached, what happens when he goes back to work and leaves her behind?

But as the weeks progress, falling for each other is inevitable. This time, Jace’s heart is the one that will need fixing before both of them end up broken.


Kristen Proby

Book Series: 

A sexy new friends-to-lovers romance in Kristen Proby’s beloved With Me In Seattle series is coming next week, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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I need to talk to her. I’ve thought about it all day, and that’s what it boils down to. I need to sit down with her and put everything out on the table, explain how I feel, and ask her to tell mewhat’s going on in that gorgeous head of hers.

We’ve always been good at talking. Communication isn’t a challenge for us.

So, I’m on my way to her place. She should be home by now. We’ll have dinner and talk through everything like mature adults.

I’ve missed her today. I spent the rest of the day with Levi, shooting hoops and buying paint, but my mind kept drifting back to the sweet woman with the bright smile and soft, honey-brown hair.

Jesus, I have it bad.

Anxious to see her, I jog up her steps and walk inside without knocking. We know the codes to each other’s doors, and we neverknock.

It’s always been that way.

I intend to greet her normally and wait to touch her until we’ve laid our feelings out there, but when I walk inside, Joy is at her kitchen island, one hip leaning on the countertop as she thumbs through the mail.

Her hair is still in a knot on the top of her head. She’s biting her lower lip. And her eyes brighten with happiness when she glances up to see me come through the door.

“Hey, you,” she says, but I don’t reply.

Fuck talking it out first. Every thought of communication flies right out of my head. The most important thing in this moment is getting my hands on her.

I stomp through the house, around the island, and with one hand on her hip and the other on her cheek, I lower my lips to hers.

She gasps in surprise, her eyes wide.

But she doesn’t pull away, and I sink into her, our lips softening against each other. She sighs and buries her fingers in the hair at the back of my neck.

Jesus, she’s sweet.

I boost her up onto the countertop and reach up to pull her hair down. I want the soft strands in my hands as I kiss the hell out of her.

She sighs as her hands drift from my shoulders, down my back, to cup my ass over my jeans.

Her legs are spread wide, and I’m pressed between them, my hard cock snug against her hot core. I want to strip her bare and sink into her. I want to make her cry out my name.

I want to make her forget hername.

If I’d known years ago that it would feel like this with Joy, I would have made my move sooner.

My hands move back to her face, and I end the kiss, resting my forehead against hers as we both catch our breath.

“I came over to talk,” I say when I can find my voice.

“That was a good conversation,” she says and swallows hard, making me chuckle. “We should have more of those. They’re important.”

“I love your sassy mouth,” I reply before covering said mouth with mine again and just drinking her in. I want her. Now. Here.

But we’re not ready for that. And we really do need to talk.

“How was your day?” I ask when I pull away and smooth stray strands of hair off her face.

“I don’t remember,” she replies with a smile. “Kidding. It was fine. I delivered four puppies via C-section, and I only got peed on twice.”

“Sexy,” I say with a wink.

“It’s good that I have a shower at work, along with several changes of clothes.” She drags her fingers down my cheek. “How is Levi?”

“A pain in my ass.”

“So, normal then.”

I laugh and kiss her hand. “Yeah, he’s good. I bought paint and kicked his ass playing some basketball.”

“Are we painting your house?” she asks, blinking rapidly.

“Well, Levi and I are, yes. You’re welcome to come help.”

“Can I come supervise?”

“No, I’m the boss.”

She smirks and jumps off the counter. “Right. Well, we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m a very good painter, you know.”

“No.” I lean on the counter, watching her with my arms crossed and a grin on my face. “How did I not know that?”

“You think you know everything about me, Jace Crawford, but you don’t. I still have some secrets.”

And I look forward to discovering every single one of them.

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