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Maren Mercer does many things. She owns “The Lit Wick,” a successful book and candle shop in Seattle, she never misses a yoga class, and reads at least two books a week. Maren never thought, however, that she was capable of saving a life. But, that’s exactly what she does.

And it changes everything.

Peter McTavish expected many things as he rushed to the hospital to see his injured father. He expected bruises, IV bags and counsel from doctors. Peter, however, never expected Maren. But there she was—gorgeous, shaken and gently holding his father’s hand.

And she changes everything. Absolutely everything.


Melissa Brown


“My With Me In Seattle series is one of the most beloved series that I write. So when I created Lady Boss Press and these authors came to me and wanted to write their own stories within that universe, I was honored and thrilled! I think you’ll enjoy each of these sexy, contemporary romances, each linking in some way to my world. Get ready to fall in love all over again!” —New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby

Eight all-new standalone stories set in Kristen Proby’s With Me In Seattle Universe are out this week and I am so excited to share with you little snippets from them all.

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By the time we’d reached my apartment door, the anticipation of kissing Peter was beyond palpable. Placing the key in the lock, Peter swept my hair to the side, exposing my neck. Gently, he placed his lips against my cold skin, goosebumps forming from head to toe at the feel of his soft, warm kiss.

Turning the key, I opened the door and Peter followed me inside. I’d barely closed the door when he placed his hands on my hips and pushed me into the wood. Adrenaline shot through me as he lowered his mouth to mine. His lips pressed gently to mine, and I could feel him holding back. He wanted to kiss me harder, and so I placed my hands in his hair and urged him forward. Reading me perfectly, he deepened the kiss, his tongue dancing with mine as I ran my fingers through his soft hair, moaning when his hands slid down to cup my ass.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to kiss you, to touch you like this,” he whispered.

“I think I have an idea,” I said, breathing heavily. “Should we go to the bedroom?”

Peter stopped and pressed his forehead to mine. “No. Not tonight.”

“Oh.” I was a little taken aback. Did I misread our chemistry? I really thought we were on the same page.

Peter licked his lips and cradled my face with his hands. “Believe me, I want to. You have no idea how much I want to.”

“Yeah, I think I do,” I said, pulling on his leather belt.

“But we should wait.”

“Why? We’re two consenting adults.”

“We had a lot of wine tonight, Maren, and I don’t feel right about doing anything more than kissing you.”

“I have a very high tolerance,” I said. And just then a hiccup escaped my throat. I covered my mouth and giggled.

“I think you just proved my point.”

“Okay, okay, fine. No sex.”

“But that doesn’t mean I want to go. We can watch a movie, cuddle up on the couch? The night is still young. And I had to share you all evening, with my parents no less. I’d like to spend some time with you.” He kissed my forehead. “Just you.”

The butterflies returned once again as I gazed into his gorgeous eyes.

“Sounds perfect.”

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With Me In Seattle Universe - Recommended Reading Order

(standalone stories, tied to the With Me In Seattle Universe, but can be read in any order)

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