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Sabrina Harrison hates being famous. She walked away from show business, from the flashing bulbs and prying eyes years ago, and is happy in her rural Oregon home, dedicating her life to her non-profit.

Until Hollywood calls, offering her the role of a lifetime. In more than ten years, she’s never felt the pull to return to the business that shunned her, but this role is everything Sabrina’s ever longed for.

Now she has to get in shape for it.

Benjamin Demarco’s gym, Sound Fitness, continues making a name for itself in Seattle. And now, he finds himself with the task of training Sabrina, getting her in shape for the role of her life. He’s trained hundreds of women. This is his job. So why does he suddenly see Sabrina as more than just another client? His hands linger on her skin, his breath catches when she’s near.

He knows better. Soon, she’ll be gone, living her life. A life that doesn’t include him.


Kristen Proby


Book Series: 

A sexy new story in Kristen Proby’s beloved With Me In Seattle series is out this week, and I have a little sneak peek for you.

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“Do you want to come in?” Rina asks when I pull into her driveway. “Nic sent home two more cupcakes. I can’t eat all of this myself.”

I won’t have any of that sugar, but I’ll be damned if I’ll resist the invitation to spend more time with her. I follow her into the house. Rina flips lights on as we walk through the home to the kitchen.

She sets her little box of cupcakes on the kitchen counter and reaches into a cabinet for a plate.

Her blond hair is down tonight, falling in loose waves to the middle of her back. She always wears it up when we work together, so seeing it down is a treat. She’s wearing a light layer of makeup, and she’s dressed in a pretty red sweater and blue jeans.

I could eat her alive.

Rina sets a cupcake on a plate and licks frosting off her thumb as she passes it over to me, then picks up the other one, peels down the paper, and takes a big bite.

“This has to last me a week,” she says around a mouthful of food. She’s halfway into her treat when she looks up and sees that I haven’t touched the one in front of me, but I’m watching her in fascination. “You’re not going to eat that?”


She stuffs the rest into her mouth and shakes her head. “It’s a shame it’ll go to waste. I can’t eat any more without putting myself in sugar shock, and it won’t last for another week.”

As she walks around the island to retrieve the plate, her arm brushes mine as she reaches past me. I instinctively take her hand, tug, and press her against me from knees to chest.

The pupils of her gorgeous blue eyes dilate as her gaze whips to mine before moving down to my lips, which tingle under her scrutiny.

“I’ve wanted to do this all damn week.” My lips descend on hers, light at first, just to get a taste. But when her sweet little tongue brushes against my lower lip, I’m lost, caught up in the smell, the taste, the feel of her pressed against me so perfectly, it’s as if she was made for me.

My fingers dive into her soft, thick hair, and I hold on as I kiss her senseless. Her hands glide from my shoulders, moving down my sides to fist in my shirt.

I want to boost her up onto the island and fuck her until neither of us remembers our names.

But we’re not ready for that. Hell, I’m not sure we’re ready for this.

But I can’t keep my hands off her. And I’m done trying.

She moans long and low in her throat. I come up for air long enough to nibble my way to the corner of her mouth. I kiss the dimple in her cheek and then move down to her jawline.

“You’re the only sweet thing I want to taste,” I whisper against her earlobe. “Jesus, you’d tempt a saint, Rina.”

She leans her forehead against my chest, and we both work to catch our breath. When she looks up at me again, she’s smiling.

“Did we just fuck everything up?” I ask.

“Not for me,” she says. “For the record, I’ve wanted you to do that all week. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels the chemistry.”

“You’re not the only one,” I confirm. “It’s almost a visible thing between us. When I stretch you out in the gym, I have very unprofessional thoughts, and that’s not like me.”

She giggles and hooks a piece of her hair behind her ear. “It’s not like me, either.”

I lean in for one more kiss, though instead of the soft, gentle peck I intended, it turns into another inferno, leaving us both panting and glassy-eyed.

“Whoa.” I swallow hard.

“Yeah.” She blinks slowly. “Whoa.”

I grip her shoulders and set her back from me, then drop my hands, feeling immediately cold at the loss of connection.

“I should go,” I say, stepping away. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

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